How to Find Love as a Bi-(Curious) Preteen?:

How to Find Love as a Bi-(Curious) Preteen?

I call myself bi- cuz I feel that way but everyone says it takes a while for me to fully relieve I’m fully bi- not just bi-curious.Anyways, I want to find someone guy or girl, mostly guys but just in secret so I can look just straight, and maybe a girl to cover for the / a guy if I have one (she won’t know I’m bi- and maybe with a guy). So, tips, advice,etc.
I’m not trying to find young bi-love online, I trying to find young bi-love advice so I can/could find someone here in the real world without being the gay kid of my school even though there are other gays but still,I know none of them.Whatever. I need advice
I’m a guy and 12 and don’t want an animal to be involved with me sexually cuz that’s disturbing.I stand for animal rights not their abuse. U r a sick sick man.

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  1. John B says:

    I’m bisexual, and you could do what I did. I just made friends with guys and girls, and if anything happened, I went with it.
    You can’t make anyone fall for you, so you can’t decide before it happens whether it’s going to be a guy or a girl, and if you spend time looking for one, you may miss one of the others.

    At your age you are a bit young to be getting into anything too serious, so just take it easy, and see what happens.
    When you are a few years older then you’ll probably have a clearer idea of your ideal partner, and you’ll be more likely to find one.

    As for having a boyfriend in secret, and a girlfriend to make you look straight, that won’t work, you have one or the other. Being bisexual isn’t an excuse to be unfaithful to your partner. OK, it’s a bonus when you’re single and looking for a partner, but once you’re in a relationship then you should respect that person, and not go off with anyone else.<br/>
    John B

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