How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back – Play With His Mind To Make Him Crawl Back To You – Part 1 – click to watch part2 ********************************************************************************…


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  1. Olivia Sosner says:

    my boy friend said he was stupid to brake up wit me and were gettin back to
    gether after the brake but his friend asked me out and now he thinks were
    dating wat should i say to him?

  2. getyourexboyfriendbk says:

    @ososner – In general, people appreciate honesty. Just tell him that you
    are already back together in a nice way and of course would still like to
    maintain the pure friendship. Also, you don’t want your boyfriend to find
    out you were out with that guy thru somebody else. Let him know yourself.
    He will appreciate it.

  3. BreezySwagger says:

    Good tips..

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