How do i get my ex boyfriend back read description?:

How do i get my ex boyfriend back read description?

I wanna get my ex back the first time he saw me he tld me he feel in love when we got out.of school for the summer he cheated i was also in love with him and he knew it now like every 2 months he gets back with me but constantly cheat see, i want to make him a better person and i want him to love me the way he use to but im not sure how to get him to change that way again i just love him so much and i know im sprung over him so someone help me he also said after he cheated on me i still love u but im just not ready for that type of relationship all the feelings were real and i still have them and i still love u but it has gne far enough with this girl i think i might love her too i wish i could have the both of yall’ please read and answer i dont know how to get him out of his cheating ways to change

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