How to find love for a Capricorn man?:

How to find love for a Capricorn man?

The profile of a Capricorn fits me to a T! My question is where to find a girl who fits my needs or how to attract one. I’m tired of the crazies I find at bars. Plz only answers that fit for a Capricorn

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  1. lilviolet36 says:

    honestly, try activities that force strangers together, like touring trips or singles parties. You can always try online dating as well. I met my wonderful boyfriend, who is also a capricorn, online. Just push yourself out there and see if you can find someone out there who could be the one for you. Girls that you find at bars are usually only one type of girl, the desperate, clingy, needy type. I’ve come upon several girls who are like that and people who think alike usually are drawn together and find others who think like them too. If you go to a bar your most likely to find the same type of girl over and over again. There are other girls out there but you need to go find them.

    And another thing, I know that astrology is always an interesting subject when it comes to relationships and personalities, but don’t make your decisions based off of it. I myself am very interested in astrology but i think about it like more of guidelines. Everyone is different in their own way.<br/>

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