36 Responses to “HOW TO GET BACK ON YOUR CHEATING EX GIRLFRIEND!!! The ultimate payback!!!”

  1. Joe Cozzy says:

    I’m reading previous comments and you are all missing the point! Nobody
    cares about your terrible break up/being cheated on stories! This video was
    fucking hilarious! I mean come on! He humped a mailbox then fisted it!
    Funny as hell!

  2. Craig Nelson says:

    I just about shit myself when he started fisting the mailbox, hahaha

  3. Kassandra Danika says:

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  4. Melissa Holloway says:

    This just Happened to me.. I have the spay paint can the BIG sharpe markers
    just waiting for the next chance I get… Free advertising!!
    Hey, that’s what’s up!!

  5. David Sebelius says:

    Cheating bitch deserved to get dumped in the cold. She and her loser of a
    boyfriend can have a miserable life together.

  6. andy yang says:

    Cheating bitch, “Don’t you see he just want to have sex with you?”
    Mother, “Soooo what if he does! Is it such a shock that your mother just
    want to fuccckkkkk?”
    hahahaha cracked me up!

  7. jjsantora75 says:

    Funny thing is after she found out what was going on between me and her
    mother, she wanted me to move back in with her so we can get back together
    lol, I kept banging her mom for a few more months then hit the road, Im
    married to a great girl now, I told her what I did to my ex and she said
    well my mother passed away so I guess I don’t have to worry, I said is
    grandma still alive hahaha 

  8. brentmcgillis says:

    Funny video. Laughter really does give me a short reprieve from my chronic
    back pain.

  9. Ruthless Jrod says:

    That’s deserves an award…very good acting!!!!! Bravo ladies and gent!!!
    Laughed my ass off too

  10. Vgnr Engineer says:

    i aint gonna fuck my cheating ex’s mom. she looks like jabba the hut.

  11. william buck says:

    i did that her mom was better

  12. Vera May says:

    Have your ex CRAWLING back to you…?

  13. William Gray says:

    there is a movie in this for sure hahahahhaa adam sandler as the BOYFRIEND

  14. Liam M. says:

    I like Nick. He`s boss. That`s what you girls get. Cheat on a guys he
    doe`s your`e mom.

  15. MultiMona101 says:

    how come her mom is so dumb????

  16. Django Scott says:

    what a badass

  17. Danny Gray says:

    Funny AF

  18. Seiryu Midnite says:

    lmfao like a boss hahaha

  19. John Osenbaugh says:

    It’s fake. Multiple camera angles etc

  20. jacob smiley says:

    if u break my hea
    rt ill fuck ur mom

  21. Ibrahim Mohammad says:


  22. iris jackson says:

    @Chisz *You Don’t Have to Suffer with the Pain of a Terrible Break
    Up…These Secrets are So Powerful- That Your Ex Will Think It’s THEIR Idea
    to Get Back Together!*

  23. peter Hargrove says:

    emotionally frigid godamn that’s perfect

  24. jjsantora75 says:

    My ex cheated on me, my payback was banging her mom and move in with her 

  25. jacob smiley says:

    me and my wife are seperatid and this is perfect im gonna fuck her mom and
    take a few pics and send them to her every day

  26. jeff Set Free 4 Eternity says:

    It’s 100% OKAY when a women cheats on a man!!! >>>>NOT<<<

  27. fune2010 says:

    this guy is funny lol

  28. Bill Williams says:

    Best video on youtube, bar-none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 1999theJat says:


  30. Jordan Wildman says:


  31. Sodak Man says:

    hahaha – yep hun that’s what it feels like when someone lies to ur face

  32. 1999Dorito says:

    Find a bridge, jump.

  33. rijad emrullai says:

    this is just awesome and good adwice to boys 😉

  34. Viccy Quadrilio says:

    Wow what a nasty female you are…

  35. bassyetiman says:

    ah, reminds me of my ex, only wish I’d thought of this…. and her mom had
    been hotter

  36. BarbaricaSkateboards says:

    Holy shit… the best thing that i have watched ever

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