How to Find Love/Happiness When Parents are abusive?:

How to Find Love/Happiness When Parents are abusive?

Hey everyone here is the story that I have. Ever since I was 8 years old my mother was very abusive and always putting down my personality. How can I cure the abuse?

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  1. WOMBAT, Manliness Expert says:

    Your parents are dysfunctional toxic people.

    You deal with toxic people by having as little contact with them as possible. Don’t expect your parent to ever provide you with love or support. Your mother is mentally ill. You don’t owe your parents anything.

    Move out and avoid contact with them as much as humanly possible.cut them out of your life and move on.

    People should get your precious time, trust, attention, and respect by EARNING it always. Your parents should not be an exception to this. They are not entitled to your respect or loyalty when they never return the favor.

    Find people in your life that are positive influences.

    It’s easy to spot positive supportive people. You feel like a better person when you’re around them.

    With toxic people you feel you are always walking on broken glass around them. You feel like they are a heavy weight dragging on you like an iron anchor chain. you should avoid such people no matter what.<br/>
    WOMBAT, Manliness Expert

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