How To Get My Ex Husband Back – Effective Tips To Get Ex Husband Back

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  1. Rocio Leal says:

    If he loves you he will come back 

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  4. jaron gil says:

    fantastic video.

  5. ThatsTheWayL0veGoes . says:

    *First things first **+bro02tc** you need to know what mistakes you have
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    *Then, that’s the time you act on the things that should be acted upon to
    *her back.*

  6. azhar hussain says:

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  8. oOMissPoodlePantsOo says:
  9. Cate JM says:

    Magic is from Satan. Pray to God in Jesus name .

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  11. romanceh55 says:

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  14. newfnshow031 says:

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  15. Larraine Passley says:


  16. AzzA HURST says:

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  17. bornblond9gb says:

    I agree with you..I went through this years back and obviously didn’t have
    all the knowledge i now have on divorce and marriage….playing hard to get
    to some extint is definitely the way to go if you have any hopes of saving
    the marriage.I wish i had never shed a tear…don’t let your spouse know
    just how devastated your feeling at the moment…play it out as in the
    video above!

  18. jenna orlandos says:

    what the hell are you talking about?? this is bull shit…..opening
    moves??? wtf…..its not a game of chess you prat………..

  19. Mack Domon says:

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  20. handal1973 says:

    Change 2 better

  21. mykylc says:

    TW likes the way he looks in the monitor in the beginning. Go TW!

  22. Lacehairwigs says:

    @bornblond9gb im going throught that right pregnant and have a
    toddler and split up with hubby.i keep texting him and begging him back but
    he doesnt want to know.last time we split up i started talking to another
    guy and all of a sudden i was the only woman in the world for him and he
    wouldn’t give up. i know i have made a fool of myself now but i blame it on
    the pregnancy hormone.i will leave him alone and start making new friends
    and see how things go

  23. Ikedi Ero says:

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