How To Get Your Ex Back (8 Step Formula) Do NOT Trust Your Instincts! Do NOT listen to your friends! Getting your ex back requires a lot of discipline, counter intuit…


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  1. havier solomon says:

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  2. Brenda Rippert says:

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  3. Terri Lynn says:

    this was amazing. Thank you

  4. Kristen Biro says:

    Can we still ignore them after like two weeks ? Because I was still talking
    to him and like “begging” I guess Ik that was wrong he wants to be single
    and now I’m just over it and pisses off but will he still come back if I
    ignore him now or is it to late 

  5. arsenio ovs says:

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  6. Dewey Brockwell says:

    Quick question for you man. My ex and I broke up back in august. its not
    october. Ive tried talking to her and stating my case the past month or so
    trying to get her back and ive annoyed her and she said you are pushing me
    further and further away. I want her back. I did things in the relationship
    that made her lose feeling for me and fall out of love with me like saying
    hurtful things, stressing her out, annoying her, things like that. Do you
    think theres a way i can still get her back or have i pushed her away
    forever? She said like 2 weeks ago we could probably try again in the
    future but right now she doesnt wanna be with me. any advice or ideas man?

  7. Relentlestorm says:

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  8. EstherKnickrehm59302 says:

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  9. Martin Simon says:

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  10. Amy Miller says:

    SOS :( Opinions? My ex and I were together for almost 1 year. We always got
    along great, although he was a tad too clingy and I like my space. I made
    this clear to him but never really enforced it, and started to find myself
    getting a little annoyed with stupid things, etc. which was out of
    character for me. We talked about it, because neither of us felt the stupid
    arguments were worth it. Nothing too serious ever happened. Meanwhile,
    there was added stress from a hacker situation with me. My facebook and
    texts were getting hacked, for months off and on. I always changed
    passwords and felt like I solved it, or I would just give up! It always
    stopped eventually and never did anything serious. Anyway, 3 weekends ago,
    we hung out. He brought up the “issues” we’ve been having and said he was
    worried things were different because we had argued some. I told him I’m
    sure time would heal any issues, and we should relax and enjoy each other.
    He agreed and everything seemed fine. The next day, he called all upset,
    saying we argue too much & it’s unhealthy, he wanted to end it. I got a
    little annoyed, I was also upset and confused. I was a little snappy, said
    he’s being dramatic, & told him he’d be stupid not to give it a chance if
    he really had feelings. He finally settled down and agreed to “give it 1
    more chance” and I wrote it off as him being super dramatic and over
    reacting to simple bumps in the road, that I was confident would heal over
    some time. The next weekend (2 weekends ago) he over reacted to the
    stupidest thing, totally out of character for him, and dumped me!!! He was
    like a ticking time bomb – that misunderstanding wasn’t why he dumped me,
    it would’ve been anything, it was out of my control. I have been confused
    since then, but assumed he just got too scared or too overwhelmed. I did no
    contact for 2 full weeks until tonight. Tonight, I discovered (long story)
    that my hacker had posed as me over texts to him that day, 3 weekends ago
    when he had called me. It was a normal conversation that they instigated
    into a huge argument, eventually pushing him to say that I’ve changed and
    he gives up. Now I understand the phone call that day. I contacted him
    tonight – I felt it was important to let him know. I told him he can choose
    not to believe me, but he said he did. He also thanked me for telling him.
    Now I will cut off contact again. Am I doing the right things? If he
    doesn’t contact in another 2-3 weeks, should I assume it’s over? At that
    point, should I reach out? Thank you. (p.s. hacker has been caught since
    then, it’s all over now! and my ex knows this)

  11. Alexandra Cristea says:

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  13. Mary-Jane Abner says:

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  14. Jamie Prior says:

    Does it work if you cheated on them?

  15. richie arenas says:

    Is it to late to brake contact and have it workout if I was begging for her
    to come back for three weeks after the brake up and she has found someone

  16. Angel Davila says:

    what if your ex goes to the same school as you and has the same classes as

  17. sumon ahmed says:

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  18. Money Maker says:

    Get with a girl that she hates. Talk to that girl and tell her everything
    bad that she said about her. Make the new girl get pissed and yall just do
    it out of dispite. It will piss your ex girlfriend off. This is the best
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  19. Loki TM says:

    right all panic is on what do I do been in the relationship for 2 years and
    abit and didn’t notice how bad it was getting before she finally said can
    you get your things now and go, so I did. but then I said via a txt a day
    after can I just have one chance to prove myself which I now know isn’t
    good idea. but when I went back to collect a couple more of my things we
    both got in tears abit so I immediately said maybe I should go so I did.
    now iv left couple more things their. but now she appears to be closing in
    on this other guy. and I just don’t know where to begin to get her back. iv
    been asked to go get couple more of my crap tomorrow night. this is now 3
    days after not seeing her really at all and just giving her an od message
    now and then. basically can some one tell me what to do tomorrow night to
    start it of and how to act when she expects me to get some more of my
    tackle. thanks! guys!

  20. Eli Presley says:

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  21. cityvilleization says:

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  22. Robin Powell says:

    I’ve left her be for 4 years now she still has shown no interest in taking
    me back, or even being friends for that matter, despite her promising me we
    could start again as friends if I left it year or two. :S What should I do?

  23. suzana kay says:

    my bf and i brokeup 2 months ago because he cheated on me. we were together
    for 8 months but he was with that girls that cheated on me before he met me
    . they were for a year . he is back with her just because he said that a
    was so hard . he says that he loves both of us but he is now with her . i
    eant him.back but he dont want a relationship with me even that wants to be
    with me. i want him back. could somebody tell me what should i doo ???

  24. Xerxes says:

    what if she’s dating someone already?

  25. crackersnbed says:

    You forgot to mention begging, pleading and bribery.

  26. Kaya Peters says:

    You are funny… And quite cute too :-)

  27. felicity douglas says:

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  28. dorilyn fortis-abadia says:

    What if you were kissed by a girl and you told your gf the next day??

  29. Michael Griswold says:

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  30. How To Get Your Ex Back Fast says:

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  31. the2014 says:

    Quick question, How would my ex take if I stop all the sudden ignoring her
    when I see her, to smiling at her? Show her my relaxed / okay with
    everything smile.

  32. netralissy neutralissy says:

    the problem is i dont understand why.. we had a great time after Christmas
    alone at his Place..then went out for a drink and went back to his Place
    enjoying the moment and how he was so reluctant to let me og back and
    threatened to take d first Train in the morning to go somewhere.he dont
    like to Wake up in the morning to realise im not there.. and suddenly after
    3days ..he said i met a girl i dated last sumer and now im With her. in
    between ths peroid he has been asking to come over to my Place but i say no
    many times ..

  33. Yanique McDonald says:

    So far so good, Im working on step seven ;)

  34. Markeyus Franks says:

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  35. Verla Denherder says:

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  36. Alif Khair says:

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