How to Get Your Ex Back

Text Your Ex Back! How to get your ex back, ex boyfriend or girlfriend it doesn’t matter we’ve got the tips you need to get back into th…


19 Responses to “How to Get Your Ex Back”

  1. Jousselin Nichol says:

    Everything was great until his shirt magically came off. Then I just… Got
    distracted. I don’t really know what the video was about. But great! MAKE

  2. alannah caballëro says:

    The flow

  3. urbandekaybabe says:

    lol why did the shirt come off in the middle of the vid? Not complaining
    though ha

  4. Mrs. Reckless says:

    I love how you guys don’t really prepare the videos and just ramble shit
    and ends up being funny haha

  5. KK Beason says:

    OMG I LOVE U RUSSELL!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (not in a creepy way)

  6. Anna Fugger says:

    Hey love your vids just wanted to put it put there that you two are really
    funny and do make me laugh with every video:)

  7. bigjammers says:

    i ship these two

  8. Lera Y says:

    you make me smile every time…thank you for that:)

  9. TheJazzygirl2012 says:

    Not sure how to get my ex back …I was distracted by too much gorgeousness

  10. Kayla Hinkel says:

    Lol thanks for all the smiles, guys. Your videos always make me happier, no
    matter what!

  11. Kelly kay says:

    Wait, wait can you seriously buy Instagram followers?! lol I didn’t know

  12. Sarah Buttles says:

    lmao snory in the backround at the end. You guys are hilarious!

  13. Karla Simunovic says:

    I tried the snapchat one.. Didnt work out too well.. Love you guys though!!

  14. Stephanie Strok says:

    Damn do they make them gorgeous in Florida…

  15. Nessa Dearest says:

    This has bad idea writtten all over it -_-

  16. Justine Sandoval says:

    My favorite you tubers of all time!

  17. camila ferrufino says:


  18. Samantha Norton says:

    You guys are two cute 

  19. Blondie Blonde says:

    1:42 you’re welcome

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