How to get a Guy to Propose to You in 365 Days: Dating Etiquette & Relationship Coaching For Men And Women (Law Of Attraction & Love)

Did you know that giving the right signals to your man, may start him thinking about the idea of marrying you?

Discover quick and easy tips on how to get a man to fall in love with you and secure the much coveted marriage proposal you want from your beau within the next 12 months.

Commonly known, finding love and waiting to hear sweet love words – “I love you” – from your Prince Charming are deemed a challenge, not to mention the final day when he surprises you with a ring and utters the magic words that never fail to tug at your heartstrings – “Will you marry me?” Playing dating games can be a tedious chore, if you catch my meaning and it’s even more exasperating to find ways to make a man want to marry you! This specific guide dishing out tips on dating etiquette, love compatibility and relationship advice for women will render much help to you by charting the stages in the dating cycles on a month-to-month progression till the first year anniversary is reached, and the man of your dreams gets inspired to propose marriage to you. After all, isn’t maintaining a dating relationship one of the hardest things to do? An essential read for single men and ladies hoping to enjoy the various stages of casual dating and advance into the sanctity of marriage.

Truthful and realistic, it will teach you to adopt the correct mental attitude, rethink your relationship at the different stages and suggest easy ways to progress from the early stages of casual dating till the final stage of the dating cycle – marriage. Don’t underestimate the power of these dating tips for contemporary women, who are seeking for ways to make their men consider offering a marriage proposal to them finally. Marriage vows should never be taken lightly, hence, if you are looking for love or have found the love of your life, then this book is a ‘power-read’ for you to unravel the secrets to getting your man to say “yes” to marriage. To emerge as the winner in this relationship game, deploy this book to help you win the heart of your Mr. Right using carefully crafted strategies.


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  1. Ranger says:

    Great advice for shy women! I bought this book for my cousin, who is painfully shy, but clearly in love with one of her colleagues at work. I know the guy my cousin is in love with, he is a good man, but he is somebody who’s had bad relationships in the past and is scared of making a commitment.I read the book before gifting it to her to see if it was appropriate, and it certainly seems to be the right prescription for the situation. Writer Tiffany Davis has taken a 1-year view in her book, from the very first…

  2. Natasha says:

    Incredible thoughts!!! I completed reading this book in one sitting. One of the exclusive book I found on relationship. Author narrated it well, I liked the flow of book where each chapters goes month by month about progress in relationship and I am totally impressed with content of each chapter.I loved many idea discussed about getting proposed.I certainly recommend this book to the girls who are in relationship and want to settle down with the guy she is dating.Thanks for this awesome…

  3. C. Daniela "dadada" says:

    How to get a guy to propose 0

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