How to find love and a real relationship ?:

How to find love and a real relationship ?

My aunt is already almost 50 and she’s single, still lives with my
Grandma.She never dated anyone even in High School
and even today,she seems lonely and timid.I fear I Might end
up like her.

I am gay and I feel like I might end up just like her.I get
depressed inside when I see a happy couple walking around
the halls.Almost all the good ones are straight here.The very
FEW gay guys are very immature and do not care about life
(doing drugs,skipping classes).All people I find attractive are
Straight.I hate dating sites because they are just mostly tools
for random hook ups and I would seem desperate and lots
of predators are on the loose.I always try to keep myself presentable
(Keeping in shape/fit,showering,smelling good,dressing nicely)but still,I
cannot find anyone.I get told by girls I am cute,but I do not like girls.
Being single and alone makes me so depressed.Guys I crush on turn
out straight.

Many people say there is someone for everyone,but It did not work that
way for my Aunt.I am so sad.I just want to love someone who can give back
all the affection I can offer.

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  1. Ben T says:

    Don’t worry bud. We’re out there. When I first came out I was just like you, I thought there were no gay guys out there like me. I wanted a long term relationship, love, a guy that I could just be myself with and I did. We aren’t together any longer because I moved off to college and the distance was too great but we were together for 2 years. I miss him so much but he let me know that there is love to be found, gay or straight. Don’t ever settle for less. You sound like a total catch, dude. You’ll find the love of your life some day. I’m sorry for your Aunt but she is not you. There is a perfect guy out there for you, just keep looking. <3<br/>
    Ben T

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