How To Get The Guy: Capture The Heart of Mr Right

Are you tired of the same dating scenario – trying to figure out why he didn’t call you after your date went so well, or why he suddenly went cold, started ignoring you, or dumped you all together stating he ‘needed space’? Do you find that your anxiety gets the better of you when you’re dating a man, or pushes you into doing things you are later not proud of to say the least? Or do you simply want to learn how to get the guy or how to get your ex back?

The great news is that in front of you, you have the book that women, just like you, have been waiting for! In her ingenious book, amongst many others, Magda reveals the secrets to being a woman a man is instantly attracted to, how to keep his interest growing, and how to get a guy to commit. From the very first pages, you will find answers to the most personal questions women were always keen to ask. But that’s just the beginning…

Through her inspirational books and further contact with her readers, Magda has gained unparalleled access into the mistakes women make whilst meeting, dating and being with guys. With this book she addresses the most notorious ’man trouble’ and shares her experience and dating secrets that make guys chase women and commit to them. Using her no nonsense style of writing, she indulges her readers into a beautiful, step-by-step courtship handbook, in which she answers the most important questions about forming and staying in relationships and reveals the depths of female power. Along the way, she explores the real reasons that stop women from forming happy and lasting relationships, exposing the urge to chase after the proverbial bad boys or emotionally unavailable men, shares strategies on how to free yourself from ‘love addiction’ and offers variety of ways to stop the destructive relationship patterns. With this step-by-step program, Magda offers a real alternative to disappointment, heartbreak, tears, loneliness and desperation, by teaching every woman how to take control of her life and help her dating destiny.

Among the most important things you’ll learn from Part 1 of this book are:

*How to create brand you

*What real courtship is and what kills off the chase for a man

*You will get a beautiful and complete lowdown on ‘the attitude’ – a complete set of dating and relationship principles

* Comprehensive analysis of allusive and mysterious behavior that makes men fall for women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds in variety of different situations

* What are ‘last minute’ scenarios, how to stay clear of them, and how to displace male cockiness

* In what time to go from the first kiss to full intercourse

* When to introduce your family and friends and how to act when meeting his

And Part 2 will have you wondering why:

* You always fall for the same scenarios whilst meeting and dating men

* Consider the effect of female and male ‘love addiction’

* Offers realistic solutions to eliminate chronic low self-esteem and control issues

Finally, Magda reveals The 4 big #1s:

* The No. 1 reason your relationships never work out

* The No. 1 reason you still share the faith of Bridget Jones

* What is the No. 1 relationship killer

And finally reveals…

* The No. 1 secret to lasting commitment and love

And much, much more…

Magda B Brajer knows both the the male and female mind. Whether you just want to know how to get a boyfriend, how to turn around an unfulfilling relationship, how to get over an ex, or stop being a woman who loves too much, join her on this beautiful journey to understanding how to attract and keep a partner, all packed into just over a hundred pages of an amazingly enlightening read, for less than you’d pay for one copy of Cosmo!


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  1. Onestepforward says:

    Eye opening, practical advice This book is a must! It gives very simple advice which will make all the difference in your love life. Since women who value themselves seem to suffer less in relationships and enjoy a healthier happier life in general, it makes a lot of sense to start from looking at yourself in more detail and analyse where you’re going wrong and why. This book will definitely enlighten you (as it did with me) about many things, like that an unobtainable and self secured woman is more valuable to…

  2. Agatha Miller says:

    Relationships This book was a great read. The author helps you identify the “why” that is the problem and then helps you with the fix. I was impressed with the author’s integrity and sincere desire to help throughout the book. She’s a great communicator.My overall impression is that this is a well-written book that really helps you discover your patterns of behavior, emotional and otherwise, that can be hindering your success. As I was reading, I was constantly thinking that this book…

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