How To Get Your Ex Back Boxed Set: Win Back The Love of Your Life…Fast!

Why Buy This Set?
Because you need a comprehensive, practical, strategic approach to getting your ex back by getting fit mentally, emotionally and physically. And you will get that with this set.

What’s Inside?

Book 1: How To Get Your Ex Back In A Week
Day 1 – Searching your soul
Day 2 – Breaking up leads to making up
Day 3 – Sizing up the competition
Day 4 – Eyeballing the situation
Day 5: Repairing the rift
Day 6 – Taking the plunge
Day 7 – Reconciliation

Book 2: How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week
Day 1 – Get Ready to Lose Weight Fast
Day 2 – Detox and Cleanse To Lose Pounds and Gain Energy Overnight
Day 3 – Maximize Your Calorie Burn to Get Slimmer, Faster
Day 4 – Maintaining the Weight Loss and Improving Health
Day 5 – Optimizing Performance for Better Results
Day 6 – Maintaining Momentum and the Will to Win
Day 7 – Reaching Your Goal…and Achieving Ongoing Success

Why Buy Now?
You want your ex-back, the sooner the better. And it’s so true that the journey starts with the first step, and buying this set is the first step!


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