How To Get Your Ex Back After Months or Years Apart — How To Get Your Ex Back After Months or Years Apart Let’s start by talking about one of the benefits you’ll enjoy because of t…


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  1. JE ENN says:

    Hey Brad, thanks for your great videos. My guy I felt was my soulmate broke
    up over 3 months ago in a kind text.. he said things like he want us to be
    friends and “perhaps in a half year or year things might be different”( as
    if there might be a chance for us then). But a few weeks later he said he
    don’t have time to see a girl (me) he doesn’t want a relationship with so
    it sounded worse. He didn’t answer my question really and been quiet now 3
    months. I suspect he lied to me about the room is his because on Internet
    it says he lives there with two buddies. I never was there cause he told me
    it’s renovation going on.. anyway so both us live at home and can’t hang
    out then. In a half year i will have my own place though but it doesn’t
    help anything now. Should I contact him asking why he out of the blue
    dumped me same day our date would be or should I try talk about anything
    else or just continue no contact and for how long? he hurt me like hell
    with the way he ended things but I still want us go be together if it may
    be possible because everything while we hang out was perfect. Only red flag
    i saw was hr could wait for 3-5 days to contact me between :/ please help!

  2. Logan Dorn says:

    Hey Brad my Ex and I broke up about 6-7 months ago but were together for 2
    years. We had a great relationship but had some bumps in the road. We broke
    up because I moved to another State for 2 months due to me chasing my
    dreams and an opportunity I had to take. After coming back I tried to get
    back together with her but she didn’t really know if we could. I then went
    away to college about 8 hours away from her which made me miss her more, I
    then moved back about 2 months ago and she lives 30 min away. She’s moved
    on from me but does say she misses certain things but does not want to ever
    get back together. Iv been really depressed because I really do love her
    and I can’t imagine being with another girl. Also another reason she
    doesn’t want to get back together is her parents hate me and she wants to
    make her family proud. Idk what to do man I miss being with her and it
    hurts to think I won’t ever again. I’m so lost without her Can you please
    help me? Any advice would be great thanks. PS: I’m 20 and she’s 19 were
    both college students- my passion and dream I was chasing was playing
    college basketball 

  3. Jarrod McFatter says:

    Hey Brad,
    Me and my ex have been broken up for a little over 3 years.We dated for
    almost 2 years. She initiated the break up saying that she needed to find
    herself and we moved off to different colleges. We still text every couple
    of months. Usually the conversations are not long. Most recently she texted
    me hey loser. I thought maybe it was flirting however she said she missed
    my sister in law and to told me to tell her hi. Im curious is she just
    seeing if I respond and using my responses to build her ego? Or does she
    still have feelings for me? How do you think I should approach the

  4. hikariCS says:

    Thanks Brad for all these awesome videos !
    While I enjoyed the clarity of your videos, I am also in this situation…
    And I would like some more advice.

    My ex was far from where I lived but I came everytime I could, planning to
    move in her city. Only thing, it was 3 years ago. Me and my girlfriend
    broke up because of lack of communication from both parts and also because
    I had to go to another country for a couple of years, we were young (and we
    still are lol) and not very experienced in love, I was maybe too cold with
    her and she was too cold with me at times. Now that I changed and think
    about it, it was really strange.

    But the bonds between us was magical. I’ve had another long relationship
    with another person, but it didn’t feel the same way at all… Of course I
    know that it could have gone better if that person was a bit more
    compatible with me, but she wasn’t like the first one was.

    Talking about the first one, I heard a lot of people saying these “First
    real relationships” are really tricky. I don’t know.
    There are several things I noticed in her comportment towards me, before,
    during and after the break up, she stayed cold to me, while I wasn’t. I
    tried my best to make efforts and stuff, but it didn’t do anything… She
    would probably say the same thing of course, but that’s why we lack

    2 years ago (1 year after the breakup), I sent her an e-mail, a really long
    e-mail, apologizing for my mistakes that I did, being cold, a bit weird at
    times, and said that I had a lot of trouble choosing between going to
    another country or to stay just for her. (I chose to go, because it was
    planned for many years before we even get together…)
    And she replied, very angry like the moments we broke up. Since I didn’t
    know if it was a clear “Don’t talk to me again” or not, I let a full year
    go by… thinking “I gotta live something new” and had a new girlfriend. We
    broke up mutually and it wasn’t that heartbreaking compared to the one I
    want to get back, so I resent her another email (I was still in another
    country) 1 year later. It was 2 year since the break up. It went pretty
    good but she told me she had a boyfriend now.

    6 months later I resent another casual email just to keep in touch a little
    bit, and went pretty smoothly again, by smoothly I mean, she wasn’t angry
    anymore and through her words in the replies she sent me, I felt like she
    wasn’t connected to me anymore, unlike me…

    And now, I am writing this to you, asking you : What should I do, Brad ?
    another 6 months went by since our last chat, I have returned to my
    country, it’s been 3 years this month and my heart is still aching when I
    have too much time to think…

    Thank you for reading this long-ass message and thanks for you time Brad,
    keep doing your awesome work man, you rock !

  5. Rajat Modgil says:

    hey brad i broke up with my girl 6 months ago.1.5 years of relation.
    beacuse she gave me reason that i was doubting her. i was being possessive
    for her. but my doubting was also correct she broke up with me and go into
    relation with that guy only.. now after months she send me frndrqst on fb
    and then she cancel it.. she gave me a miss call and when i texted her
    back she said it was mistaken.. and then the converstion started and it
    ended up how is ur relation going on with that guy.. /// i want her back. i
    love her so what u think i should do.

  6. Michael Arnold says:

    I’m nearing the two-months-to-go point in a divorce. It was her idea but I
    want to get back with her. We have a child that we cooperate with in a
    positive way. She is lost and aimless. I have a career, 20 years of
    experience on her and a solid income. I have to see her because of the
    child but she contacts me sometimes just to complain about things. She
    does have a history of mild mental illness and I am afraid that she will
    start making impulsive and reckless choices. She knows I want her back,
    but she is resisting. She wants to see the divorce through so she doesn’t
    look like a fool and the guys she is coming into contact with are really
    just boys and jerks. She is better off with me. I treated her very very
    well. How can I get her to realize what we had?

  7. Rohan Thube says:

    Hi Brad,

    Just today I saw your videos on YouTube and on your website, I really
    appreciate your work and your study in this.

    I have a very different situation and its would be really appreciated if
    you could please help me.

    Situation: My office friend, she was in a relationship with a guy but that
    guy was a cheat and I was her sole good friend and she shared everything
    with me.

    Result: She kissed me and hugged me on multiple occasions and was attracted
    to me.

    My Situation: I felt in love with that girl and told her on several
    occasions, but she said that it was a mistake from her side and due to that
    breakup situation she made that mistake, she says that she still likes me a
    good friend.

    Current Situation: I have stopped messaging her from past 3 months, no
    calls and no contact at all, though I miss her a lot.

    My Question: We are going to meet on a friends bday occasion after 3 days,
    so How should I react in front of her??? What should I speak with her????

    Buddy please assist me with your expert advice.

  8. Austin Clark says:

    Hey man my gf broke up with me and theirs a pretty good chance she’s
    carrying my child she even said shell get a blood test to prove it. man I
    really love this girl and if this kid is mine I want us to be together to
    raise him/her and I just need to know what I have to do to make her realize
    it’s time to grow up 

  9. Mariam Dagher says:

    Hiiii,,, thank you for the video,,, my story is that i broke up with my
    boyfriend a year ago for some trust issues and i tried a lot to bring his
    trust back but he was hurted that he doesnt want to even talk with me,,,
    after i tried and he refused. I had to move on in my life and traveled to
    the US for a short period and i didnt call him more than 4 times last year
    and it was just to check on his situation and whether he is okay or not and
    when I came back from my vacation he called me and we talked about my
    travel for 30 minuts and he had some problems and wanted to tell me about
    them and he ask me about my seminar of graduation coz he wants to come so I
    told him and later on he kept calling me to ask me about the date of my
    seminar, also he asked me to see him but each time we plan to meet
    something stop him and he call me telling me that something come up and he
    is busy. I know that he still loves me and me too and he keeps talking
    about that with his friend and that gave me hope to try again with him to
    gain his trust. Each time we talk he say something that show me that he
    loves me but i guess its a matter of dignity or he is afraid of getting
    hurt again so how can i get his trust back? I was planning with his friend
    to make him a surprise meeting but i dont know if this might make things
    worse?? But he puts excuses each time we plan to meet in the last moment :(
    please is there any idea and advice that can help me??
    And i will try once i meet him not to be emotional but just imagining the
    whole situation make me emotional! And finally is it good to tell sorry and
    explain why i did what i did before and tell him that i am now mature and
    that it wont happen again??

    Thank you again :)

  10. C.Y Wong says:

    All the videos that you presented seemed like surefire way to get back
    those ex’s but one question I had for you is how to get back to your ex
    when you can’t even initiate talks at all as she does not even reply your
    texts, emails and calls after the 30 days no contact period? 

  11. alina123456789ish says:

    Hey Brad! Me and my boyfriend of almost 6 years broke up a week ago…
    since then we talked 3 times i think…. He broke up with me and told me
    that he still loves me but not like he used to. 2 months ago i found out
    that he cheated on me but in the end i forgave him and got back together.
    Everything was good for a while but he started loosing interest on me and
    in the end he told me this. He told me that he cheated on me back then
    because he was thinking that i was cheating on him. But i never did such a
    thing…. I think that he dumped me because he is in love with that other
    woman. When he broke up with me i told him that i love him and to
    reconsider his decision but nothing changed. I still love him and i want
    him back ….. We were good together until this woman started lying about
    me cheating on my boyfriend. Please help me, do you think i have any chance
    if i contact him again after 4 weeks of not speaking with each other? Thank
    you very much and please excuse my english i am not native

  12. DoriDoesVoices says:

    I have a very unique situation. I’ll be as brief as I can. My ex dumped me
    last January shortly after New Years. We were together for 5 years when she
    suddenly suggested we “take a break”, saying she had been thinking about
    forming sexual relationships with people and didn’t want to cheat on me.
    I’ve watched multiple self help videos and read articles about trying to
    swing things back in my favor but there is one snag. My ex and I still live
    together. Aside from the fact she is a general distraction from me being
    able to move on, So many of these self help options tell me breaking
    contact is the best way to evoke emotion in my ex, but we live together out
    of convenience, as we are having trouble with affording our own places
    currently. We both are now members of dating sites, but she is already out
    seeing people casually and even though it’s been a while, this past year
    has been unmitigated hell and I still have no interest in anyone else. I’ve
    tried to break away from old habits of familiarity, but I’ve stumbled along
    the way and didn’t stay true to them just because I already agreed that we
    would be friends. Things were complicated even further by the fact she had
    gotten pregnant with my child and decided to get an abortion. I really
    don’t know what to do anymore.

    She recently even told me the reason she now spurns my sexual advances and
    submits to others is because she isn’t romantically interested in me
    anymore, but she still loves me. She’ll go out with other guys, but then,
    for example, when she went off to Jersey visit family, she happily kissed
    me multiple times on the way out! I’m so confused!!!

    Is there any way for me to live with and still nurture that disconnect
    enough for her to miss me, without being a jerk? Or have I thrown myself
    into a hopeless trap of my own design? We both work two jobs, so I thought
    that would be enough time apart to initiate her to miss me a little, but
    from what I can see, nothing is working! Should I stay with a friend for a

    If you can, please help, Brad… :(

  13. Alessandro Di Paola says:

    Hey Brad I broke up with my ex girlfriend three months ago and I would like
    to get her back if possible because I really did care about her could you
    help me with some suggestions?

  14. Andrew Lopez says:

    We had a perfect relationship all throughout the 4 1/2 years but it ended
    with me cheating and her being hurt. She always wanted to get married like
    her friends and family so after us breaking up, now in as little as less
    than two years, she’s engaged. Whatya think I can do buddy? She and I were
    very much in love like little kids; inseparable. She meets this guy to
    soothe her wounds and now is getting married. I believe it’s because of her
    parents and friends. 

  15. Sean Laera says:

    Hey can you help me out this is what happened. We started talking and hit
    it off. I went to her work and stayed her whole shift and hugged the first
    day in the rain. After we hung out a lot . We went hiking, watched movies
    and played video games while cuddling on the couch. I told her I liked her
    and got friend zoned but I never gave up. We kept hanging out and cuddling
    more. One day we started talking about sexual stuff at the time I thought
    we were joking. The next day she came over again but this time we decided
    to watch the movie on my bed. During it she started taking her clothes off.
    I’m a very nice guy and Christian and she knew this so sex is special to
    me. So we did everything but the p in the v. She always said she was fine
    with the fact that I wanted to wait longer to go all the way. After we did
    stuff I said we pretty much had to be in a relationship or we can’t do that
    anymore. A week of convincing her went by and on the Friday she said yes
    and slept over my house. Sorry about getting graphic but I have to because
    it’s a huge part of this story. It got to the point where we would do
    everything together and she would sleep over like everyday. We would always
    have deep talks with each other that ended with me having happy tears. We
    even said that we loved each other everyday . I told her a lot about me
    including my childhood when my dad was mean and I want to grow up to be the
    opposite and how I have OCD that makes me do things in a certain way in a
    certain number of times and she even saw me doing this. She promised that
    she’ll never judge me for it. She would say I was the nicest guy ever all
    the time. I would always buy her presents and even stay at her work the
    whole time to give her company. I even went to her classes with her and
    gave her confidence to go to an exam she woke up late for. Now onto the
    break up. She came over again we went to the post office came back did
    sexual things. After she went on my fb because I said it sucks and there’s
    hoes on there so i dont like going on it. she got mad at me because of that
    I said idk who they are and started erasing them. She said I don’t have to
    and that she’s sorry. I said they were also there to get movie views
    because she knew I make movies and we even watched them together. After we
    went to get ice cream. We came back and went in the hot tub. After did more
    sexual things. This part makes no sense to everyone and gets graphic. As
    soon as we’re done like in seconds she randomly grabs my phone and finds
    the app hot or not in the back of my phone. I told her I forgot it was
    there because my OCD would give me anxiety when I went on those pages. By
    it was a virus for meet me she clicked on it and it went to the internet
    and said download. So I told her see its a virus and hot or not is nothing
    I know couples that have it to laugh at it together. She instantly puts her
    clothes on says were done and runs outside. It’s midnight on Friday the 13
    and pouring rain. She starts driving I’m chasing after her in my boxers and
    freezing she pulls over and says she might call later. She did said she
    forgave me didn’t say she loved me and hung up. The next day said I was a
    piece of shit, an asshole and a disgrace to humanity. When I was never mean
    and just kept saying I didn’t do anything and I love her. The next day I
    bought her roses, a card and a hundred dollar necklace. I went to her work
    with it and she said get leave. I went home cried picked up my friend
    Justin and we cried together. She texted so crazily that day I had to make
    my friend use my phone when I told him what to say. She got mad when he
    said how am I cheating on you if we never had sex yet? She got mad and said
    why the question mark because apparently I don’t use those. I texted back
    and said you know what I mean the p in the v. It got so bad that day it
    ended with me saying I should kill myself for her because her happiness is
    the only thing I care about so if I’m making her sad than that’s how it
    could stop she even got mad at that so I said I’m sorry for saying it right
    after. The next day I went back to her work she actually talked to me I
    cried my eyes out and she said she forgave me and loved me again. She even
    accepted the gifts. That night we had a phone call and said we loved each
    other again. The only bad part of the phone call is I said I was a little
    scared to watch her pets when she went on vacation so she doesn’t just use
    me for that. She said she won’t and I said I trusted her and that I will
    watch them. The next day at work she texted me and said why did my sister
    unfriend her on fb I said idk I can talk to her she just saw me crying.
    Then she ignored me for the next week and started erasing pics of us on fb.
    She texted my sister back and not me then My sister said just go to her
    house. I did and she broke up with me said get out and her parents
    threatened to call the cops and shoot me because apparently I threatened
    her I said I didn’t do anything I love her and left. The next 2 weeks went
    by I tried to get her back with a text. She refriended me on fb. Then she
    saw I went to the bar with a friend he posted getting my boy back in the
    game not me. And that I accepted like 3 girls on fb. She posted a status
    saying I was an asshole. I texted her and said she can even text my friend
    I just kept him company at a bar and added friends cause he told me to. She
    said she was gonna drop off my stuff the next weekend and that she’ll call
    the cops if I went to her house or work. I didn’t text back because
    everyone told me not to. She admit she got guys numbers the week she
    ignored me and went to college. Then the day when she dropped off my stuff
    my family said I should leave my house so I don’t see her because if I did
    that day it would be worse. So my whole family left she texted me and said
    she’ll throw my things everywhere if I wasn’t home. My family said don’t
    text back because if she did anything damaging we can call the cops on her.
    I came home and she dropped of everything I ever gave her including love
    notes from day one. I texted her sorry again and we became friends for the
    next week. I asked her if she wants to go on a bike ride let me know and
    she said vice versa. Then later in the week she kept texting me and saying
    she was hanging out with a lot of guys. So I asked about that bike ride and
    she said she didn’t think that will happen anytime soon so I sent another
    big text trying to get her back again. She ignored me for another week then
    said don’t text her. Then she started viewing all my snapchat stories and
    we started posting them as if talking to each other. She said meet her on
    the bike path in a story as a response to mine. So I went on there with my
    bike but when I got close to her I saw she was with her mom and turned away
    from me when I got close so I just rode past them. I got home texted her
    hi. She sent back don’t text me. Then I sent a big one saying I’m always
    there for her. 2 months after the break up her bday came up I texted her
    happy bday with a pic of a ruby necklace I was going to give her. She said
    thanks and she felt bad I still had it. And we texted nicely the whole day.
    The day after at 3am I texted her a nice good morning so she would see it
    when she woke up. But she was still awake and texted back that she was
    tired of me making her feel deevaluated just like the whole time we went
    out. And that I should just take the porn dating apps and all the girls I
    cheated on her with and leave because she saw on snapchat that she was
    second friend now. I flipped out and sent a huge text saying I never did
    anything and she destroyed me. I said that girl on snapchat was only 1st
    friend because she just said what’s up and my ex didn’t talk to me anymore.
    and i didnt even talk back to the other girl.(I was third on hers btw) I
    also said I should prob block her number because were just going to go back
    and forth. She sent back fuck you I’m blocking you first. She did. I was
    never able to block her. A week later I used my friend Justin’s phone to
    say sorry for that. We got no reply. Now it’s 4 months after that last text
    and I got a new iPad I’m debating sending a message saying sorry for
    everything and that I still love her and explain even more how I never did
    anything behind her back. So my question is should I even send a message.
    And my other question is if I send it when should I should it be now or
    soon or should it be in like 6 months from the last one or something
    because I even went on lawyer websites and asked about the legality of it
    the answers I was getting were maybe one text isn’t bad and she did block
    me so nobody knows what she’s capable of. Technically she could try to call
    the cops for a restraining order for harassment if she’s that nuts and if
    they’ll believe her . So she’ll need proof apparently phone company’s erase
    texts within 10 days but nobody knows if she still has them on her phone or
    not, even though they were never mean I guess she might be able to say
    there annoying her. So some lawyers because of this said maybe wait
    something longer like 6 months to see if you even want to send it still.
    Idk if that would be to long or to little to wait for love and for the law.
    My Christian friends say keep praying to make sure it’s god that wants me
    to send it not the other side because before the break up I had nightmares
    about the break up and songs on the radio were about it. Now I just prayed
    about to send it or not last week and every song I put in the text played
    on the radio in order with no commercials. And the dreams of her are coming
    back when I sleep again. What do you think I should do. Move on or send the
    text soon or like months later if I still want to. Last night I just went
    downloaded meet me which was a site that she thought I used that I
    truthfully didn’t and I saw her on there. I’m now blocked on there as well
    because she saw that I saw hers. So basically I’m smart and listening with
    my brain but my heart still hurts so I want to send something with my iPad
    or on meet me on a different account to make sure I said everything (like
    how I never did anything behind her back and how I’m sorry I listened to
    people after the break up) but idk if I should now or wait longer or just
    not ever.

  16. cole morales says:

    The only question that I have is do you do more of a one on one talk with
    people over the internet (for example Skype) I do not wish to display my
    problems to the public and feel more comfortable verbally talking to
    someone about this problem rather wait and try and solve things on my
    own,but in the process make mistakes unknowingly, if that makes any sense
    to you, if possible leave a replay and ill get back to you on which ways I
    would be able to make this possible for both of us, Thank you and hope to
    talk with you soon.

  17. kayrod57 says:

    Hi Brad… i broke up with my gf a little more than a month ago citing she
    was to irritable and always getting mad too quickly… fast fwd to
    yestersay, i asked her if she could meet with me because i was hit with the
    realization that i still cared and wsnted to be w her. I come to find out
    shes been with someone for a bout a month… after i apologized
    (emotionally in chek but obvious) for my behavior we left it at that. I
    texted her and broke down telling her i missed her and wanted her back.
    Long story short.. she mentioned part of her wants to be with me but she
    cant leave this new relationshop because its everything shed hope for…
    how can i continue to tackle this or should i even continue?? Pls help.

  18. arjun kumar gupta says:

    I and my girlfriend work in same office and got quarter to nearby the
    office campus. I live on first floor and she lives on ground floor. She had
    ended our relationships, but we have to work in office together and our
    houses are also nearby. I want to ignore her (no contact), how is it
    possible please reply me.How can I make to miss me?

  19. Rob Dawg says:

    Hey Brad, my ex we had a bad breakup. Not sure entirely what the cause was,
    but I know it was due to stress and fights. I tried to contact her so many
    times and begged and plead, trying to show I had changed but apparently
    this ruined all my chances. Worst thing is she took out a restraining
    order. I applied to have it undertaken so the Police don’t have to enforce
    it but I had to promise the court I wouldn’t contact her. Also in addition
    I feel myself only attracted to Asian women (or is this because I’m not
    over her)? It’s almost be a year, the whole in my heart ripped me to shreds
    but I just get on with life. And everyday I continue to hope to reunite
    with her somewhere down the track, I mean we had plans to get married and
    have children and my dreams were shattered. I have tried moving on, but it
    doesn’t work.

  20. Ankit Srivastava says:

    Hey Brad,Me and my girlfriend were together for 2.5 years and then for
    studies I had to move to another town and then we broke up,infact she
    dumped me.Its been 4 months of break up and she still talks to me but just
    wants to talk casually.She says she doesn’t have any feelings for me
    now.Break up reasons she gave to me were that we are in a long distance
    relation and she doesn’t likes my family people.Its all complicated.I want
    her back,but she won’t listen to me and scold me day and night whenever I
    call her.Suggest me something.

  21. Jolai Persinger says:

    Hi. My bf and I had been dating for a year and a half. This summer I
    finished school and moved a few hours away for my job. My bf was going to
    finish his student teaching and then move. We had started looking at houses
    and condensing our stuff together. A month ago he told me he was lying to
    himself and that he didn’t love me. I feel as if a lot of stress drove him
    this direction and we have talked about meeting up. Do I try to aim for
    sooner rather than later example end of November rather than end of
    December? We also hadn’t seen se other since august. 

  22. Andy McCoy says:

    I got a divorce two years ago. Since we got a divorce I ask if we can be
    friends. She said that would be fine. We would go to the movies go out to
    eat. I mean we spent quality time like we did when we we’re married. I talk
    to her almost everyday. We even had times we’re we physically intimate. She
    would always tell me that what we just did was once nothing. I was left
    feeling confused. I told her numerous times that I was going to stop
    calling because I can not handle just being friends. She said that’s fine.
    I never went more than 24 days one time. She text me on fathers day. And
    that’s when I just lost it and called her back. We went right back to doing
    what we have been doing. Just recently I stopped contacting her for 20 days
    straight, so far I’m doing good. I’m wishing to make it to 30 days. Maybe
    she will contact me. But there is also a chance that she may never contact
    me. I don’t know what to do other than wait a few more days and I figure if
    she does not contact me. There we never be a chance at us getting back in a
    serious relationship.

  23. Rishi Shrivastava says:

    Hi brad, I had mailed you 2 days back, me and my girlfriend had 6 years
    relationship bt recently last month on my 6th september she wished me on my
    birth day and when I begged her to talk to me once only ober the phone but
    she didn’t repky to me and did not get ready to talk to me over the phone.
    Before that I am trying to talk to her since 1 year and always whenever I
    talk to her unfortunately everytime we had fight and everybtime I used to
    bag her to b mine as before. Bt suddenly last month she blocked me from
    facebook, blocked me from whatsapp and switched off her mobile. I don’t
    know what should I do. I am continuesly mailing her since o e month bt she
    is not replying me at all. What should I do please help me..I am getting

  24. aliradius says:

    Hey Brad I broke up with my ex more than a month agao. In the first three
    weeks, i kept denying the fact that we have broken up and kept
    texting/calling her begging. And later i did some crazy shit like stalking
    her and i found out she was hugging a guy on her rooftop on my birthday.
    She said it was only a hug and we had a really big fight and i called her a
    bitch and a slut. Is all lost? I sent her the clean slate email, and
    there’s no reply from her for 10 days now. I will be leaving my place of
    residence in 2 months for an exchange semester, so incentives for her to
    get back may be slim. Shes 27 btw and i’m 20.

  25. Zunair Imtiaz says:

    Hi brad. Me and my ex were together for last two years until we broke up
    three months ago. Both of us loved each other a lot and she trusted me a
    lot. Three months ago it was time for me to apply to a university abroad. I
    didn’t tell her that and initially we had planned of being in the same uni.
    But I got selfish and wanted to apply the top 50 because apparently
    career is more important to me. She was quite heard and she said that she
    can’t trust me anymore and she thinks that I wanted to flirt with some
    random girls that’s why I didn’t tell her about applying to another country
    so that I’m free; without her presence. And then she blocked me. I know
    it’s my mistake and I shouldve told her. I miss her a lot and apparently
    I’ve achieved what I aspired for but I feel everything’s useless if I don’t
    have her to share my life with. Shall I make another account and message
    her and and her to talk to me. Or please suggest me something better it’s
    just that I’m finding my life so hard to live without talking to her.. 

  26. Sean Laera says:

    Hi so basically what I’m trying to ask is that my ex left me because she
    thought I cheated on her when I truthfully never did. She thought this
    because she found dating apps on my phone that I forgot to erase before we
    were officially together. I went against all the no contact rules and made
    it worse for the next month by trying to get her to believe me after she
    broke up with me. It came to the point that her and her parents threatened
    to call the cops if I went to her house or work. Things even happened after
    the break up for like a month, for example I went to a bar with a friend
    and posted it on Facebook as well as added 3 girls on it. She saw this and
    blocked me on there and gotten even more mad. It eventually got to the
    point that I said “maybe I should block you but I still love you just so we
    have time apart” . She responded by saying she was going to block me first.
    She actually did block my phone after that. A week later with a friends
    phone I sent another apology but less detailed, we got nothing back. Now
    it’s 4 months after that and I feel like I still have to say sorry for the
    things I did do and explain how I truthfully never did cheat on her with
    even more detail. I downloaded an app (she broke up with me for because she
    thought I was using it during our relationship but I wasn’t because it was
    a virus on my phone ) recently to try and move on but I found her on it .
    When she saw me on it she blocked me. I went on a lawyer website and asked
    what could happen if I contact her and they said she might be able to call
    the cops so I should wait at least 6 months after last contact with her. So
    that would be in 2 months. My question for you is when should I contact her
    because I love her and still want her back. Also how should I contact her
    because she moved away to college. So should I make a fake Facebook account
    or send something with my iPad?

  27. Hema Latha says:

    Hi Brad, I am stuck in a weird situation. I am just feeling lonley and

  28. Jamie Rowe says:

    Okay Brad, I need a little advice. My ex and I were together for 8 months
    before having a nasty break up. I stopped all contact, and then he started
    dating some other chic not long after we broke up. We have been broke up a
    little over 3 months, so A few weeks ago I texted him telling him I was
    sorry to hear about his pet had died, and he answered the next morning, but
    nothing special because he was still with her. And just a couple days ago,
    he texted me telling me that he was a jackass and he couldn’t be with this
    chic anymore because she wasn’t me. The next day after this he asked to
    meet me to talk, we talked about a lot of things in the 3 hours we were
    together but he said he wasn’t ready to get back together yet because he
    just got out of this relationship with this girl, and I respect that. Since
    then he has been keeping in contact with me, constantly. When we met up we
    talked about fun times we had, what we liked about each other and what we
    would do differently if we got back together, not to mention flirting back
    and forth. Think we may have a chance to get back together?

  29. Barbara Lyrics says:

    Dear Brad, I broke up with my ex twice, and I want him back, should I even
    try? Becouse it’s possible he will make that a joke…

  30. Joe Martin says:

    Hey Brad,

    My wife “vanished” almost 9 months ago. At one point, a few months ago, I
    managed to not contact her for a solid month and when I finally did her
    response was immediate. I cheated on her and she says she will never come
    back. I find it confusing however that she accepts the now several gifts I
    have given her since she did leave. And she always thanks me for them
    sometimes truly expressing that she was happy about it. For instance with
    my most recent gift(chocolate) she said that she was “very pleased with my
    offering”. She has quite the sweet tooth 😉 Do you think there may actually
    be a chance for me despite what she has said?

  31. mudgabe says:

    Hey Brad, please help me! I had this hot girl for one day, but I think I
    scared her away because I tried to move too fast! See and I currently still
    work with her, I would give anything if i could have her look at me the way
    she did that day! I tried to see other girls, but I can’t stop thinking
    about her! Please help me get her back. Thanks.

  32. LightYagami says:

    In this video you told us what to do… But we need to know how to do what
    you are explaining. Practical steps. Good Job Brad, keep the good work

  33. Jokerfan45 says:

    Hey Brad, my name is Rhys. My ex and I broke up about a year ago, but we
    still keep in touch. This weekend when I visited her, I discovered she is
    with a guy that is bi-polar, and she has dated this guy before. I really do
    love her, as I have known since the day I realized she was the one I
    wanted. But she’s determined to stay with this guy, and I’m worried about
    her safety. Plus, when I visited her, she got all moody and said she didn’t
    want to be in a relationship with me, and I hadn’t even said anything about
    that to her that day. I want her to come back to me, but I’m not sure if I
    should worry about this yet. I’m only 21 and she’s only 19. She’s very kind
    to me, but she’ll occasionally get upset because of family issues. I really
    care about her, and I don’t want her to get hurt because of this bad boy
    phase she’s going through. Again, should I worry about getting back with
    her right now?
    And if so, what should I do?

    PS: At one point while I was talking to her, she randomly said how much she
    loved lavender, could that be a hint towards something?

  34. Daniel n says:

    Hi Brad.
    My ex broke up with me for about three months ago, after two years
    together. Throughout this time I have received mixed messages. Ever since
    day one, she has said that it will never be us again, but I still felt that
    there was something. I have asked her to basically take me back, asked for
    forgiveness and so on, all that you should not do. She always shows emotion
    when I talk to her. If I completely ignore her and do not bother to answer
    the phone, she gets crazy and calling and texting. I know she has been on a
    few dates. Also saw her standing and kissing with another guy. I went up
    quite coolly and said hello and turned and walked away. She ran after and
    apologized and gave me a lot of compliments how good I am, and That we had
    a special relationship. We had sex twice after about a month apart. She
    feels so ambivalent. Keep getting mixed messages, one moment she wants
    something, the next moment, she is cold and wants nothing. We had a serious
    relationship. We planned to have children and buy a house and so on. She
    has always been the one who said that she wants to live with me the rest of
    her life.

    Talked to her on the phone for about a week ago, and she sounded sad and
    asked why I did not answer her phone calls or text messages. When I tried
    to end the conversation, she was just completely silent and did not hang
    up. Which meant that we continued talking, until she became more open and

    I feel like she wants me to take the plunge and put things right, could be

    best regards

  35. ivana821 V says:

    I left my spouse after 7 years together and two young daughters because he
    was not being responsive positively to me going back to school to get a
    better job and it caused us to fight a lot and then I found texts from some
    chick in his phone. It was such a tense environment for the kids so I
    decided to leave. He has started talking to another woman since we broke up
    and is now sleeping with her. It’s been 2 months now and we decided to take
    things day-by-day, but he is still out there living the single life. I went
    out with friends for my birthday and he got all jealous because he didn’t
    want me to get with another man so I went back to our old home together
    while he was at work and slept there until the next morning when we had sex
    twice. Then the next day as well. I see it in his eyes how torn he is. What
    do i do? I stopped sex because of the other chick and now I’m barely
    speaking to him. 

  36. Austin Loera says:

    Hey Brad I’m suddenly wanting to get back with my ex I’ve dated other girls
    and she has dated other guys but for some reason I can’t seem to stop think
    about her we attend the same university that’s where I met her but we’ve
    been separated for about 10 months now the reason we broke up was due to a
    “friend” of mine also I haven’t spoken to her after 2 weeks from the break

  37. Alex Anderson says:

    I’m in the military and we have broken up we were the best of friends
    before we started dating and we broke up and didn’t talk for about two to
    three months and I am trying to win her back her and my parents keep trying
    to help but I don’t think it is. 

  38. HodgsonsNose says:

    Hi Brad, I have a bit of a unique one. I broke up with my girlfriend
    severeral months ago. Initially I think she was keen to get back together
    but I wouldn’t meet her. After that we stsrted texting each other quite
    regularly saying we love and miss each other. Now she says she has thought
    about it and doesn’t think meeting will help us move on. I’ve been quite
    pushy to get her to meet. Any way to pull this back? 

  39. shashank tripathi says:

    Hey Brad.
    My girlfriend left me back in MARCH because of my insecurities , jealousy ,
    restriction and i even betrayed her.
    After 5 months of pleading and begging i went on NO CONTACT PERIOD for a
    month or so. It helped me alot.. I am a better person and more happy. I
    still think that i should be with my ex but has also accepted the fact that
    there is a possibility that she may never come back.
    couple of days back i texted her and followed your instructions of how to
    get back in contact with your ex and stuff. I was the one to end the
    conversation as well. But in the end she said dont text me, I asked why she
    said i cant trust you and if we talk it ll be a problem for me. I said okk.
    after two or three days i texted her again. I dont know what happened she
    started comparing this anothher guy with me. First she said that guy is way
    more possessive than you are and the next moment she said his girl will be
    the most lucky girl on this planet. I said go ask him out then she said no.
    Conversation went a bit carrired away i guess and she started sayin that it
    wasn’t her fault i betrayed her and ruined everything. I said i am sorry
    but i really am but its the past and nothing can be done. In the end i
    asked her do you still love me ?
    she said yes
    And then i ended the conversation.

    What should i do next ??
    And how to get her back because i really love her BRAD.
    Looking forward for your help !!

  40. Gerard Smith says:

    Hi Brad. Can these tips only be applied for situations where it has been
    many months/years since the breakup?
    My ex and I broke up about 3 months ago. I haven’t seen her since, but have
    spoke on the phone and through texting. Unfortunately I didn’t go NC, and
    we kept talking sporadically until a week ago, where we finally decided to
    just go our separate ways after she confirmed she does not want to get back
    Since I didn’t go NC at all after the breakup, I’m going to do it now, and
    give it maybe until the end of January to give her space to properly
    process everything. Even though she said she doesn’t want to get back
    together, I’m hoping that having some time whereby she has no interaction
    with me at all will help my situation.
    I know she is open to meeting up again at some point for a catch-up, she
    confirmed as much when we spoke last week, but she said she’d leave it to
    me to decide when that will be since it was her decision to call off the
    relationship. If we were to meet up in February or so, would that be too
    soon to go ahead with the tips mentioned in this video, i.e the flirting
    etc? By then we will have been separated and not physically seen each other
    for about 4/5 months, although it will only have been 1.5/2 months since
    our last contact.

  41. Franz Von Ritthäften says:

    Hi Brad, thanks for this videos, and I have a Question, I have a situation,
    I started to date a girl who I always be In love with her since I know her,
    but from 1 month to now, we had a great time together. unfortunately she is
    going to go to Barcelona one year to study, But this week she was texting
    me stuff like( i want yo, i love you, i want to stay with you) a looot of
    romantic things, yesterday we was at the cinema and she was hugged me all
    the time, today in the morning, she was so weird, and then she told me that
    she realized that she was not have feeling about me…. and she was not
    prepared to have a relationship, and that she wants to do a lot of things
    in Barcelona… How it’s that possible, that from one day to another she
    change her mind, It’s crazy, of course my heart was broken, sooo why I
    should do?

  42. Kenny Kenneth says:

    hey brad, me and my ex broke up like a years ago and I was totally cool
    with it but today 11/14/2014 I saw and all of sudden I have feeelings for
    her again what can I do I want her back now

  43. jas preet says:

    hey brad hi again .. u probably saying that i ma getting free advice from
    you.. if you feel so i am sorry.. but i wana say i finally came to peace
    with my breakup.. started working on myself gained a appreciable physique
    and started working on my life goals.. and moreover i am feeling
    confident.. i dated 2 girls.. though .. so is it a proper time to initiate
    contact with her by text message from my side….??? and i wanted to buy
    your program but somehow i am little short of money…so if i can get her

  44. Addarsaw Mainali says:

    hey brad my name is aadarsha my ex and i broke up at least 8 days ago.due
    to her home problem especially mom knew about this and her mom was upset
    and started ignoring her as you know we love our parents the most she was
    upset and she thinks that to make her mom happy she has to get brk up with
    me and bee free of all calls text for her love i accepted for the brkup i
    know there is still love for me in her heart by ignoring me she thinks that
    by ignoring me she can be happy when i text her or chat with her in
    facebook also she talks nicely but tries to ignore and she cant our
    relationship was 1 yrs old and i still love her from my heart plzz help me
    to get her back in my life please

  45. MrLos1999 says:

    Hey Brad, went through many months of post break distance, she moved to
    another city for work, then reached out to me recently as she had thought
    of me relative to her travels. I was very keen to get back but had resigned
    that it was over until the message. I got back in touch and kept things
    light at first, then tried to move towards reconciliation or meeting up.
    She said there was now was not the best time and things were basically
    finished but that it was ok to stay in touch. I was sort of like actually
    no, in or out. She seemed ok with the no and I think I played it quite
    wrong. She thinks were incompatible even though it’s just excuses…I’m
    thinking its move on and I feel as though the yearning is masking attention
    seeking. Any insight here? 

  46. kihdbirdy says:

    Hey brad im bryan. Me and my ex broke up about a month and a half ago.
    She’s with another guy it doesn’t seem official because there’s no date or
    pictures of them together but she is posting pictures of like frozen yogurt
    and she says she’s with that guy. And I know they’ve kissed and who knows
    what else but she left me when she started college. We’ve had our problems
    like any other couple. And I wasnt the best boyfriend out there and I was
    controlling and needy. I was always on her case and was jealous and over
    protective. She said she needed some time for herself to find herself and
    get college under control but then she starts seeing this new guy which is
    her co worker. And so I dont know what to do I was with her for 3/6 years
    and before I was shipped or after boot camp I was planning on proposing.
    There’s just so much to say brad and I dont know what to do. I have added
    the no contact rule for the past two weeks. But people have been telling me
    that she’s been hanging out with that guy more and more. I need help….

  47. Lara Velkavrh says:

    Hi! My ex and I broke up about 4 months ago. Before me, he was in love with
    his best friend… and after 9 months of us being together he said that he
    thinks he love her again. i was very sad and i think they are secretly
    dating now but i see how he is looking at me. i think he is sorry for what
    he done. We are not talking. I really miss him and i want him to miss me
    too! I wish he would love me again. Do you think that it is possible? What
    should I do? Thank you!!!
    Sorry for my bad english :/ 

  48. Rocky Long says:

    Well I was in a relaxation ship for 10yrs and August of this year things
    started changing we would talk on the phone then it got to where he started
    not talking as much then he stop coming to see me and my kids, then we was
    on the phone and I said he was very selfish for leaving me, the kids, he
    thought I was saying he was selfish in a different way he did a lot for me,
    my family I just was saying he was selfish in leaving me, my kids not with
    just saying selfish in the way he thought

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