How can I win back my ex-girlfriend?:

How can I win back my ex-girlfriend?

Ok to start off I’ll tell you that we are both 16 years old and in highschool together. She dumped me two weeks ago and said it was no fault of mine and that she was just feeling somewhat trapped and not ready for the commitment of a relationship. I asked if I had any chance to bring us back together and she said no, for the sole reason that she didn’t want me to wait up for her. She also recommended I see other girls and that she would still be my friend. I talked to her friend as well and found out that she actually didn’t want to date anyone else for TWO YEARS until she graduates just because it was to much for her to handle in addition to school. That’s another reason I ws dumped as well. While with me her GPA dropped from a 93 to an 86. What do I do? I can’t live without her anymore and would be willing to do absolutely ANYTHING to win her back.

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