How to Get Your Ex Back

Watch more How to Survive a Breakup videos: After your former boyfriend or girlfrie…


36 Responses to “How to Get Your Ex Back”

  1. Michelle Stephanie says:

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  2. sheel patel says:

    howcast makes the stupidest vids, i swear

  3. Eskimopride07 says:

    hes super cute!

  4. knockiie says:

    …Or show up at their place wearing a TRENCH COAT AND NOTHING ELSE!! Epic
    advices!! LMAOOO

  5. zamorak585 says:

    im 13 so what do i do?!

  6. 333allar says:

    this is pretty good

  7. sugartub says:

    @x3Heroiinex3 haha he does 😀

  8. buzzingbee25 says:

    just get a new gf damn it

  9. Mary Kelly says:

    My ex left me two days ago after four years of being together! He is
    cheating on me and had the owdassidy of accusing me of cheating so he could
    be with her! WTF!! Then he grabbed my five year old son and choked him for
    telling him mommy was not cheating on daddy ever!! What a joke! Why do men
    do this to women?? They cheat and blame you for cheating! What is that all

  10. thrashermario says:

    i am not gay but that guy is good looking he could be getting better

  11. ojfraz says:

    Who cares later tater

  12. lolipoplotion says:

    If someone shows up at my house in only a trenchcoat, Ill call the
    police… Im 13?

  13. geico1212 says:

    why would you want something used? lol

  14. spangle236161 says:

    Tried. Called a clingy immature little girl who needs to shut the fuck up
    already and give up on him. ._.

  15. EagleEyeIIII says:


  16. minthoney says:

    Step 1: Take off your wedding ring before going on dates with other women.

  17. HelloKittyJF says:

    Didn’t they did this before?

  18. TheOzqee says:

    Goshhh, i love the guys eyes!

  19. ashlaay47 says:

    1:42 wedding ring???

  20. requimrar says:

    omg he’s married 0.0

  21. rebornloveralalexand says:

    HE’S HOT

  22. mary leo says:

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  23. dhartungusa says:

    Think he wants his boyfriend back…..she is the trusted friend

  24. thecutestdisneygurl says:

    That guy’s married!!! Wtf

  25. Eliana Porretta says:

    Im 12 so what do i do?!

  26. Philitron128 says:

    @ominous450 I didnt see anything.

  27. TheNucleusBomb9000 says:

    Next-How to take a shit.

  28. Bogo8831 says:

    Next-How to dispose of a body

  29. Nikki J says:

    @1Deejay7 ROFL!

  30. 64lundyco says:

    i went on the howcast youtube channel in order to look for this video and
    it was right there! I’m not superstitious, but I think it’s a sign.

  31. Saaraparas says:

    @roooose16 they both have (8

  32. Becky Evankoe says:

    Just curious as to why the guy is wearing a wedding ring if he’s an ex…

  33. bondovwvw says:

    She dumped him for that dumbass hat!

  34. mpreyesmr says:

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    to the learning resource earlier mentioned to be able to learn how to
    obtain them on yourself once again and turn into content all over again.

  35. Ducktapecrafts1 says:

    please sub back

  36. pat1981lux says:

    My ex refuses to go drink a coffee with me. What else can I do?

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