Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back In 10 Unbelievably Easy Steps Want to get your ex girlfriend back? I’m going to show you the exact steps to…


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  1. havier solomon says:

    It Doesn’t Matter Why You Broke Up
    You Can Still Get Your Ex Back!!

  2. Doreen Garrett says:

    There is a controversial new video out that will show you exactly how to
    take advantage of female psychology, and win them back… no matter how mad
    they are at you right now!

  3. Sherly Whitson says:

    Going through a breakup, especially when you didn’t want the relationship
    to end can be a very emotional time.
    But it doesn’t have to be…

  4. Taricco Enderitta says:

    Visit below, If you want to get back your ex back.

  5. captnhuffy says:

    Don’t do it!! She is manipulating you!! MGTOW is the SMARTEST, most
    RATIONAL choice a Man can make today. The Legal RISKS are far to high.
    Just dump her. There are MILLIONS of women out there, and the next one
    will be 10 years younger than this one !!! 

  6. Alberto Santacruz says:

    i try this and it works i do everything this video say i now i got back
    with my girlfriend thanks man this works every one who want they ex
    girlfriend back try this it works i try it and it works fuck ya thanks this
    video is awesome

  7. Kenny Jon says:

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  8. Monica Erter says:

    Watch a video and Iearn how to use tiny Iittle text messages sent from the
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  9. Darrin Connor says:

    I was with my X for 10 years and one of the worst days of my life and
    when I finally realized it was over was when I was trying to get her to
    stay with me. I walked up behind her grabbed her and started caressing her
    beautiful body, I started to kiss her neck very gently and she did
    something I will never forget, she closed her eyes, rite there I realized
    it was over. In our 10+ years of lovemaking she never once closed her eyes,
    she closed her eyes because she was thinking of “him” I confronted her, did
    not accuse her, did not yell at her- because it’s not her fault- it’s not
    his fault; It’s my fault for not being the man I was when we first met. I
    blame myself for losing the most beautiful girl in the world. We have a 7
    year old daughter together. I am still madly in love with her and I see her
    every week. I lost out and she moved on. I live with a crushed heart
    everyday of my life. This all happened 2 years ago and it’s no better to
    day than it was years ago. She was and always will be T.G.O.M.D’s I love
    you baby. Not a day goes by where I want to do the “Officer And A
    Gentleman” thing were Richard Gere goes into Debra Winger’s work and wisks
    her off her feet and carry’s her off into the sunset. But of course I have
    and never will do that. Sometimes I get the feeling she still love’s me by
    the way she looks at me but I just can’t work up the nerve to express my
    feelings for the fear of rejection. My loss. 

  10. maryland jersey says:

    Yeah well what if she hates your Fuckin guts what then Richard Ha this is a
    tip if your ex hasn’t moved on herself an still gives a fuck about you,
    odds are if you legit broke up your not gonna stay together just cause you
    fucked her 

  11. KingShiftyIX says:

    So we break up with someone just to get backtogether with them? wtf.

  12. SamuraiClinton says:

    My advice: Just forget about your ex, and MOVE THE FUCK ON!

    The dating game is just a lump of bullcrap anyway!

  13. Antony De la Nubia says:

    You’re a genius. Only, now I’m thinking, is this really what I want.
    Utterly, perturbed. But completely empowered.
    Thank you, my Friend.

  14. Hannah Marie DeSanto says:

    oh my god.. my current boyfriend totally used this on me.. It works guys
    but definitely fix the problems! Heal the hurt that you caused

  15. Dan0101010101010 says:

    This guy should have been a double agent. 

  16. technofreak39 says:

    so.. but how should i react, when she dont want to kiss/ dodge the kiss?
    that would be a REALLY awkward situation..

  17. Lukáš Čerlecký says:

    Just treat her and fuck her like a dog and she will love you:D

  18. 6969SpAcE6969 says:

    It shouldn’t be about how, it should be about ‘why’ the fuck would you want
    to get back with you ex? -Have some dignity.

  19. Ravichandra Dhananjan says:

    What if she is with another guy just to make me jealous and then she likes
    the guy and she choose to stay with him and also with me but only as a

  20. ned flanders says:

    this bs would never work on my ex! Sounds like reverse psychology for
    someone you had a brief fling with or something. I guarantee if i did this
    word for word perfectly itd be the biggest disaster first shed be gone in a
    week new number new boyfriend. Ok genious now what go on a date with them?

  21. Datz SiiK says:

    What if i want to try to get her back after a couple of years ?

  22. Ryan says:

    this does not work with hot chicks, they always have a back up guy on speed
    dial. and then you will wish you never started the break up first.

  23. Cacalari Bus says:

    How about kidnapping her and doing some MK-Ultra?

  24. kryptonite183 says:

    *Me too dude **+Jalaj Jha**.. When my gf and I broke up I was devastated. I*
    *thought Id lost her forever and she wouldnt talk to me no matter*
    *what I did. And I was shocked when she responded right*
    *away. We’re talking again and its turning into more. Thanks to it^^,*

  25. Cloud Jover Sanson says:

    You are my master

  26. Entertainment says:

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  27. Jimbo Reese says:

    the girl behind him is like Cough Bullshit Cough

  28. Maximus Reese says:

    Fuck her. That money pit and rank snatch can take a hike. Why should I feel
    guilty for offroading, pizza night with my buds, and a day at the range?
    Fuck her. I’m supposed to watch her watch TV and watch her ass get wider???
    Fuck that, fuck her, fuckin get the fuck out!

  29. Buckblacket says:

    Step 1: Get a gun and some gaffa tape………

  30. Ravichandra Dhananjan says:

    What if she is with another guy and she choose him

  31. KingKong4524 says:

    +Lorelei Lee _Life is too short to be unhappy _
    *Ive used there program and in just a matter of few techniques*
    *used, my ex boyfriend was going crazy on winning me back to*
    *him. And now, we both are happy gettin our relationship stronger^^*

  32. Gabriele Atzeni says:

    The only real problem is: how to meet her?
    I never lied her, never cheated her, but we got some problems last year of
    our long relation, and she’s kinda upset. And SHE tooke the decision of
    breaking up with me. After 2 months, she doesn’t want to see me yet, and
    it’s difficoult to convince her to meet me without seeming needy on phone

  33. Darrin Connor says:

    Didn’t Matt Broderick do this in “The Cable Guy”

  34. ValeryVans says:

    *Me too **+Liezel Aguiling**!! Its the only program that shows me*
    *exactly what to say, answers all of my complicated*
    *questions and makes it as easy as possible to*
    *get her back in my life. Its great dude!*

  35. Jonathan Kosro says:

    I watch these videos, because some of the looks the “Women” give this idiot
    are pure gold :p

  36. lilwabbit03 says:

    Well what if she breaks up with you

  37. Nickel arse says:

    Valuable for those just breaking up, but not so great in my situation: I’m
    attempting to commence a purely sexual relationship with my last-but-one ex
    who professes to hate me. I did enjoy watching the tall, slender girl in
    the video, and would happily give her a rim job.

  38. charice obama says:

    *I Finally Hit Upon a Foolproof Way to Get My Ex Back! This is Something
    that Works All the Time, Even When You Don’t Realize It…*

  39. Sierra Knight says:

    I’m still single but I still care for some one but I’m confused about my
    feelings and the thing is I hope your right on this vidio 

  40. Justin Harvey says:

    Wow.. I am in love

  41. Sad Ayes says:

    You sur got me laid

  42. candygirl14ish says:

    gentleman ? seriously??….how can u be a gentleman when ur the one to
    break up with girl on first place 

  43. Hayden Cato says:

    This is a load of shit if you initiate the break up as the man you must
    stand by your morals and stick to it unless the girl reaches out to you
    first. Not ask her to place you in the friend zone and try and struggle
    things out from there. Don’t listen to this guy hes a prick.

  44. Loki TM says:

    right all panic is on what do I do been in the relationship for 2 years and
    abit and didn’t notice how bad it was getting before she finally said can
    you get your things now and go, so I did. but then I said via a txt a day
    after can I just have one chance to prove myself which I now know isn’t
    good idea. but when I went back to collect a couple more of my things we
    both got in tears abit so I immediately said maybe I should go so I did.
    now iv left couple more things their. but now she appears to be closing in
    on this other guy. and I just don’t know where to begin to get her back. iv
    been asked to go get couple more of my crap tomorrow night. this is now 3
    days after not seeing her really at all and just giving her an od message
    now and then. basically can some one tell me what to do tomorrow night to
    start it of and how to act when she expects me to get some more of my
    tackle. thanks! guys!

  45. KnowledgeIsGood says:

    Why don’t you just not break up with her in the first place dip-shit, if
    you really like her. I mean all this playing people with all this reverse
    psychology garbage is really deceptive and bizarre. You are advising
    people to break up with someone they actually care about as a defensive
    tactic, so that they cannot break up with you??? You advise people to,
    “Have that in place”…. to get ready for her breaking up with you. Do you
    not consider people to be human beings who are capable of free will and
    free thought, who have feelings, etc? Are people merely robots to you?
    Dogs to be trained?

    What if the girl was not planing on breaking up with you? What if she just
    had a cold or the flu coming on, and she was not feeling well? Where you
    could have been over at her place making her some tea or some soup, you
    would rather play some Sigmond Freud bullshit mind fuck game on her.
    Suppose she really liked you, you dumb fuck, but you end up breaking her
    heart and taking the shine out of her eyes and you cause her to hold her
    face a little lower and maybe she doesn’t see when a real guy comes along.

    Why on earth would you defensively break up with someone that you actually
    care about? Wouldn’t the better thing be to savor every moment you can
    with that person. You know, this whole idea that you can go around
    treating people as if they are predictable mice in a cage or something is
    really fucked. This whole idea of treating people poorly because deep down
    you really desire to be with them is really very fucked.

    People do not listen to this clown. Who in the fuck is this clown? What a
    piece of shit he is. Think of this… how many people ended up loosing
    forever a person they really cared about or even the love of their life
    because they tried to pull one of these defensive bullshit break ups?
    Telling a lie aimed at trying to gain the mental upper hand on someone is
    really fuck off and so are you. Fuck You who ever you are.

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