How To Get Your Ex Back After Cheating (And Get Them To Forgive You) — How to Get Your Ex Back If You Cheated On Them. I’m not going to lecture you about the dangers of cheating. You likely already…


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  1. Lia c says:

    Hi brad, I really need your help. My situation is a little different, I
    didnt cheat but I lied to the guy over and over again. Becuase we
    met online thru a game… I gave him a lot of false informations about me
    in the begining not wanting random ppl I met online to know about my
    private stuff. After months, we got serious.. everytime he caught me in
    my lies, he got angry then he forgave me then told me to come clean if
    there are other lies, but at that point I was so afriad to lose him I still
    didnt tell him everything. Then he caught me in other lies,,, this happend
    about 4 times ..then yesterday while he was on the flight to the city to
    start a job for our future (we were planning for me to go there in
    april)… He found out another lie, so he broke up with me. We were making
    serious plans, including us moving to another city together.. starting a
    life together.. I know I screwed up bad…I love him and I know he loved
    me very much, he is hurt now and probably felt stupid, do I still have hope
    or this is over?
    I know my situation is a lot more complicated probably need your coaching
    program or some kind of one on one. please help!

  2. Matt Brown says:

    Thank you +Brad Browning you really helped. Thanks to you I’m with the love
    of my life. Thank you so much

  3. haia abu says:

    Hey brad, great video! I need help im currently in an engagement but i have
    cheated on him i didnt have sex with the guy or anything i just kissed him
    ( i know its still cheating ) but me and that guy werent dating as well and
    he found out thru our text msgs. He told his parents thats it is over and
    now everyone knows but he told my brother that he just needs time and he
    also told me that its not done between us he just needs time to think that
    he still has love for me and willing to see but needs time but he doesnt
    want his space from me. I asked him if he wants me to stop hitting him up
    ofc he said whatever i want to do and he said if i stop hitting him up he
    will start missing me knowing that then i should stop texting him so much.
    I dont want to wait to long for an answer even tho time is key but what
    should i do… I love him so much and regert everything and he knows that..

  4. $ILVANO says:

    She now wants to talk to me everyday like we use to before and even on the
    phone and we’ve been talking for four days now and she told me feels bad
    and thinks about everything I did to her and everything I said to those
    girls when we don’t talk. She still loves me but right now she’s in the
    middle and can go either way so she’s just trying to get better about
    things and forget it so by her talking to me is the only way even though
    she said she would really want me out of her life but that’s hard for her.
    I feel if I just talk to her everyday now she won’t miss me and gain
    everything that she had for me back then and she’ll just move on so what so
    I do? We don’t bring the past up all the times but sometimes it happens.
    She wants me to confess to her in a month in person and tell her everything
    I did with those girls even though she already knows everything, she said
    she won’t keep me waiting long and will soon tell me if she’s willing to
    give me another chance or just move on. I do my best to make her company
    and be there as a great friend and also make her laugh and bring back the
    great memories we’ve had, I really want this girl back and love her so am I
    doing the right things? If not what should I do? 

  5. Miss LKS says:

    Hi brad I cheated on my ex because I feel that he always made me cried too
    much. Afterward I’m with my cheated partner ,he tried to make me happy but
    I just don’t have the feelings for him. Few days ago I began to text my ex
    I missed the good times and bad times even though he made me cried a lot .
    We text, he replied but not much interaction between us. So what can I
    really do to get back together with him? I know my mistake and I wish to be
    with him again although the another guy made me happy. Anyway I break up
    with the guy whom made me happy and ran back to my ex again.

  6. $ILVANO says:

    Ok three weeks passed and i couldnt help but to text her, i wanted to know
    how she was and she replied to me in a bad way and even cussing at me, she
    told me she no longer wants to hear from me and doesn’t care for me anymore
    nor loves me so i should just leave her alone. Can this all be fixed i
    really love this girl. please help me! Is there still a chance with her
    even after all this?

  7. Melanie Luft says:

    My ex and I were together for a month, but due to my best friend picking at
    him and other drama’s he broke up with me. I perfectly did the NCR, and he
    came back for me, but then after 3 days of us being together he met my
    “friend” that lives really close to him and then they started and affair
    (only lasted one day before the girl was mocking me and stuff) then we
    broke up. I knew the girl was unfaithful so I sent my friend to go flirt
    with her, and she cheated on my ex. That night my ex said stuff about
    regretting leaving me and stuff, he was just tired of me doing stupid jokes
    and stuff, but in the morning he changed his mind after I made another one
    of those jokes, I’m not too sure. But anyway, how can I get back with him
    without being “that girl he can always come running back to” and risk him
    not taking me seriously enough?

  8. Stephen Blahh Blahh says:

    My ex knows that I cheated on my last ex and she hates me but we still have
    physical contact after that. But time after time, she always saying things
    about the thing that I did to my ex and she always said that she’s always
    crying everyday and it kinda annoys me. I can’t focus on loving her more
    because of those blames. One day, I lied to her, and she fights with me in
    public and it hurts me while people are staring at me. That’s why I broke
    up with her , I know it’s my mistake, she begs for me but I don’t know what
    to do. I just lay down always on my bed thinking about HOW ?? She said she
    will still give anything to me, but my mind says, HOW and i don’t know how
    to express it and i dont know what to do. I don’t want her to be hurt, I
    know it’s my fault. But after how many days ,she’s the one saying that she
    already stand up on her own, and I don’t know what to do. I want her back.
    It gives me a nervous breakdown honestly, because before we got into this
    “GF” stage, we always drink with my friends with those broken hearted girls
    and do bad things but not sex for me. But for my friends , they do it to
    most of those broken hearted girls. And now, I don’t know what to do. She
    said she’ll make me regret, I tried not to contact her for a day but she’s
    the one texting me and still blaming me , she said that why do men always
    realized things when we women don’t want them now. And i’m the one chasing
    her again and i don’t know what to do. IT AFFECTS MY PHYSICAL HEALTH AND
    STUDIES :'(

  9. Ryan Henry says:

    Hi Brad, about 3 months ago I flirted with another girl behind my ex’s back
    for 3 days we talked. My ex logged onto my account and say a lingering
    message of hey babe from her. She got upset and confronted me about it. Of
    course afraid of losing her I lied and tried to cover it up which had
    worked but her sister convinced her after hours to talk to her. She did and
    the girl i flirted with started telling her lies about me inviting her to
    my house to have sex. Mind you this girl i haven’t seen her in 2 years.
    Anyways my ex breaks up with me and finds a “flirtationship” where she
    kisses and holds the guys hand. Aka the rebound but it didn’t work so she
    started liking this other guy until i pondered and fixed what was wrong
    with myself and she told me both sober and drunk that she still loves me.
    Shes giving me a chance to regain her trust and to see how things go on
    from there but she hangs out with a lot of other guys and its like she does
    it on purpose to get back at me. I get a little erratic with this but i try
    to not say anything. We also mostly text, we talked on the phone but she
    was silent for most of the call until she started opening up until her
    sister got mad at her and called her stupid for talking to me. Her sister
    is 12. So i think her family and friends are going to be the obstacle what
    do you think? How do you view the situation?

  10. Ashlyn Helmrich says:

    hello my name is Samantha…
    I’ve been in a relationship for almost 4 years. 6 months ago me and my
    boyfriend took a break. within 3 days or so of having the break i went out
    one night and hooked up with an old high school friend. I decided it was in
    my best interest not to tell my boyfriend because i knew that this would
    only cause me to lose him forever. He is a dramatic man and anything that i
    say to him he freaks out instantly. And when you tell him a situation or
    problem or mistake you know at the very moment the best thing to do is to
    get away from him until he cools down. Anyways… i decided to keep this
    from him. The only thing was that it actually made me realize that he is
    the only person i want to be with. My boyfriends name is mike. Mike has
    gone through mistakes in his life where i have forgiven him. I’ve always
    been loyal i’ve never cheated i have never been dishonest with him until
    this moment. So 4 days ago i thoguht it was best that i told him. he looked
    in my eyes begging for me to tell him because he knows that something more
    was to the story then the original. So i looked him in the eyes and told
    him. he told me to leave he packed up my stufff and told me he’s done with
    me forever. since then i’ve texted him called him i even wrote him a letter
    and gave it to his sister to give to him… apparently he refuses to read
    it. Me and mike have beeen the best we have ever been these last 6 months.
    We had wonderful plans for our future. We were one month away from moving
    into an apartment together and almost 2 months away from going to the
    bahamas with his family for his mothers wedding. And of course im so close
    to the family i’m the bridesmaid. It couldn’t be worse timing. I suffer
    with anxiety as it is on high doses of medication. I cant live my life
    without him. i love him with all my heart. If there is anything you can do
    to help my situation i would appreciate it more then ever! thank you! 

  11. Signe Broen Kongsvik says:

    Brad i was in the start of a relationship with a guy, and in the start when
    we just had started talking to each other i was at a party and kissed two
    guys, the one was a random one and the other one was one of his best
    friends. i told him that i had made out with a random guy at a party and
    he got mad at me but he would keep it going with me. and two weeks later i
    made out with another boy and i didn’t tell him. and suddenly one day he
    said he would not be with me anymore and he told the reason was because he
    was moving in one year and he is not moving that far away. and after he
    dumped me he found out that I had made out with that other guy. i will
    literately do anything to get him back Brad! and by the way when he came to
    dump me he started to cry himself…?

  12. josh jones says:

    Hey I know this is kinda different but me and my Dad have had a big falling
    out recently to do with money concerns I am in the wrong and I’ve Admitted
    it to him many times but he’s still really angry with me for something that
    really wasn’t even my fault! What shall I do?

  13. Inez Jordan says:

    Hi Brad, My name is Inez. I was in a long distance relationship for almost
    3 years. About 1 year into the relationship I cheated on my ex. I was young
    and stupid and just in a horrible place at the time. It wasn’t because of
    him it was me and my heart. I was so vulnerable and insecure. After it
    happened I never told him until 2 years and 3 months because the guilt was
    killing me. I was just scared of losing him. After I fell in love with him
    I knew I couldn’t keep the secret anymore. We broke up over a month ago and
    now we talk okay. He still hasn’t forgiven me though. I know he will one
    day and I know in my heart that we have a future but how can gain that
    trust back? How do I make him see that that was the past and now is now? He
    means absolutely everything to me Brad. Please help me.

  14. joe toniolo says:

    Hey brad, i was my ex for about 3 months then cheated on her with a family
    friend I didn’t do anything like sex or that we only really made out, but I
    still feel insanely guilty about it but I’m not sure, because the thing is,
    I lied to her and said I did nothing and the girl that I cheated with has
    told everyone but of course her friends believe her and mine believe me,
    but idk what I should do, like should I tell her or should I just continue
    with the lie. Please help me! 

  15. Shaz Adams says:

    its been 10 months now after my breakup. I cheated on her and didnt trust
    her instead. Went on no contact period as well it improved the things
    between us but again things went bad i dont know maybe i rushed into her
    AGAIN.Till last week she used to say she has feelings for me but today she
    said that all the feelings are gone and is in love with three other guys.
    She further says that she ll block me if i text her again but what if she
    never reaches out for me again. She says she ll be in a relationship with
    one of three guys after new years.I dont know what happened within a week.
    She says she is not in a relationship with any other guy
    What should i do ??
    Is she messing with me ??
    Is this rebound stuff or is it for real ??

  16. Fairylandkitty says:

    Brad I really need help I cheated on my ex a year ago I finally regret it.
    My ex means the world to me but my ex just left me.
    My ex is not talking to me at all I did all the steps what you told me but
    it seems it did not work.
    What shall I do?

  17. $ILVANO says:

    Brad, Im 22 years old and i’m in need of your help. I cheated on my ex with
    multiple girls on social networks, we didn’t do anything in person just
    flirt on social media thats all, my ex knew about all this 2 months before
    she broke up with me. She hacked my phone and caught me. Before she broke
    up with me she said she just ignored everything I was doing with them to
    see if i would stop eventually but i didn’t, i know what i did is so wrong.
    It hurt her and she would cry but kept everything to her self and didn’t
    tell me that she already knew every thing i was doing, she told me all this
    when she broke up with me and that everything she felt for me is gone, she
    is no longer sad nor mad at me because she already went through those
    emotions while i was doing that to her is what she said and that she’s
    never going to get back with me ever again whatsoever and that all this is
    not a phase so i shouldn’t even try to anymore. She told me before all this
    happened that if i ever cheated on her she would never give me a second
    chance and after this happened she said that she meant it and she’s never
    going to give me a second chance ever. She said we should go our separate
    ways and that she means it because she takes relationships so serious and
    she lost all trust for me. We’ve been going out for almost 9 months and did
    so much together so many memories, I knew her since 9th grade in high
    school and ever since then we were great friends. Once we got together and
    found out we both liked each other we had something special. Even though we
    had been going out for a couple of months she always told me that she saw
    me in her future and that she wants to marry me and have a family together
    and that it feels like we’ve been going out for years even though it was
    only for some months, everything felt so right and we connected so fast on
    every thing. For the last four days i’ve been begging her to come back,
    asked for forgiveness everything a desperate guy like me would do. She told
    me to never contact her again nor her parents cause if i do she’ll tell
    them so they can hate me, she also said she loves me so much thats why she
    wants to forget about me. We had our last words before we stopped talking
    through text, she said she wishes me well in the future, that she wont
    forget all our memories we’ve had and she does love me even though at first
    she said she didn’t no more and that she lost every thing for me. she said
    she was going to block my number and never wants to hear from me again so
    we haven’t talked nor i have i contacted her since then,
    I’m in need of your help and I loved this girl ever since i saw her, this
    was all a mistake that i did. Do you think she meant everything she said to
    me about never giving me a chance or that she never wants to hear from me
    again? Do you think she will lose everything she had for me to the point
    where she actually moves on in her life? Is it officially over? What should
    i do please help me!?

  18. Nicholas Aquilina-Camilleri says:

    It’s been 7 months now after my break up. I cheated on her cause her
    friends went up to me saying all this shit like
    . she use to be a slut
    , That she’s going to dump me
    . and staff like that
    Then the next day i went up to this chick asked who out front of my
    Girlfriend. To see how she felt and when i asked this chick out front of my
    ex girlfriends came up to me saying i’m a cheater i told her the reason why
    i cheated on her and all the staff her friends said about her was all
    bullshit. And since then and now cant stop thinking about her love her so
    Please Brad Hope you get this message if u do please tell me what to do. 

  19. Jeremy Bass says:

    Hey Brad, So I sexted with other girls while we were together. I told her
    out of conviction and she broke up with me. Its been 7 weeks since then and
    we had coffee on Tuesday. One of the things she said is that she wants to
    get back together with me, but that she still thinks that there needs to be
    more time. Do you think there is still hope and if so where should I go for
    here? Thanks

  20. Omar Navarro says:

    Hi Brad look i dates this girl Niomi an cheated on her from like 4-7 times
    I’ve tried a lot apologies to post saying i love her, all she does is push
    me away i truly love her an cant go on with out her so i saw ur vid an
    wanna try it but i feat that wont help an later on ill just be another boy
    she knew an i don’t want that i want me an her like how it was plz Brad
    help me i live her so much what should i do?

  21. Jaquan Thompson says:

    Hey Brad im stuck my girlfriend cheated on me with a guy she had a crush on
    she knew him fro 1 month & she knew me all her life I found out on my own
    by looking through her phone in the begininning of the relationship I told
    her what I look forward in a girl someone who loyal,committed,trust worthy,
    honest won’t lie or cheat but she did all those anyways now idk if she’s
    telling the truth about anything we’ve been arguing back & forth about this
    for 3 months now I believe she did it intentionally I asked her a question
    if she liked him more than me & she said no she doesn’t believe to me that
    sounds like a yes but she doesn’t want to admit it overall I don’t trust or
    believe anything she says & I’m always believing she’s doing something what
    should I do?

  22. ShadowKanji Films says:

    Why the Fuck should cheaters get a second chance, when better guys rarely
    get a first chance. Fuck Cheaters man! Seriously! 

  23. Breanna Lee says:

    Brad I’m stuck. The guy that I was dating was my everything simply because
    we were best friends before hand and childhood friends. I didn’t want a
    relationship with him due to the fact that our friendship was so strong I
    couldn’t ruin that but he wanted an “us” so badly so we started dating.
    Everyone knows he’s the sweetest thing ever and couldn’t hurt anyone which
    makes this situation harder. Yes he cheated but he lied to me about it and
    finally admitted when multiple people told me the story. I’ve been cheated
    on before and I had given that guy a second chance and overall that guy was
    a complete douche. But with my current ex I know he’s different and
    actually deserves a second chance because he’s been working his ass off to
    get me back. But I don’t want to give him a second chance because I’ve
    never felt this way towards anyone before and I can’t risk him hurting me
    again cause I’m too in love with him but then again I know and everyone
    else knows this isn’t him. Which is why I’m so confused. And I can’t get
    over it because the pain just won’t go away. I can’t stop thinking about
    the situation. The fact that I gave my old dick ex a second chance, I know
    I could definitely give my current ex another chance because he’s different
    and is proving to everyone and I that that wasn’t him to do that which is
    why everyone is so shocked he did that because it isnt him. But I can’t get
    over it, so I don’t know what to do sorry if long just need help badly.
    She’s even texted him multiple times and he cut off all ties with her and
    is showing that he wants nothing to do with her and only devoted to me. Its
    just hard. 

  24. Bryce Kashawlic says:

    So brad me and my girlfriend have dated for about 6 months and a few months
    ago an ex girlfriend sent me a inappropriate picture and I sent another
    back via snapchat. Now my current girlfriend and I have broken up bud I
    really need her back I know I screwed up but how can I make her understand
    I love her and that it won’t happen again? 

  25. Steven saasth says:

    Hello brad, I cheated on my ex twice and she found out.. Im hoping there is
    still hopes what do you think? We’ve been together for 4 years. living
    together it was perfect exept what i did. And right now she is still living
    with me while she could leave at her parents house.. she left for two
    days and came back.. sometimes i feel like she still wants me i can hug her
    without being pushed i even managed to get couple kisses. She seems to
    have pity for me when i cry in front of her..but obviously she said we cant
    be together anymore cause she will never trust me again. i dont know what
    to do. i regret everything and now that she knows everything i wanna invest
    myself in this Relationship more than ever. i feel that if i lose her im
    just not gonna make it..

    What should i do :( ? 

  26. adam turner says:

    Hey brad. Really could do with some advice here.

    I’d say my case is really unique and kind of struggling with it.

    So me and my girlfriend were together around a year and a half and from the
    very first moment we met we fell in love. We were very strong and have been
    through a lot as a couple. A week ago she went through my phone and saw
    some messages to other girls and left. I admit completely to what ive done
    and accept it.Truth is theres kind of a reason they are there and that
    reason is im not well, havent been for as long as i can remember. Something
    inside me, i can only describe it as a voice comes over me at moments, its
    not always there but it does creep in from time to time. It tells me to do
    and think stupid things, say things, feel things and wont let me get close
    to anyone and does anything it can to destroy any happiness i find. Its
    what told me to send the texts. Through out the whole relationship there
    was never anyone else and i never wanted anyone else and in no way acted on
    these messages. Never the less whats happened has happened, Ive never told
    anyone about my problem before through fear of losing everything and being
    alone. But since my ex left its come out, to her, my family and to the
    doctors and ill soon be sent to get some medical help.

    Since the break up ive tried to explain that i have a problem and thats
    what caused it, that there truly was never anyone else and that i love her
    more than anything. She is the one and i know it, i want no one else for
    the rest of my life, i honestly dont and would much rather be alone. Since,
    shes text me messages from, absoulte anger, accusations of all kinds,
    messages of upset and anguish, messages saying she’ll never forgive me and
    that she hates me. But one message that sticks in my head reads ‘I love you
    and always will, ill be looking no further, i found everything i wanted in
    you and maybe one day we’ll find eachother again’ we havent spoke to
    eachother now since yesterday but my parents contacted her last night and
    she explained her point of few about the relationship as a whole and al the
    wrongs over the course of the relationship etc and said for both our sakes
    we shouldnt contact eachother again.

    Shes had a really rough upbringing, been treated so awful off most of her
    family and shes always been really hurt throughout most of her life i
    think. Shes also told me that she really isnt well, since the break up a
    week a go shes told me she cant go to work, cant get out of bed, cant eat
    because it just comes straight back out, has nearly fainted when she has
    tried to do things, shes lost a stone in weight and is run down so bad that
    she now has the flu. I feel awful. I could honestly just end it all because
    of how shes feeling but i cant do that to my family.

    I could really do with advice. I know she doesnt want to talk to me. But
    will that be forever? If she says she wont be looking any further because
    she found everything she wanted in me, does she really mean that? Does she
    mean anything when she said maybe well find eachother again one day? I know
    for now, i have to stay away, not contact her, she needs to recover, she
    needs to get better and more than anything i dont want her to suffer. But
    what id like to know, maybe a few month down the line, when we are both
    better, when ive sorted my problems out and changed who i am, become a
    better person, would it be wrong to try and contact her again? Maybe try to
    win her back? if so how would i go about doing that? What would i say? How
    would i say it? Or should i just let her go?

    I’d do literally anything for this girl, we planned a life, told eachother
    we were the ones for eachother. I know we both meant it too. There isnt a
    single thing i wouldnt do, or amount of time i wouldnt wait to try and
    change things. I literally would do anything.

    Id really like to hear your opinion and hope you find the time too reply.

  27. angelicgretel x says:

    Cheaters are SCUM BAGS (:

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