how can i try to get back with an ex?:

how can i try to get back with an ex?

about 3 years ago in 8th grade i saw this guy around school and i would always stare at him, he wasn’t the hottest guy ever but i kept staring at him because i knew there was something about him and i felt like i knew him. then a couple weeks later he added me on myspace, he didn’t even know me. then he started talking to me like he knew me..we went out then broke up. it wasn’t his fault i was just too shy and i had emotional issues because of my past and couldn’t be in a relationship.we were so close and bestfriends then freshmen year he got a girlfriend and they went out for 9 months. it hurt me so bad. those 9 months were hell. they broke up about a year ago. he admitted he still liked me. . we don’t really talk to eachother much. just say hi and smile at eachother, and look at eachother a lot in class.. i still like him as much as i did when i first met him. i try moving on and ive dated other guys but in the end i still always miss’s almost summer and i want to try to go out with him again… what are some ways i can bring back our old relationship?

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