How To Get Back Your Ex: Relationship advice for after a breakup. Step by step guide on exactly what to do & say. For both Men and Women.

Have you recently gone through a breakup? Are you thinking back on all those things about your relationship and wishing you could go back and do them over? If you are then this is definitely the book for you. Throughout this book, I am going to talk about how to pick up the pieces after splitting up with your ex. However, this book is not about getting over them. Instead, this book is going to help you get back together with your ex so that you can start your relationship all over again.

If you are the person who wakes up each morning and misses seeing your partner there beside you or gets exciting or even disheartening news and the first person you want to call is your ex, then this book is for you. For those who simply can’t seem to get over their breakup or forget all the wonderful times that they had with that partner, this book is going to prove to be your lifeline, it’s going to help you understand what was good, what went wrong and how you can go about fixing it before your relationship is too far gone to ever come back.

Now getting back together with your ex really isn’t as simple as it may seem. You probably think it would be easy to just jump right back in the saddle, but it’s actually going to take more work than that. You can’t simply jump back into the same relationship that you left because you’re just going to end up exactly where you are right now. Of course you don’t want to end up getting back together just to end up breaking up again. That’s why you need to make sure you’re reading through this book the whole book mind you, not just skimming over what you think are the ‘important parts’ and applying the things we tell you to your life and to your fix-it plan.


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