Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – 3 Crucial Steps to Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend In this video I reveal 3 key things you MUST do if you want your ex girlfriend to be the one running back to you – yes she WILL be mis…


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  1. Darcie Whitehorn says:

    *The techniques in a video are so simpIe, ANY woman can use them to get
    astonishing resuIts in shockingIy littIe time. Just imagine what wiIl
    happen when he calIs YOU begging you to get back together because you used
    these simpIe techniques.,,*

  2. Audrey Samantha says:

    But it doesn’t really work that way. In fact, *every time you call or text
    your ex, you are showing them you are a needy person and you are miserable
    without them. This neediness is unattractive and pushes your ex further

  3. Onassis Montes says:

    I thought she was the one I should’ve listened to my friends but no my
    stupid mind fucked up….):

  4. Booster Alharthy says:

    All I wish is to win her back. My J :( .. thanks for the video hmm 

  5. little Blume says:

    What if she doesn’t call or talk to you or contact after a long time. Do I
    call her?

  6. payday214 says:

    The problem with this method is when she want you to change you get the
    same her

  7. Luis Perez says:

    Been a week since me and my gf broke up/take break.. she said she wanted a
    break.. she said she loves me but she was tired of the same routine… i
    love her so much we where together basically 24/7 nd for 3yrs… i want her
    bak?? Plz help

  8. Kenji Hyuga says:

    My girlfriend broke up with me last Sunday and this video seriously helped.
    As of now I have acknowledged it as a break up and right now I’m waiting
    for her to text me. Within this whole week I’ve been thinking about my
    mistakes and I feel in my heart that I can do this. This is the right girl
    for me so I’m willing to fight for her. 

  9. Ben Rogde says:

    An oriental Australian woman… *Whistle*

  10. nipty bipty says:

    I was engaged and she told me she no longer is on love with me. She did say
    that she wants to be just friends. Stupidly I said okay to the friends
    thing but now I am feeling as if she’s the winner and I’m just waiting in
    hope but will end up getting hurt. What would you say?

  11. HDreadyification says:

    *She dumped me two days ago **+xanser xander** and do you*
    *really think it would worked just by that? I hope you are right. :(*
    *Anyway, thanks for sharing that program! Im about to read its guide*
    *and hopefully it will worked this time. Ive read its testimonials*
    *and reviews and Im excited to it..^^*

  12. Alex Harris says:

    This is a great video but its presuming the boyfriend has done something
    wrong hence why the relationship has broken up. It doesn’t acknowledge the
    fact that the split maybe because the girl may have done something wrong or
    not tried as much as she could have done and feels guilt for this so breaks
    up with the guy. I think this needs to also be addressed.

  13. Kevin Espinal says:

    But does this work even if she’s dating someone else by now? :/ been 3
    months now

  14. Joshua Malone says:

    I’m 15 and about 3 years ago I fell in love with this girl and to be
    honest, it’s a long and weird story but anyways I have always been the
    person my family rejected & needless to say I never had more than 2 friends
    but when she came along I didn’t care about anything else I just cared
    about her, & of course we didn’t have sex or made out like most couples
    these days, but she was very comforting & loving but half way through our 1
    year anniversary I said some things I shouldn’t have said but now 1 1/2
    later I hate myself, I mean I can’t stop thinking of her, I spiraled myself
    into psychiatric therapy, all these remedies, but to be honest I still love
    her my heart is still all to her & of course there are girls out there
    beautiful enough to kiss, but this girl is worth spending my entire life
    with… & now I don’t know what to do.

  15. Kim Ekroth says:

    Watch This Short CONTROVERSIAL Video To Get Your EX Back… Before He
    Leaves For Good!!!

  16. Sabin Manandhar says:

    Great Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would appreciate your initial
    thoughts. Have you tried – Chakellan Magic Ex Back Formula (Sure I saw it
    on Google)? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin
    finally surprisingly reconciled with the ex lover with it. 

  17. NRAWKER says:

    I had a bad break up, but after watching and listening to Ashley do her
    thing……I’m totally over it. 

  18. sean Simfukwe says:

    hi help me i don’t know what to do i was in love with a girl i loved so
    much but we block up and now this is 1year 8month now but i still love her
    so cant can i do?

  19. Lol 1 says:

    Great video . Even if i dont get back with her i know theres always
    something better waiting for me . Breakups hurt but u cant stay sad and
    depressed forever. 

  20. Noah Zwendt says:

    Im in high school and I broke up with my girl 2 years ago and every time I
    talk to a girl I start thinking about my ex and how she was so beautiful
    just perfect and I need a good way to get back with her because I only love
    her but she goes to a different school.. So if you have any suggestions on
    how to get her back please comment. 

  21. Brionna Kilgore says:

    I want my x girlfriend back I love her so much but we far I wanna see her
    but she got a another girl but I want her back so bad I need her back in my
    life plzzz help me plz

  22. Hunter Pastura says:


  23. nmistique says:

    im 30 years old and after a week ago….i broke up a long distance
    relationship that lasted more then a year ago…..
    Im from Macedonia and she is from Bulgaria……
    We spend sometime together….and almost everyday spoke on skype and on
    phone …..we swore on love and everything……we haid some plans to live
    together but a week ago she was suppose to come at my place for her
    vacation i was waiting and she said on skype she doesnt want to come…she
    doesnt love me anymore and wants to break up….she burst in tears and said
    dont make it harder….she needed her space and time….i cryed also but i
    cant changer her mind i know….we had our issues and i do still love her
    so much….And somehow i suppose that she loves me to…i know thats not
    the real reason….
    ANyways several things has happened since our last chat…. frist of all
    she spoke several times to a mutual close friend of ours and somehow
    changed her mind…in short words…she said that she was feeling choked by
    me like i needed to control her…..She called me two days ago my girfriend
    on my phone…i wasnt expecting that…i said how i was doing without
    crying i said i miss her and have feelings for her….she started crying
    and said she still feels the same towards me…..(she went to see her
    parents on the countryside during this period)…..we have each other on FB
    and she still likes my stuff…even writes me comments saying that im
    handsome…i published a photo one day ago….she spoke to our mutual
    friend that she do still has the same feelings towards me…she still hurts
    inside….wants to get together but she doesnt want to make me and herserlf
    suffer again…needs time for me to change….and she sees some future in
    our relationship….i feel confused….abut this…my friend tells me that
    she doesnt want to sit t home alone….
    I messed up with my phone yesterday and i called her but it was a mistake i
    mean i didnt want to push the dial button…she answered we spoke for 5
    minutes….she was with a friend walking….stil calls me honney sugar and
    stuff like hat…said the its going to be ok….but we need our time
    I feel desperate and want to give her a call…..
    She sends me this mixed up signals and i dont know what to do

  24. Daniel Harrington says:

    Fuck that! Hoes will just fuck another guy then come to you when he doesn’t
    want her sleezy stink ass.
    This bitch is just trying to act like she knows all situations but all are
    different sometimes similar but never the same 

  25. Rico Suave says:

    We broke up but I know she wants me

  26. Ques Zues says:

    My wife left me at first she said she needed space I tried to give it to
    her after a month I asked why n did the wrong steps tried calling her
    talking to her begged but it didn’t help just pushed her away more she just
    called it off took off our wedding ring then she told me after me asking so
    much trying to get I do so I can change she told me I’m emotionally
    inmature and how we are different and it’s all my falut etc. How can I get
    her back is your system full proof?

  27. David Rodriguez says:

    My girlfriend and I broke up a couple of days ago and I was her first
    boyfriend and I wanted to know Would just texting her be ok? I don’t want
    her to feel like I’ve abandoned her

  28. UhBabyItsAWildWorld says:

    +Christine Lamb
    Me too. I really appreciate it. It just seems like he really
    doesnt want to be with me from what assumptions Im
    making but I just need to play it cool as it says.Now,
    everybody wants us to get back now.:)) Anyway, I got
    all the advices from the program at the site:
    *www GettingBackTheEx info*
    *put dots in place of the spaces,stupid YT filters!*^^

  29. RolingThundrz says:

    Not talking to her for a month is harder than you may think

  30. king broski says:

    I really miss my bae

  31. Karvon Holbrook says:

    I miss my girl

  32. Ben Gaikwad says:

    What do I do If she likes someone else now and they like her too

  33. D. Hughes says:

    Thanks for this. You’ve given me hope. This dumb Aussie guy needs advice
    from an Aussie woman! thanks.

  34. manlalaban1 says:

    This is bull shit MEN!!! If your girlfriend broke up with you because your
    not jumping through hoops and changing she’s not worth it!! You shouldn’t
    have to change for any woman…EVER!!! Your ex-girlfriend will have
    boyfriends within a couple weeks anyways, meaning if already had somebody
    waiting they were just waiting for you not to jump through a certain hoop
    so The other guy could jump through the hoops for her. So men do the same
    thing that women do,always have a backup so when your girlfriend does break
    up with you who cares because she’s just been replaced!!! 

  35. Megatron1114 says:

    I made a huge mistake during our break up and i said and done some wrong
    moves because usually in the past i have to admit i was the one doing the
    break ups and now for me technically this is karma but i dont want to lose
    her and i really want her back and we go to the same school together so
    what should i do?? btw this girl dosent give second chances and is
    notorious for breaking hearts

  36. Jordan Delgado says:


  37. stempe bane says:

    how do i get her back, we dated three months almost 4 and all of a sudden
    she says she doesn’t like like me, she invited me to so much an had so much
    fun and she was happy all the time, we both enjoyed each other so much,
    shes my inspiration and i need your help please someone.

  38. LeonSK96 says:

    thanks Ashley

  39. Fools says:

    Come to think of it.. I dont want her back. Will you be my girlfriend?
    But no sex before marriage, and I mean it Ashley!

  40. Maximus Reese says:

    Here’s a 3 step program….1) Get your balls back 2) Get your head straight
    and breathe on your own 3) Tough out a couple months and nail everything
    without feeling like you owe her something. Look dudes….Yeah it hurts.
    Its heartache. It too shall pass. Look at your GF and picture her at your
    hospital bed when it all goes wrong. Can’t picture that? Curb that bitch.

  41. dylan drevitson says:

    I miss my baby ):

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