how do i get my ex boyfriend back?:

how do i get my ex boyfriend back?

The day before yesterday my boyfriend broke up with me. I’d really love to get back together with him and I need a little advice. But I should probably tell you a little bit about it first.

First of all, I’m a sophomore in college and I met my boyfriend there earlier last year. We hit it off immediately, despite us being so different. (I’m more of the preppy type while he’s more into music and his band). Soon we started dating and became a very happy couple around campus. We never really got into any arguments and enjoyed each other’s company a lot. We spent nearly every day together and we both we were happy about that. I know this because we told each other everything. He was/is my best friend. We were dating for about 5 months before the semester ended. After this we had to go home, which distanced us about 3 hours from each other.

It was hard not seeing him everyday and I missed him very much. He said that he missed me too. But he was busy with his band and friends while I was busy with my friends and work and didn’t communicate with each other as much as we would have liked. It was an adjustment having to learn how to talk to him over the phone and over texting because we were so used to just seeing each other in person since we lived right next door to one another at school.

About 3 and a half weeks after leaving school he called me and told me the distance wasn’t working out. He said “I’m so sorry but I feel like I can’t be the boyfriend you need me to be while I’m so far away”. He said that coming to see me would be hard because he doesn’t have a lot of money to make the trip and if I came to see him it would be too hard for him once I left because he would want to keep seeing me more. I couldn’t argue with that, but got upset that we didn’t give it more of a try. He said that he still likes me a lot and has the same feelings for me, and there isn’t someone else.

Now, I believe that the two of us got along too well to just be friends for the rest of our lives. While I’m not saying I want to marry him or anything, I just want us to give it another shot. I would like to know the best course of action to get him back. He told me that once we get back to school we’ll see what happens, especially since he’s living in the same dorm as my best guy friend from high school this upcoming year. I don’t want to appear desperate, but I feel like I’ve lost my best friend and a big part of my life. Please help, please tell me what i should do?

Thanks :)

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