How to find and do work you love: Scott Dinsmore at TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)

Scott Dinsmore’s mission is to change the world by helping people find what excites them and build a career around the work only they are capable of doing. H…
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50 Responses to “How to find and do work you love: Scott Dinsmore at TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D)”

  1. MeanJoeGreene77 says:

    If i could rewind the years I would do what I had to do for work, not what
    I wanted to do. I have failed over and over again because I never took the
    safe route and getting a degree and job in demand

  2. Ike Charles says:

    This man is making so much sense and what he is saying is speaking to me.
    I am right now studying in South Dakota for “mining engineering”. I am
    from fucking NJ and the only reason I am here is so that I can have a damn
    job..? I am cynically depressed and I feel that I am stuck in my position
    because of the pressure from my father. FUCK this. I hate it and it is so
    unnecessary. I am seriously moving back to NJ this next fall for school
    whether he likes it or not. I took out all my funds in loans anyway so he
    didnt even pay for shit! Why do I feel that I have to stay in my
    position. I mean I am 19 years old, I should be waking up every morning
    and have the feeling of utter emptyness. Every day i contemplate leaving.
    I cant focus on my studies here and I have to man up and tell my father to
    suck a donkey dick.

  3. ChannelFadge says:

    what is the work that you can’t not never un-do?

  4. Soopa Fly says:

    Great Ted talk, maybe one of the best I’ve seen so far. I would like to
    thank the presenter for this, I’m someone who is struggling to find a
    career path to go down, and this really helped. Thank you! A lot of great
    things to take from this.

  5. Bidsketch says:

    *How to Find and Do Work You Love*

  6. Natalie Palmer says:

    Loved this! Scott’s passion and enthusiasm is so inspiring. I can totally
    relate to his story about the advice he heard about building his resume.
    When I was 20, many moons ago, I heard the same ridiculous nonsense. It’s
    worth spending 17+ minutes to watch…you won’t regret it!! Thanks.

  7. pusinka62 says:

    So if you imagine, Scott, a future world where 80% or more of the people
    enjoy the work they do, who is going to do the more than 80% of the work in
    the world (factory jobs, fast food industry,,ditch-diggers, miners,
    farm-workers, dishwashers, store clerks etc.) that is by nature boring,
    uninspiring, monotonous, and sometimes down-right exploitative!!??

  8. Yvettethedragon says:

    Nobody thanks me for anything…

  9. Sam Stark says:

    such a good Ted talk! But that microphone is so distracting.

  10. TheDestroyer1124 says:

    What the fuck am i doing with my life. I am so lost

  11. sktzmn says:

    I can’t help but think that this guy sounds like Ben Afflack. :-)

  12. Mark Brooks says:

    Not to be a killjoy. I like the message of this speech. I really do. And we
    should all take it to heart. But its application is very contextual and
    extremely broad. Scott needs to refine the “feel good” stuff with a dose of
    reality. First, not everyone is even in a position to “do what you love”.
    How does that message help an immigrant working on minimum wage and
    supporting 3 kids? Can/should they quit if they’re not “doing what they

    And for those of us who have the luxury of that choice (ie. middle class,
    educated), this speech makes you think that all you have to do is figure
    yourself out then pluck up the courage and you will succeed. Scott, when
    you started telling the story of your wildly successful business, how it
    started out so tough and no one cared, I knew right away how it was going
    to end up because much of your speech falls into the pattern of unnuanced
    cliche. Yes, your self belief and perseverance ensured your wild success
    and we can all do the same too! Actually you know very well that with every
    success, there is (at least one) failure. There are many people out there
    whose businesses, artistic ventures, and other passionate endeavours didn’t
    work out.

    Does this mean they shouldn’t try or that they should stay in their boring
    jobs? Of course not. We can find extremely fulfilling and happy lives by
    following our passions whether they lead to “success” or not. But it is
    irresponsible to gloss over the very real financial and emotional risks
    that you are encouraging people to take. How about including some stories
    from people who took the chance and even though things didn’t work out as
    they had hoped, they’re still happy they made the leap. That would make
    your speeches much better in my view and much more grounded in reality. 

  13. chhorn pho says:

    Be that one person that can’t wait to go to “work” everyday.

  14. Ryan Silver says:

    great job

  15. karen shi says:

    yep, really good , he speech very good ,,

  16. Klarina Cara says:

    How to find and do work you love

  17. Graham Brechin says:


  18. Jack Ski says:

    most of humanity that are born a slave will die a slave !!!

  19. David Vazquez says:

    What is the work you can’t not do?

  20. seth chizmar says:

    Im 13 and the only passion I think I have is to play video games really but
    no one supports it. Im shit at everything else and alot the time games. I
    have no skills.

  21. Amanda Marie says:

    GREAT ted talk

  22. Alejandro Castellán Guzmán says:

    stop doing whatever you are doing and watch this video… its like he
    hacked my brain

  23. tom6612 says:

    Another worthless TED talk.

    You guys will put any idiot up on stage and claim hes got something to say.

  24. Gordon Makryllos says:

    Great Talk on doing what you Love

  25. brando4392 says:

    incredible talk!

  26. Alma Barron says:

    Love yhis

  27. cici k says:

    Love this Equally Yoked dogs!!!!!

  28. Deborah Boyd says:

    And now a word from the PET DEPT.

  29. Goanoou thoa says:

    cute and funny

  30. Rich Miller says:

    *Dogs In Love*

    Hope this isn’t deemed a sacrilege on #caturday 

  31. rachelsom says:

    How could anyone dislike this D: Tis so adorable!

  32. gabi222linda333 says:


  33. phuturephunk says:

    Better than the ending to Mass Effect 3.

  34. Glen Andrew says:


  35. Justin Dang says:

    lol now THIS is DOGGYSTLE

  36. AiioooOfficial says:

    Lovely relationship between them :) Take a look at the video by
    which showcases the great relationship between celebs and their pets too..

  37. SuperPeanut2k says:

    LOL YUP.

  38. ldreiocker says:


  39. The Pet Collective says:

    send us a video

  40. Aiden Gamle says:

    CUTE! its too bad they are both boys.

  41. booger butt says:

    thats what all dogs do they lickk each other thats normal

  42. Tonnja Braden says:

    so cute!

  43. TXP9 says:

    there too. Korean food rocks

  44. Brittany Forrester says:

    Omg, this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Angelica Acilegna says:

    I feel a bit naughty myself. Brb, taking a shower..

  46. booger butt says:

    all u did was put peanut butter on their noses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    fap fap fap*

  48. Quyerah Revilla says:

    Peanut Butter Makes the World go Round. For Dogs Anyway XD

  49. sasha beary says:

    your rude all dogs r special

  50. Frank Gomez says:

    these dogs are adorable aaww

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