Help Google get out of a bad relationship

Google is in a bad relationship, but they’re not sure they need to leave yet. So Apple & Yahoo make an intervention. Learn more at
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15 Responses to “Help Google get out of a bad relationship”

  1. Jason Cook says:

    Dont be evil google!!!!!! 

  2. Jason Cook says:

    Share on google plus!

  3. Lisa Vickers says:

    Haha! Really clever.

  4. Carrol1225 says:

    Yeah dude! I was actually using that program also because I want to bring
    her back but I did! It helped through the most difficult situation Ive ever
    gone through.I really appreciated it. PS= you got the site name misspelled.
    here’s the correct one:

  5. chuckthomp says:

    I like the message but this particular video seems a bit disjointed and
    lacks the creativity and punch of most SumOfUs productions. No?

  6. iamLI3 says:

    awww this was soo cute ^^ ……

  7. Michael Minugh says:

    The chamber of commerce is a bane on America, and yet another proof of the
    problem with bribery, ehrm, I mean, “Lobbying”.

  8. Queen Phillip O'Conner says:

    @FedupwithR The REAL Leadership they Talk About is the companies and US

  9. Wacec65 says:

    If we are not careful our society could end up like other countries without
    REAL leadership…

  10. josh shutt says:

    cant the internet just be like it use to be.

  11. Facelord says:

    Apple sucks ass, the end.

  12. cricage17 says:


  13. CosmosPrivateer says:

    This is how we can gain control of planet again. The companies we support
    can either support us or we don’t support them.

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