how do you win an ex back when you hit them?:

how do you win an ex back when you hit them?

me and my ex split recently and the argument got out of control and i ended up hitting him to get him off me. he just cant forgive me and i understand that no one would take someone back after they hit them. but i cant get my head round it because i would never hit him again i just need the chance to make it up to him without him thinking im hassling him.
some advice, help or past experience please?
he was grabbing me to calm me down and to stop me from hitting him.
i have never done this before and am suffering from depression.
i am getting better now though.
i understand where you are coming from but how could i win him round without harrassing him?
im also thinking about taking up anger management?
he has anger issues though and that is what led my anger to being so bad.
ive done all i can but i need something out the ordinary that will win him back but without hassling or harrassing him.
please come up with some ideas?

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