How To Get Your Boyfriend Back (5 Steps To Winning Back An Ex-BF) — How To Get Your Boyfriend Back. Brad Browning, relationship coach and ‘ex back’ author, breaks down the process of getting you…


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  1. Charr ChuuVlogs says:

    Hey Brad, Thought i’d come to you for advice as i currently feel like i
    have no one.
    My ex and i broke up last week, And i have been miserable ever since. We
    were only together for a couple of months, but i have been through alot and
    the past few months felt amazing. But we argued over the last 2 weeks that
    we were together, but apart from that we were the happiest couple. When he
    broke up with me he said he still loved me and cared for me, And hes been
    full of mixed emotions, I told him that the arguing was a rough patch (to
    which it was) as i never got like that before, and he isn’t willing to give
    us another chance. I feel so empty without him. We met through a mutual
    friend who we’ve both known for years, He helped me leave an abusive
    relationship that i was stuck in for a year and a half, And we hit it off
    from there. We got to love each other and care for each other very quickly.
    I have never cared for anyone or loved anyone as much as i do him. He keeps
    saying that hes sticking with us not getting back together, as he feels it
    wouldnt work due to the arguments we had. I admit i was at fault as i was
    the cause of the arguments. I’d love to be able to get him back. we met for
    a coffee on monday and he gave me a message last night saying i need to
    accept the fact that we’ve broken up, and that monday will be the last day
    we’ll see each other. I’m trying to not message him as much, and he keeps
    saying we need more space. I love him dearly, and he also said i haven’t
    lost him completely, that he still cares and we can still be friends. This
    was never really a ”toxic” relationship, it was the happiest i had been
    in a long time, and i can’t help but keep breaking down from all the pain.
    I can’t help but feel like i’m taking this harder, and i don’t really have
    anyone to talk to. Please, i really need some guidence. Sorry for the long
    essay i’ve just written, But we really were the perfect couple. I love him
    dearly and i really want us to be able to move forward and come out of this
    together. Ive said that i believe that this is fixable, But the only reason
    he broke up with me was because of the arguing. As i said before i admit
    the faults that i’ve made. he also said that if things do happen, then they
    happen, but hes scared of this happening a second time.
    I love him dearly, I Know this may sound a bit vague, but i am desperate
    for some advice. Thank you.

  2. cindy chavez says:

    Hi brad. What should, I do. My ex text me, Yesturday. “will see” what does,
    that mean? About getting, back together. He tells me, that him and
    I…..could be good buddies. He text me, baby. Do you think, him and
    I….will get back together? The break up, still fresh

  3. Cristal Ramirez says:

    my boyfriend of 3 years left me and I love him so much. he raised my 8
    month old from a previously messed up relationship he left because he said
    he wasn’t happy in the relationship and actually told me through text that
    he doesn’t have any feelings for me and doesn’t love me, but then he goes
    and says he needs space and whatever happens happen. we have lives with
    each other and I just don’t know what do do any advise please !! 

  4. jocelyn mclean says:

    hi brad,
    I was dumped at two am over the phone
    my problem is the no contacting.. wont it make ME miss HIM even more?
    this was my first serious relationship and I told myself from the beginning
    it wont last forever but its been three months and it was a very sudden
    break up to me. we had been fighting a bit because he doesn’t always treat
    me well. But I didn’t want it to end. any advice?

  5. Emina Muftic says:

    I think you Are great and i love your advices but my ex is always with his
    friends and im to Shy to comunicate with him while he is with his ex What
    to do?

  6. Gemma Hayley says:

    Hey I did all the steps. But I slept with him. Now I’m not sure if I should
    of because I don’t think I left it long enough. I’m pregnant so it’s a
    biggy. We split up because he was being aloof , I told him he Needs to tale
    care of himself but it’s gotten ugly over a period of time and we’ve said
    things to eachother. That’s why he went aloof . He was pushing and pulling
    me. So I told him it was over. I ask what to do because he initiated and I
    went to him. I slept with him, the second time I saw him. Nothing is set in
    stone though , sorting through the problem which is communicating. We
    haven’t spoken about living together he’s just unsure I think still or
    anything as such he said I need concilling but jm pretty much sure he does
    too. I’m anxious about the future. He said he will financially support me
    and the baby. But we slept together. I just feel as though he might just up
    and leave when he wants like he did. Were not seeing eachother everyday
    anymore. We see eachother 1 a week when i go to him. Because he said in the
    fight he doesn’t think we should live together. He qas unfaithful to be for
    I knew I was pregnant so I’m still kind of dealing with this.and he knows
    it. He says I just seem like I hate him. He says he’s sorry for what he’s
    done and the pain he’s caused but he doesn’t seem to take action. I love
    him very much. But i want to be happy and feel secure whatever I do,
    especially now I’m carrying.

  7. bailey faith says:

    hi brad,
    my boyfriend broke up with me because that I lied to him. I was with my
    friends and I’m also friends with my previous ex so I invited him to eat
    with my friends and I. Well that night my boyfriend texted me asking what I
    was doing that night. I told him that I was out to eat with my 2 friends
    and didn’t mention my ex. Somehow he found out about my ex being there and
    got really upset he started thinking everything I’ve told him is a lie. For
    example, when I told him I loved him etc. This argument happened over text.
    He told me to go back to my ex if all of this happened which is not what I
    want to do. After he told me that he said this was the end of us and he
    hasn’t talked to me since I see him everyday and can see him looking at me
    here and there I’m so desperate to fix this situation and prove to him that
    a really do love him, help?

  8. Rachel Sanders says:

    My boyfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me 3 weeks ago. It was quite
    out of the blue and he didn’t really give me a reason exactly why he wanted
    to break up and in fact two days before we broke up he was talking about
    how happy he was in our relationship but he seemed to be saying that he
    sees me more as a friend now. I did not contact him for those 3 weeks
    although he contacted me on a couple of occasions once referring to an
    inside joke we had. A couple of days a go I bumped into him at a club at
    the bar. He was quite drunk and kept saying that “I meant the world to him”
    and that I was his “best friend”. We decided to meet up today for coffee
    (partly because I left some things at his flat that I was needing). It went
    really well and we were laughing and catching up for about an hour. It felt
    like we were back in our old relationship again but I don’t know if he
    still looks at me as a friend when I want more than that. I am really
    worried that I am stuck in the friend zone and if I am don’t know how to
    get out of it. What steps should I take next after meeting up with him?
    Thanks Brad!

  9. Anna Grimes says:

    Hi Brad, my boyfriend called me one week ago & told me that there is
    someone else in his school & the reason of our breakup was distance(he
    said)we live about 40minutes far away from each other & was hard to meet
    with him on a daily basis…we know each other for 3 months & we were in a
    relationship almost 2 months…we were planing a lot of things together 4
    the summer etc, I was always nice,polite,I supported him…he suddenly
    called me one night out of the blue & I was scattered in pieces…he used
    to say that I was very special..I want to get him back & I think that the
    relationship with that girl is just a month thing until he’s bored with
    her…yes I know I’m stupid because he actually cheated on me & I still
    want him but he told me to break up kind of early & secondly I of course
    cannot forget but I can forgive because I really think I’m in love with
    him…I know that I’m very good & with amazing personality but I’m just
    wondering if I ever have a chance to get back together or will I just be
    holding on to nothing…give me your advice please how can I get him back
    and please tell me if there is a second chance…what’s your opinion?
    Please help me <3:) I need your advice…I recently went to a competition
    with my friends to vote for him & I caught him looking at me sometimes, his
    best friends were all staring at me, I mad twice eye contact with his
    mother & his father who is a professional photographer was taking me
    pictures almost all of the time & was calling my name & saying I looked
    like a model…when the event was over & I got home I suddenly saw a
    facebook message saying “thank you very much for coming and by the way you
    looked very pretty tonight and the clothes were just amazing”…I asked if
    his girlfriend was there & he said yes but I didn’t see him flirting with a
    girl…one of my friends told me that he might be lying because he doesn’t
    want me…but I don’t know what’s really going on…my head is so messed
    up….we haven’t texted since Sunday…I’m trying the no contact rule but
    I’m just scared not to loose him completely & have a serious with that new
    girl…he told me once that he still wants to talk to me, say good morning,
    sometimes go out together & stay friends,…but I don’t want just friends I
    WANT HIM BACK :( I’m so sad

  10. Freda Yeo says:

    Hey Brad, it been a difficult under tremendous high depression going
    through for on and off 1 years plus relationship. And it was finally break
    off after 4 years relationship by him when he told he is not happy if
    continue the relationship, i not able to support him the way he want to be
    support, our character difference as we from difference profile people. We
    was very happy earlier before the affair happened, and we try hard but it
    seen hard to work up as i always been judge by him i not able to
    communicate well with him. I love him more than i love myself as many
    sacrifice and compromising to him after the incident happened. I am trying
    my best to show him my honesty and sincerity. He had told i am not his
    right person and ask me to look for better man, and now he want to settle
    the house that we bought together 3 years ago. I am not willing to let go
    as this mean the end of the relationship. I want him back, but how to earn
    it? it seen the more that i do, the more resistance it become. I am
    frustrated, and not able to control my anger, i not even know who i am…
    please help me 

  11. It's About Kpop says:

    Hi, Brad
    I had a question. . What if i was the one who broke up with him and feels
    bad, the one who wants him back and would risk everything to have him..
    That soulmate that i will never have back.. I don’t know what to do, i have
    been thinking that he cheated on me and all that.. Now he all says ” I
    would never exist again” why dont you let me go” or something like “Why are
    you still with that” what can i do to get him back? help me please, i would
    be thanked.

  12. darakristi says:

    Hi Brad,
    My boyfriend and I just broke up last night and it was extremely out of the
    blue. We met online 4 years ago and have been long distance for the past 2
    years. At most, we’ll go 5 months without seeing each other, but we’ll
    usually spend a little over a month together, every time we reunite. When
    we’re not together, we FaceTime at least once a day for about an hour. For
    the past year, things have been very tough and we began to have trouble
    communicating. He was here 2 weeks ago and the trip went badly. We didn’t
    have jobs, money, or things to do while he was here, so we were together
    literally 24/7 and we fought over the dumbest, smallest things. He
    literally felt trapped. His parents got divorced when he was younger and
    their fighting really scarred him. I think he thought that’s what we were
    going to end up like, and it scared him away. He’s been home for 2 weeks
    and he’s always been sweet, calling me and telling me he loved me, but
    there definitely has been a lack of enthusiasm that I noticed, but didn’t
    bring up, to avoid conflict… Until yesterday. He told me he just needed
    time to relax about it and sort out his feelings and he definitely didn’t
    wanna break up, but I wasn’t willing to wait. I wanted to fix things
    immediately! That’s when he said we should break up and that he was sure
    about it.. That’s what he said last time! We’ve broken up twice before, and
    he said he was a mess and that he had to fight the urge every single day to
    get ahold of me (longest we’ve broken up for was one week), but now I feel
    like this time is different and he’s probably not upset by the break up
    since he’s been distancing himself for 2 weeks anyway. We had a very strong
    relationship that endured a lot of tough battles, but we always pulled
    through. Now I feel discouraged. What do I do? Should I give up? Is there
    any hope left? 

  13. Samantha Stonesifer says:

    Hi Brad. My boyfriend and I broke up last week after a year and a half. He
    broke up with me because he found out I was being flirty with another guy
    who liked me. We have been texted a lot and talk occasionally. He knows I
    want him back and I’m dying without him, but he doesn’t want to get back
    together. The problem is, I work with him. So the no contact rule wouldn’t
    be possible. I miss him so much and would do anything for him. Thanks for
    your help!

  14. enxhi prushi says:

    Hey Brad, My bf of 5 years broke up with me about 3 months ago. This isnt
    the first time he has done this, in the past he used to come and go and I
    always used to take him back . The reason for the break ups has always been
    because of him. He has betrayed and cheated on me many times. His excuse
    was always that I was to needy or crazy. Every time we have broken up I
    have used the no contact rule. And with in 4 weeks he like clock work he
    would contact me. Its been now 6 weeks since he hasn’t contacted me. I
    must say i feel very nervous and anxious. Have i used it to much? What
    should i do? do? can i still get him back?

    Thank you for your help!!

  15. winterborn says:

    Hi Brad! I’m in a spot where I don’t know what to do. My ex BF has been
    sending me snapchats every day for over two weeks. Sometimes I’ve sent
    something back and we have communicated that way. I have also been writing
    him a few times via textmessage and used some of the texting technics – he
    always responds, and very positive – but he doesn’t seem willing to engage
    in any longer conversations if I don’t really try making him do it. The
    last 4 days he hasn’t sent me anything. I tried sending him a fun snapchat
    but he didn’t respond. The only way he has initiated contact with me is
    using snapchat, never a textmessage since the breakup (nearly 3 months
    ago). What is he thinking? I don’t want to be the one writing him every
    time, I want him to want to talk to me. Should I try ignoring him or should
    I start over with a textmessage?
    Thanks for your help!

  16. meganchristine9 says:

    Hey brad! My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday because he feels like
    we’re moving too quickly and I get mad over little things. He won’t respond
    to my texts or calls. How can I prove to him that I can change? 

  17. Kitty Felix says:

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  18. daisy ortiz says:

    I was in a two year relationship. The break up was recent. We have had
    frequent breakups lately but as I watched your video, realized that I made
    the mistake of the no contact plus talking about the breakup. I wish saw
    the video earlier. We do love each other very much but he is a very
    insecure, jealous guy with trust issues. When we are doing great we have
    the most incredible connection but he thinks I am cheating on him. Every
    time I become surrounded by another male, it becomes chaos. I really dont
    know what to do. The breakup was because because of this. It doesnt
    matter how much I tell him I love him and hes the only one. It doesnt
    work. He has told me to stay as friends but I have declined because in
    order to deal with the situation, I have to eliminate his memory so it
    would be painful to stay as a friend. He becomes angry and there no way I
    can fully communicate with him. I appreciate your insight.

  19. Sweetnothingswhispers says:

    Should you ignore him if he contacts you? Won’t that seem immature and
    petty? What if you send a short message back but don’t go into details and
    keep it positive but somewhat aloof? Because I am a situation of “space”
    rather than a break up…but it was kind of a confusing situation, so idk
    if I went no contact as soon as I should have.

  20. ATZExOxO says:

    Hi Brad. My boyfriend just broke up with me because he needed to focus on
    himself/school and he doesn’t feel the same for me anymore. First he said
    he doesn’t love me anymore and then he said he still feels something but
    not as strong as he used to. By the way, he told me he out of nowhere on
    his birthday randomly felt like things weren’t the same. He thinks we
    wouldn’t have gone anywhere because we could have a conversation but that
    was only because he just wanted to stay home and watch movies instead of
    doing activities. I miss him so much. Please help me.

  21. DO Xotic Kyungsoo eaindray says:

    my bf broke up me this morning :'(
    cuz he thought his best fri and i are making secret relationship behind him
    ! T.T
    oh please heLp me T.T
    Do u think DoeS ur advices affect for him?
    His best fri is just Best Bro Forever for me !
    but why did he think abt tht?
    i can’t explain him !
    he doesn’t accept me n he doesn’t believe me n his BFF !
    buT i stilL loving him =.=
    i can’t forget him…i can’t lose him….
    and i’m afraid of tht he’ll leave me and forget me and make new
    relationship with the other girLs ! T.T
    and now,he won’t luv me anymore ….x'(
    n he’d broken up -.-
    help me pls ! :(

  22. Jo Fuller says:

    Hi, Brad I have used your advice for my own relationship and I’m happy to
    say we are back together. I remembered what you said about making it a
    ‘new’ relationship and there are things I’m consciously aware of that I’ve
    pretty much stopped and he’s noticed how much more patient I am, and that
    in turn improves our communication ten-fold. How can I recover from a
    fight though? As great as things are, there are still concerns of course.
    But that’s to be expected, from me anyway, I won’t give up and he says he
    won’t. Last night we did fight and it was ugly. We totally did it wrong and
    yelled, etc. Whoever was right or wrong, I know guys can be touchy with
    fights, esp ones like him who are so skittish and run at the first sign of
    conflict. Do your steps still apply? Things are OK now but do I need still
    to give him space?

  23. daniel ramsdale says:

    It did not work

  24. jess fagg says:

    My boyfriend ended it with me 2 days ago and said he needed time for
    himself ect and told me theres not chance of us getting back together
    anytime soon if ever. Im hurting like fucking crazy because it was so out
    of the blue. I want to do the whole no contact but we are in school with
    the same friends and classes ect. What do i do??

  25. Jasmine brown says:

    Iam 18 years old me and my boyfriend have been broken up for 2 months I
    ignore so we don’t talk but we go to the same high school so I see him all
    the time & I can’t keep my mind off of him

  26. Anna Schmidt says:

    Hi Brad, thank you for the great video!
    My Ex-boyfriend lives in another country and me I’m back in my home
    country. Both countries are in Europe.
    What would you suggest for step 5? How to set up a first in person meeting
    whilst living in different countries? Do you think your advice can still
    work then? We have been together for 2 years.

  27. Christin Profitt says:

    Hi brad , my boyfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago and we haven’t had
    contact since . He has blocked be off of all social media why ? I’m not
    sure . We broke up because he started doing things I didn’t appreciate . We
    were together for 11 months and have been through some very personal stuff
    together . I miss him so much and I am still in love with him . I will be
    seeing him at school every day but when I see him I’m afraid I might just
    break down . Please help me out .

  28. girls rule says:

    Brad,okay here’s my situation. I broke up with my boyfriend because I was
    being stupid and didn’t realize I was stupid until after I broke up with
    him.So to help me get over him I started dating someone else.But over a
    short time of dating that person I realized that I still Oliver my ex and I
    felt wrong for dating someone else so I broke up with him and then I told
    my ex that I still like him and he completely stopped talking to me.I
    really want him back brad will u help

  29. Áron Bárnai says:

    Hi Brad! My boyfriend broke up with me about a week ago. We had an amazing
    relationship to start with but we had som problems that I didn’t totally
    let go, and that i would bring up from time to time.. He also had a lot on
    his mind before, from his life before our relationship and it basicly got
    to much for him. I’m normally a very supportive person to him, and he
    knows that. He broke up with me during a fight, caused by me. I’m really
    sorry about what I did and I really need to get him back. He tells me that
    he sees no future with me and that he is completely sure he doesn’t want to
    be with me. We live together, and after the breakup he was still holding my
    hand, kissing me on the forhead, calling me ‘baby’ and stuff like that. Now
    we are borth on a trip to see our family and friends for the hollidays and
    I am planning on having no contact with him for these two weeks. BUT i need
    to know if it’s a possibility that I will get him back when we both return
    home on new years eve.

    Best regards,

  30. gem cummings says:

    Hi Brad my boyfriend of 6 months broke up with me very suddenly and
    unexpectedly 4 weeks ago he didn’t really give me a proper reason why
    which left me completely devastated and heart broken I implemented the no
    contact stage straight away and have been making steps to change and
    showing him ive been doing well since the breakup. However he has not
    reached out to me once during the no contact stage and has been going on
    dates with other girls. I know this guy is the one for me and i dont know
    what to do to get him back have you any advice ? thanks 

  31. ghiblilovergrl says:

    My boyfriend and i broke up about 6 months ago and we were together almost
    everyday for 4. Two days before the break up we were the happiest couple
    ever and making plans for our next date and then out of no where he said it
    was fun while it lasted then said we were breaking up. I talked to him and
    he said that everything he did in the relationship he did because he was
    supposed to but i know that everything he did was genuine and if he had a
    problem with anything i would try my best to understand. He also said he
    really only saw me as a friend and we didnt know much about eachother. So i
    let him go, i wanted him to be happy and now i regret not trying to defend
    our relationship… We see eachother sometimes,we dont really talk but when
    i look into his eyes they look like they’re filled with sadness and guilt.
    Ive recovered but the fact that theres a possibility that we could get back
    together makes it hard to fully move on. Hes also the type of person to
    make stupid decisions and the type that is too shy to own up to them. So
    maybe he didnt think his decision fully through and now hes too embarressed
    to fix it? I dont know how to go about this anymore, i was planning on just
    being his friend and then maybe he would realize that hes made a mistake? 

  32. Kimberlyn Orozco says:

    Hey its me again ! Okay well I saw him yesterday. And all of sudden idk why
    . But he started flirting with me .. saying he loves me and calling me cute
    names… well , that started ever since I started acting more mature and
    happy , yesterday he kissed and we’ll we made out and he carried me and all
    this cute stuff . And now today , he dint text me at all .. idk why , idk
    if it’s bc maybe he saw some th in g he dint like or what is it , anyways
    my point is .. idk if I should start the no contact rule right now .. or if
    I should continue replying to him … plus his bday is on Dec 17 and we
    already planned that I was going to take him put .. I’m confused on what to
    do … should I even let him kiss me ? I’m confused… help please 

  33. AM Studio says:

    Okay so i broked up with my boyfriend well ex boyfriend about 2 weeks ago
    because he cheated on me… well emm I was talking to him on Thursday he
    told me he loves me and all those things he ask me out again but i said no
    even tho i still like him

  34. SimsMovieGirl & JackHammer87 says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years. We were going to have a date
    together at my home and since he likes certain foods we had to go to
    McDonald’s. So I asked him if he could bring money for the both of us and I
    know it was a mistake asking him that because when he asked his father, he
    freaked out and told him to break up with me. It happened during the
    summer. His father now let’s us go out and let’s me into his house but we
    can’t cuddle, or kiss or even hug. I also have to pay for my own popcorn
    and tickets if i go see a movie with him. What should I do?

  35. Kathya Negron says:

    okay my I’m in the second week of the no contact period but he called and I
    answer he said he just wanted to now how I was doing I told him I was good
    I sounded really happy like I was fine with the break up( I let him know
    was dating with discrete). but he didn’t sound so happy. in fact he was sad
    but when I asked him he said he was okay. we talk about an hour. He said he
    was confused about us I asked why because there is no relationship. All he
    answered was he understand why I think there’s no relationship but for him
    it was different…. I don’t understand what he meant by that could please
    help ?

  36. raven16510 says:

    Hi, I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for one year. Due to
    financial hardships his family let me stay with them around that time we
    were together for 8 months. We’re both 23. Every thing was perfect in our
    relationship but than after his second semester of med school he started to
    get very stressed out and would distance himself from me. It got so bad
    that he became depressed and even had suicidal thoughts. We definitely saw
    a future together but one day he just said that we should take a break
    until he finishes school because he just cant deal with worrying about me
    since I don’t have a car right now and focusing on school not to mention
    work. He still wants to be with me. I’m currently trying to move out so I
    can be more independent in hopes that this will help our relationship. Do
    you think this will help us by giving each other our own space? What else
    can I do?

  37. Alex The Ginger says:

    My ex and I had been on and off for 1 1/2 years almost. The first 2/3 of it
    was him chasing me like crazy and while at first we were both mutually
    feeling the same for each other, as the relationship went along times got
    harder and more busy for me and he would always want to hangout and I
    needed more space because I was becoming so busy with school and athletics.
    Then over the summer we started reconnecting after we broke up during that
    hard time but then at the end of a fantastic flirty summer, he just took
    away the spark and stopped wanting me. I went through a ton of things for
    like 2-3 months trying to get him back and now I haven’t talked to him for
    maybe like 4 weeks… He has other girls all over him and I don’t have any
    guys. Please help… I don’t know what I did wrong and how to fix it.

  38. Sirena Ruiz says:

    I was in a relationship for 5 years. Well I found out I am pregnant and he
    seemed very excited we moved in to different houses and started arguing
    alot because i didnt feel like we spent enough time together. Since the
    break up i have stopped talking to him twice he is now in a relationship
    with someone else. This is my 3rd time not talking to him but our baby
    shower is in two weeks. He says he needs me in his life but just as his
    friend. I had stopped talking to him about us getting back together then we
    had a halloween party and we both stayed at my moms after she and her
    boyfriend talked to him and told him he was wrong for leaving while i was
    pregnant. He seems so convinced that we do not belong together. He also
    says that in the future we could get back together. I really want to be
    with him and raise our family together. We have been broken up for 3
    months. HELP? 

  39. Leila Ocasio says:

    I only went out with my boyfriend for One day and i dont know that much
    about him wat do i do

  40. SoAriooo says:

    my boyfriend and I broke up over a month ago and since then I’ve talked to
    him and a few times and we kind of got in a little argument but we got over
    it and he’s a basketball player so I kindly wished him good luck in his
    game and the season the other day and that was it. Since its already been a
    month and we’ve talked a few times do you think it’s too late to start
    doing these things?

  41. Jenny Gpnzalez says:

    What if he still talks to you just he does not like u no more how do I do

  42. christine gouthro says:

    Its been 3 months of no contact between my ex boyfriend and I and I really
    would like to start talking to him again but I don’t know what to do….my
    friends tell me I should leave it be but its so hard for me to do that…I
    was the one that told him I wanted to move on in the first place! Please
    tell me what I should do, if anything… Should I break the no contact yet?

  43. Kimberlyn Orozco says:

    My ex boyfriend and I were together for 11 months I was the one who broke
    up with him .. bc I wanted space to become a better person myself bc I dint
    like the decisions me and him were starting to make together … after that
    I wanted him back I begged for like 3 days .. then we talked like friends
    … he would still ask to see me and what not .. he will come and kiss me
    and still admits he loves me .. but he says he needs time .. for school and
    work . Which sounds dumb I know , … i actually started ignoring him a
    week ago bc I felt that I had enough .. and he was calling me and texting
    me like crazy .. saying that he wanted to see me and to answer … sadly
    after 5 days I told him ok .. we saw each other yesterday … and I broke
    down and what not and told him why I ignored him I explained that It made
    me happier and ir was easier to move on… we plan on seeing each other on
    Friday but i told him it was gonna n the last time we see each other .. but
    idk what to do … should I see him so he can see me happy and attractive ?
    Or should I blow him off and ignore him again ? Help please..

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