How To Get Your Ex Back – 15 Crucial Relationship Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Discover the most common mistakes people make together, and what you should be doing to rekindle your relationship rather than continue making the same mistakes!

* How spending not enough time together can capsize your relationship, and how it can create problems that turn you against each other!

* Why each other’s bad habits and little issues are going to cause you so much trouble down the road – and how you can get past them.

* Why the biggest issue between a couple is finance, and how you can adjust your lifestyle to ensure this doesn’t come between you.

* The problems that not telling the truth can cause you, and how you can ensure that you never have to deal with being dishonest again.

* The #1 reason that a couple can’t talk to each other

* The reason why the main communication issues are so common and how to avoid doing them ever again!

After reading this book you will learn the possibility of having a real conversation with your ex, how to solve your problems and get back together.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent advice on how to keep a relationship together. Relationship mistakes and how to avoid the…however if you make the mistakes does your ex come back based on that. I am not sure unless you said a very big sorry and learned from your mistakes. If two people read the book earY in the relationship they could keep from turning into ex.s .I think its about keeping what you have so your partner doesnt become an ex…and the book has many ways about all of that. So its a…

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