How to find love when i keep sabotaging myself?:

How to find love when i keep sabotaging myself?

Ive had loads of guys ask me out but i always get this sick feeling inside of me if i say yes. I want to find someone i like or am even attracted to but im too guarded OR i keep sabotaging myself and convincing myself i like (or dont like) the guy when its not true! How do i find love? How do i let someone in my life without feeling weird. Im 16 by the way.

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  1. Chris Pulver says:

    Being 16 and trying to find love is a pain in the ass. You are probably guarded due to past issues, that you may or may not recall. Eventually, you will find “the one”, a guy that you trust immediately, due to a spiritual connection that you can not see. You will feel a connection immediately, and you just have to go with it. Let Destiny control your love life.<br/>
    Chris Pulver

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