How To Get Your Ex Back – Big Secret

How To Get Your Ex Back – – Are you still struggling to get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back? Do you have a…


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  1. fisbazcan says:

    >>>The good news is that there are so many things that you can do to get
    back your ex.<<<

  2. Jean Frechette says:

    Only losers want their ex back,

  3. Rock N says:

    Don’t send your ex some stupid letter saying anything, just make your last
    conversation with them very unemotional and civil and don’t show your
    anger. Tell them, take care, I gotta go, thanks for your time and let them
    go, if they care about you enough, they will start to miss you, that’s what
    happened to me when me and my g/f broke up over 5 months ago, she came back
    to me all on her own after breaking up and I never asked her to come back
    but I was always polite and under control every time she contacted me, it
    took about 2 months and we were back. Also just let it happen, don’t talk
    about getting back together or anything, you will know when your back

  4. Will Stevens says:

    8 Billion people on this planet….. its my guess 3 Billion will be single
    my advice is move the fuck on,,,, everything happens for a reason always
    forward never back..

  5. sanjeep adhikari says:

    Great Video! Apologies for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion.
    Have you heard the talk about – Chakellan Magic Ex Back Formula (erm, check
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  6. Jess Yates says:

    Very rarely can you get someone back after a break up. There are generally
    reasons and with that things will have to change. A no contact rule of a
    year is a minimum as if the two really love each other and they are willing
    to grow and change drastically for their partner. That type of change
    takes time. The pain after a break up is normal it does not mean you
    should get back with the person. 6 times out of 10 one person in the
    relationship has already found someone else. Not healthy for them as they
    will learn nothing but we all know these types leaving a trail of heart
    break as they race through relationship after relationship. Anyway good
    luck to all for you in finding the special someone or getting them back
    after a miscommunication. 

  7. JE ENN says:

    I did that but happened to write good bye in the end and not that we should
    meet some time again :( is it too late to change ?

  8. hurryupnow1 says:

    if you send any guy a written hand letter he will freak out lol 

  9. Markus Allen says:

    This methods that helps me to get my ex back..
    This program is both for male and females..
    I would recommend it to anyone. Good luck guys.

  10. Mildred Bode says:

    Should I apply the same method if he disappeared a month ago without a
    trace and has since then ignored my phone calls and email? I am soo pissed
    at the moment because I feel used. But ironically I still care much about
    him.What to do?

  11. Christin Hazon says:

    Much better than Kevin The Break Up Doctor. I bought his stuff & it was
    trash. He wouldn’t even give me a refund even though he said he would in
    his ads. Ashley Kays advice is much better. Helped a lot!

  12. Bara A says:

    hey, please help me! me and my ex boyfriend broke up like 2 weeks ago. 5
    days after the brake up my friends told him that i was crying and feeling
    bad. he came to check on me but i didnt talk to him cuz i was still feeling
    mad and angry but latter that day we texted each other and it continued for
    a week. we just talked like friends, and didnt talk about the relationship.
    i be one to open a conversation, cuz he doesnt text first. im feeling
    depressed, i miss him, and i wanna get back with him but he isnt showing
    care. how should i apply the no contact rule since we already talked like
    friends. wat to do so he would miss me. and should i text him back if he
    ever texted me?

  13. Kenji 420 says:

    How do you do the big secret to get your ex back when you have children
    Involved ?

  14. Ryan Higgins says:

    It’s a lil hard cause we have two kids together 

  15. Will Barnerd says:

    games nothing but games .

  16. violetmervisu says:

    >How To Get Your Ex Back Fast!

  17. budsmokes777 says:

    psyco bitches

  18. david jackson says:

    Ex? simple!

  19. Joshua Reiss says:

    On friday I sent to my ex girlfriend after being 3 weeks broken up. I sent
    her a text saying I hope your having a great night at the casino night,
    your a great amazing, beautiful girl and you showed me treated like a queen
    and don’t ever let a man use. You deserve the best. I hope you have a great
    night and i am so sorry for hurting you. have a great night. She didn’t
    respond but i haven’t texted her since then so I should i go no contact for
    like two weeks then texting her saying i’ve come to peace with our break up
    and i see why we broke up. I hope to maybe get together sometime as friends
    in the future. Good luck on your exams coming up,

  20. tygrr94 says:

    What’s the timeline to essentially stop no contact and reach out again?

  21. Loi Vuitton says:

    @UGirl *Watch This Short CONTROVERSIAL Video To Get Your EX Back… Before
    He Leaves For Good*

  22. mrdubcrazy says:

    my ex sent me a birthday card the other day which was a couple days late.
    She txted me on my birthday with only one x and a generic message (happy
    birthday, have a great day x. This was after almost 2 months of no contact
    at all. We were in touch fairly often up until just after new year, i kinda
    let it slip that someone had been with me on new years eve, She didn’t ask
    me anything about it and seemed a bit cold towards me when i told her this.
    I hadnt heard anything from her until my bday. We’d been apart for a few
    months prior. I still love her and cant get her out of my head. I dont know
    how to go about getting back in touch again and ultimately starting some
    dialogue back up again. She maybe seeing someone else, she never tells me
    much. She’s very stubborn and would never be the first to declare her
    feelings. Advice please….thanx.

  23. Kfir Inbal says:

    What if she wants me to be okay with the break up?
    so if I’ll send her this kind of letter she’ll think I moved on, and then
    she can move on too and it would be some kind of a closer.

  24. John Thomas says:

    If you talk to two persons – one who has never felt love, and other who is
    deeply in love, you will find them talking in a very different way. If you
    ask a person who has never loved about what he/she felt about the other’s
    talk, the answer will be- crazy!

    Is it true? Does love drive one to madness? It may not be madness as
    understood by psychiatrists, but a madness of emotions. Is that right? Why
    does love do that? To understand this, we have to explore more about love
    or romance. Is it friendship? Is it physical attraction? is it just liking
    for each other? What is love and what is this relationship all about? Love
    combines all these and goes much beyond in bonding. Lovers are bonded to
    each other emotionally and totally. A lover cannot imagine of a life
    without his/her beloved. A lover will suffer like a fish suffers without
    water, if he/she is separated from the beloved. Love becomes the whole
    life. Love gives life. Love becomes the reason of life. Life begins and
    ends with love. That is love. And that’s why people call love mad!

    How and why a lover feels like this for one’s beloved is beyond any logical
    explanation. There is no arithmetic sum that can decide this. It is all
    emotional. And the emotions are so overwhelming that they engulf the whole
    personality. Why does a flower look lovely to all of us? Why are we
    attracted by the sight of a beautiful sunset? Why do we love to walk on the
    beach? Do we know? Can we answer these questions? Our only answer may be
    that- I feel happy doing it. A lover feels happy, rather so happy in love
    that it cannot be compared with any other happiness. One forgets one’s
    pains, one’s pleasures and one’s existence when in love.

    Fall in love if you still haven’t and feel the madness. You will get a clue
    to why true lovers are called mad.

    Get your Ex back today

  25. The Adventure Biker says:

    Ashley, I tried this and followed your recommendations carefully but it
    simply didn’t work. I also tried to follow up with a bit of persuasion with
    tasteful flirting & touching etc. and nothing worked at all. She just wants
    to be friends and no more.

  26. veronica olander says:


  27. Ibrahim Bandaogo says:


  28. john smith says:

    Never get back with someone you left..move on big world out there.

  29. Mary-Jane Abner says:

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  30. sharon sht says:

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  31. Alexander Moore says:

    well I was going to click away but when I realised you were Australian good

  32. Rock N says:

    She’s sexy in this video

  33. Sina Akings says:

    You’re sexy urself..

  34. brendacampos100 says:


  35. parisa6100 says:

    I broke up with him because he was keep giving me cold shoulder. He told me
    he loved me and I said the same thing but the more I contact the more he
    pushed away. I finally said its over but he never said a word, we just stop
    contacting each other; it’s been 2 weeks now. This sending email you think
    will work for me?

  36. Ashlee LaForest says:

    Learn how to get your ex back fast with this free video: EXBACKNOW.INFO
    Look at the useful resource preceding to be able to work out how to obtain
    the puppy back into your daily life yet again and grow content yet again.

  37. Astroboy ito says:

    damn ur hot here!

  38. Cristian Ugalde says:

    My ex just told me she hates me and doesnt want to get back with me because
    we havent texted for a day an i told her tht i was sorry and was ok with
    the break up…did i do the right thing for texting??

  39. SevenDeMagnus says:

    Hi. It’s great to follow the golden and silver rule ti strike that balance
    but for yo Ashley, what how many times should you text or email her/call in
    one day? or in one. What is considered for, too frequent to the point of
    looking needy? Thank you. God bless.

  40. Jorge Ballester says:

    Did it, she totally rejected it. I was too overprotective and i guess she
    felt she had to hold on to that to forget me and forget all the good I ever
    did but thanks.

  41. Cristian Ugalde says:


  42. Pablo Viruet says:

    How bout if there pride is to high or if she have friends who tell her
    don’t pay attention to him

  43. Cristian Cuellar says:

    You are really good at tips . Thank you I subscribed and I told my friends
    to subscribe to you to your the best :)

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