How do I win back my ex

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44 Responses to “How do I win back my ex”

  1. Donovan Fuller says:

    If my ex want me back, I will say go away!

  2. Walker Hugo says:

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  3. TIKI K says:

    Being friends with an ex while they have someone new is as about as smart
    as putting a fork in an electrical socket.

    1. You WILL be super jealous, and over thinking everything.
    2. You lose respect from your ex, because you’re just their emotional
    tampon while they’re being intimate with someone else.
    3. You’re always there. They can’t miss you.
    4. You look super desperate, and clingy.

    You can’t even come close to getting back with an ex, until you’re over
    them, or kind of over them. Your ex will sense that “I still love you”
    vibe. You have to be a new person. And being friends with an ex while
    they’re dating someone is making you a 2nd option. Why would you want to
    be dog scraps for someone? Hell no. 

  4. Joe Zook says:

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  5. Arvidje says:

    Be aware of the fact this is a good apprach for the woman to take his ex
    back and not for the male. Men needs a whole other approach to get here ex
    back, do not confuse, if u follow this approach as a men u hung up in
    friendzone and u hardly get out of it,u will get even more confused.
    Why? because is’t a femine energy. U can be friends but only u doesn’t want
    her romanticaly. 

  6. 143bostoncreme says:

    And this is why I don’t delete my ex’s or past lovers from social media
    even if my friends tell me to do so. Because you are so right. It’s the
    best way to indirectly talk to them and get a message across lol 

  7. Denise Simpson says:

    What is wrong with accepting that a relationship is O-VUH, and, like Montel
    Williams used to say, exes are exes for a REASON. Sometimes, just as
    with vampires, some relationships need to have stakes driven through their
    heart. Just move on, and stop playing games!

  8. Lou Iza says:

    you are mostly right but if he broke up with her, he probably doesn’t love
    her feel her anymore so why try to be with somebody who doesn’t wanna be

  9. Candita Darko says:

    I appreciate a man’s point of view, thank you.

  10. Mary Green says:

    If they start coming back around is the best thing to do is start dressing
    sexy but not like a s*** will that help get the attention back to and
    answer the door looking very pretty all the times love your videos will it
    work with your opinion as a man help help help crying out or help

  11. itsraphael09 says:

    This also goes for the guys right ?

  12. monteria Wilder says:

    Thanks Chazz! 

  13. Jackline Kayombo says:

    I love what I see

  14. curvychic1 says:

    Chazz you usually are on point but this video is not the way… The best
    way to get an ex back is to move the fuck on… Being friends with an ex is
    like a slow death. They can date other people and throw it in your face and
    you can’t say shit because you’re just “friends” and if he/she has a new
    mate, you gotta wait it out… Live life and move on. It will hurt but God
    will place you where you need to be. Timing is everything and everything in
    the universe has its place. So you’re meant to be with your ex, it will
    happen without you doing anything to provoke it….

  15. Myopic Myopia says:

    can u do a video about NO contact and when it should be used?

  16. janice Williams says:

    What if he has you block? He can’t see your new pictures or the weight u
    lost or you hanging with friends. And what if it’s been two months or more?
    Wouldn’t he thinks .you’re doing all that just to get him back if there’s
    no man in the photos?

  17. sulivel says:

    Keep Calm And Carry On

  18. Ashok Maharjan says:

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    reconciled with the ex with it. 

  19. Nadine Taylor says:

    Thanks Chazz! You’re the best. 

  20. michellediamondpearl says:

    BEST advice on getting your ex back on YouTube. Hands down.

  21. Angela Anastario says:

    Hey Chazz, what if You’re living with your ex boyfriend who has recently
    dumped You? How could I possibly win him back while living under the same
    roof with him? :/

  22. Amanda Nowlin says:

    Gives me half of what I need to know. You see I have been in a relationship
    where it wasn’t really good considering he is my childs father. He
    mistreated me and our son. (now for some other reason he wounds up being
    stupid if we r not together) He’s in jail. but I still love him. I wrote
    him and told him that even through it all I still love him. He wrote me
    back and said he still love me too. My question is should I take him back
    or should I just move on concerning he hurt me and our son?

  23. tibnb says:

    I got my ex back after 15 years

  24. Hanny Djajaputera says:

    why? if it’s not mean to be probably it is not the best option and that is
    not what God wants. I don’t want to force God that probably can’t even grow
    with that person. We belongs to God so just pray to God to send the right

  25. Stefanie Moon says:

    Hi I been with my boyfriend for year when I first meet him he was sweet and
    nice and give me all the attention I needed but then when I git pregnant he
    changed we move in together and he was mean and we fight everyday because
    he was always playing games with his friends
    And he push me we did not sleep together no more so I left when I was
    pregnant for 7months after I had the baby I was missing him so we come back
    tomorrow he was sweet nice and give me attention at first after a month he
    changed he was always on his phone and and everytime I try to chill with
    him he won’t do it he be telling me oh I am sleeping I got my hand hurts
    so, one day I ask him can I see your email he said no I ask why he told me
    because no. So I waited until he won’t to sleep I got his phone and look at
    his email I saw you was talking to this girl telling her can we chill I am
    back in town so I ask him at first he said is not true so I saw him after I
    show him he told me my homeboy wanted me to talk to his girl about him he
    said I will take you to him so you can see a week pass and I said when you
    going to take me he said never. And he still won’t show me his email or
    give me attention when I ask him to what going on. He broke up with me
    yesterday we got in a fight because I told him I am not going to keep
    telling you what I want so he told me why you with me then I told him to
    leave out my house he did go like he did not care he said mean thing to me
    and he try to fight me back please help me 

  26. Jessica Simpson says:

    I completely disagree. If the ex is with someone new, then why shouldn’t i
    apply some covert jealousy? this would make him run back faster. i say no
    contact, live well and ex will come back begging. I have tried it and
    worked every time. 

  27. Taurus Girl says:

    For the record, I am not suggesting that a woman play games, or be
    inauthentic; to the contrary, I think she should always keep it real, by
    being true to, and valuing, herself. Extremely important, is that a woman
    in this position should really examine why the relationship ended in the
    first place, and if it is because the man was not meeting her needs, as
    they say, “it is what it is!” He is probably still the same person, but
    that does not mean she has to be! Sometimes “closure” is already present;
    it just needs to be embraced! But it always comes from within. I hope you
    take my criticism constructively, as it was intended, and thanks for
    letting me share my thoughts! Keep up the good work!

  28. eastnybabe says:

    what if the ex did you wrong after you helped them out …then when you see
    them they apologize for you finding out about what they did that they still
    want to be friends, hang out and that you are a good woman and you never
    know what the future holds… but then you don’t hear anything after
    that…was they just telling you a line to make themselves feel better or
    do you think they meant it

  29. Kelly Davis says:

    Very good points ! You can not just simply move on and wipe everything as
    if it did not exist. ! Unfortunately this is the advice that you get from
    “friends” and “family”…You need to have a closure one way or another and
    I really like your suggestions/steps….

  30. Rox Sup says:

    This was the best advice I had ever been given. Thx a bunch :)

  31. Kimberly Culberson says:

    well the i broke up with i still text him an he have another girl he still
    answer when i call why is that i know he still love me this man has all my

  32. lifeslegund says:

    Don’t you feel that putting your heart out there like that seems a bit
    sudden and overwhelming to the other person?

  33. Kathleen Burkhart says:

    yes you are handsome

  34. columbus billups says:

    if you are a kid in 5th and your girl make you get mad and sad do you go
    out with a diffrent girl yes or no and she look good 

  35. romar hafnaoui says:

    Yo, i got a question for you. My girl dumped me after six months and i
    treated her very good. She still wants her ex back of 5 years, but hes a
    cheater asshole drunk. My stuff is still at her house. What do i do if i
    want her back? Without making it look like i want her but also not making
    it seem like i just want my stuff. I havent texted of spoken to her in a
    week…she was supposed to tell me when a good time to get my stuff
    is…but i really dont want her to. Help me out?

  36. Autumn Brown says:

    My ex came back to me but he only wants a friendship with me. He tells me
    that he misses me, misses everything about a relationship with me, and
    loves me but he just doesn’t want to be in a relationship. I tried the
    friendship thing with him and it was just too hard on me because I still
    have really strong emotions and feelings for me. I tried the ignore him and
    give him space and freedom and when I was unresponsive to him, he showed up
    at my house. Once again, he poured his heart out to me and was loving and
    affectionate just to turn around and tell me no to being in a relationship.
    He told me that he isn’t ready for a relationship nor does he want the
    responsibilities that come with a relationship. We were together nearly 3
    years so all of this is confusing for me. Do I want him back, yes, but I
    don’t want to keep playing cat and mouse. Do you have any advice that you
    can offer me? 

  37. Shevene Knight says:


  38. marla kellyjones says:

    you are totally gorgeous. You gf is a lucky lady 

  39. romar hafnaoui says:

    ” It is pretty normal, because people are crazy.” Haha! Now that was

  40. Taurus Girl says:

    As a woman studying to be a professional mental health counselor, I just
    want to let you know I enjoy your videos, and find some of your views on
    behavior not only interesting, but valid, and I definitely appreciate the
    humor involved; as I believe there is healing in laughter.

  41. amy mcphee says:

    Hi Chazz, My ex doesn’t mess with any social media, any other suggestions
    as far as showing him I’m doing good and looking good?

  42. Taurus Girl says:

    Also, I definitely do not think a woman should be calling an ex at all,
    (especially if you know he is with someone else), and throwing herself at
    his feet in an emotionally soul baring conversation. I mean think about it.
    What are the two things we do know about men for sure? Many do not know how
    to handle, and even hate, emotional displays and most avoid commitment like
    the plague! So, knowing that about men, an EX gf (now his so called friend)
    will not only confess her undying love for him, (emotional pleading) but
    tell him there is no one else in the world for her, but him, (pressing

  43. Rachelle Jean says:

    I like the fact you know ur stuff…very informative, funny and cute!!!

  44. Tyler Jones says:

    AmaZing aDvisE

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