How To Get Over Your Ex, DON’T GO BACK! I made this video to encourage woman to move on from a broken relationship! You are strong! You derserve the best because you are!


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  1. teetoo labalaba says:

    It all depends why the break up occurred in the first place. My friend and
    his gf broke up becos he was going abroad for studies for 3 years . They
    got back together after he returned home. They got married and have 2
    lovely kids. My ex gf tried to get back together with me after 2 years
    after she broke up with me. We broke up becos she was dishonest. We dated
    for 3 months and I fell in love with her. She then suddenly told me that
    she had just ended a LTR of 3 years 1 month before we met. She had
    previously told me when we first started dating her last serious
    relationship ended 2 years ago . Things fell apart rapidly after that and
    she said we should take a break for now . She did not even break up cleanly
    with me. Any ways , 2 years later , she joined the same company I was
    working for and tried to reconcile with me. I shut her down cold even
    though I was not seeing anyone . She then started spread rumours about me.
    Thankfully , I managed to find a better job and left . She then tried to
    use mutual friends to tell me how sorry she was and all that jazz . I told
    them : do not pass any more messages . She left me alone after that . I met
    some one awesome and I am married with 2 lovely children.

  2. wifeybeca says:

    Great vid, well needed!

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