How To Deal with Break Up and Overcome Past Relationships – PSTEC

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Relationships English - Breaking up a relationship - Talking About Breaking Up In English

Relationships are beautiful if they are good. Some relationships last forever, and that’s the kind of relationship that everyone would like to have, but some…
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  1. zack stone says:

    really!?!?! well how many sessions did it take. I been crying while tapping
    over and over.

  2. ibharloera says:

    I just got my heart broke by my first love all I wanted was to make her
    happy but she didn’t believe I could she was really depressed I tried to
    get her back but I couldn’t now she’s gone forever she won’t even talk to
    me it hurts my so much

  3. Shyanne Hilliard says:

    Thanks for this! If you’re going through a breakup or change, consider
    checking out my page!!!

  4. pearse984 says:

    Thank you!

  5. leana ching says:

    I’m so glad in the world that we got someone like you. thank you so so much
    for your kindness and sweetness.(haha) you inspired me :) thanks and

  6. pstec4all says:

    I’m glad my crazy little story could help you out. Just remember it does
    get better :) All the best!

  7. Mickereeno says:

    funny, you can shake your cane at me as i walk by draped in cats. thx for
    video. :)

  8. Mickereeno says:

    Dude, no offense taken, i thought what u said was funny.I checked out the
    free audios, im not good at thinking about the issue and listening to him
    and tapping etc but ill try again eventually. :)

  9. TheNumero58 says:

    Couldnt agree with you more @ashant33! That program offered by the site: is really awesome! I used it and suddenly my ex
    boyfriend is calling me, begging me to go out with him again. I might make
    him beg a lil more though. hehe.. :))

  10. regelemihai says:

    Three days ago my brother has gone through a breakup. Out of the blue, his
    girlfriend of 4 months decided to call it quits. He has been suffering so
    badly, and since I’ve never seen him in this position, I’ve been becoming
    more and more worried at the prospect of this lasting too long. A few days,
    maybe weeks is managable. But I keep hearing from people, and including the
    gentleman from this video, that it lasts for MONTHS!! Can any of you
    reassure me that it won’t last that long?

  11. pstec4all says:

    @Pattycakesxxxx Thanks, I appreciate the comments!

  12. pstec4all says:

    @Mickereeno Thanks for the comment! Of course, no offense to any cat lovers
    out there in YouTube land 😉

  13. pstec4all says:

    @pearse984 Thanks for watching!

  14. pstec4all says:

    I know this kind of stuff can be pretty intense – especially when the
    relationship just ended. When you’re listening to the clicks tracks it’s
    important to focus on one specific memory for the duration. It’s not
    intended to be a cure all, but along with some journalling and positive
    thinking, this will really help you out. You have two choices about how to
    think right now. After a break up, most people focus on the positive parts
    of the other person, while ignoring the negative parts.

  15. pstec4all says:

    Haha, thank man. I’m really happy to help you out!

  16. Jaylan Fan says:

    great! very useful. please continue to post more videos on english that can
    be used in different situations.

  17. Andres IG says:

    Great! I’m learning a lot! Greetings from Southamerica! :)

  18. Pablo Sifuentes says:

    Haha very funny, nobody could be prepared for breaking up a relationship
    though. There is no exist composed phrases you might practice beforehand.
    Nonetheless these are good tips.

  19. Kate Strong says:

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Chris lctronico says:
  21. Twominute English says:
  22. Bos Douven says:


  23. Bos Douven says:

    How Get Text Your Ex Back Now!

  24. Tomasz Skaba says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. EMMANUEL RAMOS says:

    Thank you Guys, I love your channel.

  26. Tiong Ching says:

    For many people,maintaining a good relationship is not easy, at the
    beginning a boy and a girl really love each other, then all of a sudden
    their relationship broke up, I feel sad.

  27. Aydan ismayilova says:

    :) very well

  28. EMMANUEL RAMOS says:

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