how to find love when your ugly :"(?:

how to find love when your ugly :”(?

i think and have always thought of myself as a very ugly and fat loser because i never had any friends, i had some firiends in 5th grade and that was the last time i realy had any friinds,and that was 5 to 6 years realy hurts because i realy left out and am always treated like garbage people just push me away or mock call me ugly ass and a bunch of different names

i see so many guys treat there girlfriends very dissrespectfuly and use them for sex or money or just go and screw other id never do that ive always been very loyal and have daydreamed many times about being in love what it must feel like to be cared for. i would do anything for my girlfriend if i had one i would treat her with the up most respect i dont want to type everthing about what id do for them but i would not ever treat them like shit.

i dont know what to do am i screwed, damned to just be alone forever if so im lready used to ill just stick to video games and guitar..:”( please help, any thing you can think of to help me with my self confidence or in finding love.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m just gonna say a thing : IS JUSTIN BIEBER THAT CUTE actually he’s ugly? & his girlfriend is the most beautiful girl in the world
    Russell Brand is ugly and he was married to KATY PERRY for crying out loud
    check this out these are very famous people who are ugly and all there lives are good
    You just try to take care of your self , your hair your weight and you’ll find love<br/>

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