How To Get Your Ex Back (Case Study #2) letter from a customer of Magic Of Making Up. Avoiding premature reconciliation when try to win back your ex.


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  1. Adelaida Schicke says:

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  3. Derta Lara says:

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  4. Jenny Cyrus says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for helping me/and so many people to get
    their relationships back on track

  5. Mariz Milton says:

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  10. Manie Zarlenga says:

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  11. Cynthia Ballard says:

    If she followed your system then why did she rush things up??
    she was just tricked by his guy.. girls should NOT make moves like rushing
    to a guy just to comfort them or so..

  12. jay amistad says:

    Thanks @Tdub

  13. ivanforten says:

    please help me here :(

  14. Shan Pai says:

    How Get Text Your Ex Back Now!

  15. nukkaface23 says:

    I’ve been broken up for just over a year, any specific method to spark it
    back up?

  16. newfnshow031 says:

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  17. Sandy Morgan says:

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  18. love00makayla00 says:

    Okay so , i cant afford to get your audio book:( but i have a problem, i
    was directed to you from essys site and she wasnt accepting personal advice
    and more, Im in total pain, My boyfriend of 6 months and I just broke up a
    week ago, truthfully ive done all the wrong things judging by your videos
    aand i i just wanted to make a turn around and get him back his reasoning
    for breaking up was that we fought too much and we “needed a break” Please
    help me T dub:( i dont know what else to do..

  19. vinaya dahal says:

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  20. Jesse Peng says:

    @tdub hey its interesting because what happened to the last girl happened
    to me last night. its basically the same story, she called me crying and
    telling me about how much she missed me and how much she regret breaking up
    with me, then we kinda just went back and forth for a long time on the
    phone and basically she was about to get back together with me but at the
    end she became hesistant and said that she’s not sure about that yet. what
    should i do now?

  21. Milkyzz36 says:

    Your videos are awsome! but not allways helpful.I’am 12 years old and i hav
    just broke upwith my Girl freind Megan.I go to High school in Arbroath.But
    she dumped because we were getting teased to much.And it only lasted 2
    days.I still love her and i have since i started Secondery.Please help me
    get her bck with more information.I mean she stares at me in science.But
    i’ve asked her out and she said it wont work out when she did’nt give me a

  22. musicnowable says:

    Does this person have Relationship Counseling credentials? Looks like he is
    recording in his kitchen.

  23. camelotgeorge33 says:

    dont do it

  24. Carol Weber says:

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  26. sLvIguana7 says:

    @newfnshow031 hey sorry but i git the magic of making up, but i have a
    question. My ex says she doesn;t love me and she still has my stuff but me
    and her don’t talk. is their any advise you can give me thanks.

  27. Mark Williams says:

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  28. TheAjindidi says:

    give me ur emaill pleaseee i need ur helpp pleaseee

  29. brutus301 says:

    The secret is to change your attitude and outlook. Moving forward
    regardless of emotions and forcibly controlling insane thoughts. Dont mope.
    You’re giving fuel to your misery. As soon as i mentally said fuckit,
    pulled up by boot straps an moved ahead in life she starts banging out
    texts and voice mails. It takes will power and patience but it can be done

  30. freshebook says:

    @darknes74void LOL uhh lock them out of the house 😀

  31. gordy2k9 says:

    lol i did exactly wat u sed b4 i found this account but i messed it up wen
    i told my ex how i still felt about her

  32. jontyan says:

    @123frederikt Hi Fred, I read thru your post on TW’s video. So how’s it
    been with your gf? Have you got back together? I’m experiencing a break-up.
    We’ve been together for 8 years and now she’s with another guy…It’s
    really devastating.. I’m hoping you would share your experience with me and
    maybe u could sort me out on a few issues.. U have MSN messenger or
    sumthing? Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks. Best regards, John

  33. VictoriasRoses says:

    Thats what my ex says lets give it some time and not talk. Except he means
    it! I did nothng wrong. He can come to me if he wants me back. Then I am
    not sure I would take him back.

  34. The Tuxedo Mask says:

    i want to rephrase something here..dont text UNLESS u kno w what you’re
    doing and 98% of the time u dont know what you’re doing…thats why Michael
    Fiore’s Text Your Ex back is so great because this tells you haw to use
    text messaging to your advantange! so when getting your ex back texting
    isnt all bad unless you knw what youre doing!

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