How To Get Over Your Ex-Girlfriend

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  1. DeadSeriousOfficial says:

    I turned to creating music, I dated a girl for 2 years pretty much did the
    exact opposite of this video for a while it’s been 7 months since we broke
    up I cut all contact and I feel better since I’ve created something out of
    the pain I felt told my story it’s amazing how much it helped I think
    creating something is a good way to cope as well give your mind something
    to do instead of let it drift into past pain 

  2. Angelo says:

    Error 404: ex not found 

  3. Vuk Vujanac says:

    Hey man! Can u make a video “how to talk with girl in loud club” or
    something like that? Because its really hard to talk with her you now… I
    think that in the club the main thing is TOUCHING. But of course you must
    talk somethig with her before you move here to some quieter place.
    And yes, what to talk with her then? I know you made a video “what to talk
    with girl” but it isnt same thing when you are in the club, you cant just
    ask her what is your story or somethin like that because its too loud and
    she just cant tell u that story 😀
    On my last party i saw a beautyful girl and i didnt know what to say so i
    just came, and placed my hand on her lower back and sad: “can i steal you”
    and she told me something but i didnt heard what :/ and i just kissed her
    ahahaha but its little weird :P

  4. Kevin P says:

    Contrary to belief, you cannot be friends with your ex after a recent
    breakup. You must sever all ties completely or else you’ll never mend your
    broken heart. Perhaps, after several years have passed and you’ve moved on
    to other relationships, maybe then you can become friends with your ex. By
    then, your feelings for your ex has gone away.

  5. shondell hall says:

    Fuck her best friends,mom,cousins,sisters. That’s how a boss gets over his

  6. Nikos Smouliotis says:

    A step that i tried my friend tripp is going a holiday!!! I went 20 days
    after my broke up to istanbul and i forgott during this days completely of
    her…so when i got back i got the 2nd step done…so it actually helped
    getting the inner piwer to make the huge step of erasing her from any
    social media platform…memorize that step its huge….make a joyrney and
    then DELETE HER…honestly its 70% off he procedure…greetings from

  7. Gam3P1ay says:

    Tripp, I recently broke up with my girlfriend of about a month and a half.
    I’m a junior in high school. We had been really happy together and it was a
    lot of fun, but she was having some problems at home. Long story short, her
    parents were going through a divorce, and this would be the second one she
    would go through. She told me that she doesn’t think she can be in a
    relationship, and that maybe once she’s worked through everything at home,
    then maybe we could try again. So we’re trying to remain friends.
    I really want to get back together with her, but I understand how difficult
    a divorce is to go through so I want to give her the time she needs. What
    I’m worrying about is that what if her feelings about me change? How long
    will it be? And what am I supposed to do in the mean time? I can’t stop
    thinking about her and I miss cuddling and all of that fun stuff. Besides,
    it’s kind of awkward at school because I don’t really know what boundaries
    have been set now that we’ve separated. Do you understand what I mean? Any
    advice would be appreciated.

  8. ajtlim says:

    Not being alone is just scratching the surface of the solution. One thing
    one must do is to embrace what happened, and get a better self awareness.
    It will help with one’s inner game

  9. warnexus says:

    I wish I did step #2 6 years ago. I wish I saw this video a lot sooner too.
    I did the steps and I have been feeling a lot better than yesterday. 

  10. Emilius hill says:

    Hi Tripp i im a 21 years older guy from Sweden and I have a crush on a
    beautiful girl, the thing is that I do not dare ask her out because she is
    two years older than I am,
    it feels as if she likes me to so should i just ignore that she is
    two years older than me and just ask her out.
    sry for my bad english // Emilius 

  11. MrQBAlex says:

    What should i do with presents i got from her?

  12. DD4L says:

    Hey I just broke up with my girl and I just tex other girls so what should
    I do 

  13. Jackson Marley says:

    I was dating a girl for a 6 months long story short I ended the
    relationship. Looking back I wish I hadn’t and would love to give it
    another shot. She immediately got a new boyfriend but I don’t think its
    going so well she texts me constantly and has snapchatted me semi seductive
    pics. I’m really confused on what I should do. Should I tell her how I feel
    or move on?

  14. TheHumorMachine says:

    Idea for a video how to get a girl to loke you while in school

  15. MrLamy1 says:

    aleluia a video about this XD, my advice start dating other women 

  16. SVisionTVNewJerZ says:

    Hey Tripp not saying I’ve done this recently but I’m pretty sure other guys
    have done this too. What if she’s just a crush that you were hoping to have
    relations with but it never fell thru? What would be the best way to get
    over that in your opinion? I honestly think what you’ve listed is amazing,
    but any other pointers you can think of?

  17. GNOSOPHER says:

    Spot on. Total extraction from the ex. Bye bye, it didn’t work. Move on. I
    hate to say it but relationships are pretty much arbitrary. Find people you
    get along with and hang out. Live your life on your terms.

  18. The Wolverine says:

    I got over my ex in literally in hour ha I have no heart :/ 

  19. Gloworm Sparkle far says:

    Well said!

  20. WillYouLaugh says:

    Is that your home Tripp? It looks like a mansion

  21. RivalezOwns says:

    stupid bitch -.-

  22. Tito El menol says:

    Hey tripp your doing a great jop and thank you so much man for all your
    doing for guys that have a hard time getting the girl they want.
    So i was wondering if you Can you make a video about when you in school
    environment ok here are the details.”i walk to school i got 15 minutes
    before going to class right than everyone has their place to be at most of
    the girl i would be interest on are sitting on the lunch area with there
    friends bunsh of people there than u see other and when u walk on the
    hallways but there all in group not really a problem on opening up just on
    the time you got to make that connection, so what kinda of stuff can i
    small talk about with her to make a connection because from there u might
    not see her till next morning, if im not wrong 2 biggest flirting ways
    would be eye contact and a nice smile and a good opener its just hey than
    you dont want to leave her friends out of the conversation.HOW CAN I TALK

  23. Chris Walsh says:


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