How to get your ex back – Does Your Ex Still Care If your ex shows any kind of emotions for you or feelings they still care. If your ex goes out of their way to tell you …


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  1. Dnisha Babin says:

    your stuff works never stop these videos

  2. GuanRytheFantastic says:

    I wish this guy was still around

  3. teya asu says:

    Hey just watched this now and I find it very interesting, can I have your
    email address to message you directly please…..

  4. kenzie banta says:

    My ex told me that he loves me and that he truely dose but still decided to
    break up with me is there any advice for me that u have i am so lost and

  5. Sam Luna-Marquez says:

    What if He said he WANTS to be friends. He tries to be nice and caring And
    he really wants you in his life. He wants to keep because he loves you, but
    he doesnt want you ? 

  6. Eddie Perez says:

    If an ex is dating someone else but she tells you she still loves and care
    for you, is there a chance?

  7. linz1408 says:

    he blocked my house number, my cell, and both my parents cell. He said he
    would think about stayin but nothin else…. i have alreadyy accidentallyy
    txted and called him too much which is why he blocked all the numbers….
    what shoukd i do? i messed up big time! UGH!

  8. rico says:

    i have a question my gf broke up with me after a fight that was my fault
    and i admited it was my fault and she told me she needs space but she still
    calls me almost every morning and told me shes thought about getting back
    together. But i just get confused and hurt

  9. Nancy Gutierrez says:


  10. trigun1702 says:

    i liked your video a lot

  11. Donna Farley says:

    what if the they act friendly towards you? does this mean they dont want to
    get back together?

  12. Cavesuki says:

    She is showing alot of indifference, like everything is completely fine.
    But when we talk or text her conversations are hollow like if she is still
    holding back emotions? Is that a good sign? at the most? Cause i want her
    back but now it seems alot harder due to the indifference.

  13. Maya Howell says:

    Thank you so much!

  14. Scott Porter says:

    if were still talking is that also a good sign

  15. Amanda Silva says:

    My ex is acting very different of what you said. He still tells me he loves
    me and when I dont talk to him for a while he text’s me and tell me im
    sorry for not texting you and I just wanted to say goodnight and that I
    love you and ill tty tomorrow. He tells me he still wants to be with me but
    then he is having mixed emotions. I’m so confused.

  16. skylar lucas says:

    well whatif my ex wont talk to me she is just looking sad all the time
    eversince we broke up im now trying to decide witch one of us was hurt more
    from the break up and she broke up with me btw

  17. missvalerie101 says:

    It seems my ex is reaallly loovey with me. but when it comes down to being
    around other people he acts different i’m getting mixed signals Its hard
    but i think i should just let go what do you think??

  18. adam guarino says:

    HA EVAN!

  19. TMBfan says:

    Yea my Ex and I are such good friends I have a pretty good feeling my ex is
    gonna break up with the person she’s dating she’s told me how much he
    annoys her and everything

  20. SugarRose25 says:

    I agree. When my boyfriend and I have fought, he has raised his voice to
    say, “I hate you, I’ve never hated anyone else as much as you, you’re a
    #%@” Then when we made up, he cried and said he loved me and didn’t want to
    break up. He says “Let’s get married, let’s have kids” and when we fight he
    goes opposite and says “I HATE YOU, and I’m going to hurt myself. I wish I
    never met you!” So, love and hate…my bf has so much emotion to me. He
    isn’t my ex right now but I’m going to take it easy

  21. kim17c says:

    my ex-boyfrnd nd me r frnds agn n we went for a few outings too…he care 4
    me as a frnd bt cn i gt him bck even wen he has a new girlfrnd hez happy

  22. Checkm8king2 says:

    Become just friends will never get you back into a relationship if that is
    your goal.

  23. Cynara D'Oli says:

    and he thinks he did the right thing. We’ve been dating about 6 months we
    never had a fight. And he also says that he was feeling a bit lazy in the
    relantioship the last 2 weeks. I just need a chance to get back together.
    Because right now I know that i was being lazy in the relantioship…I just
    need a chance to prove that i can change my behavior. Is not the first time
    a guy broke up with me, but this is the first time I’m feeling devastating.

  24. Kid I know says:

    R.I.P whitney houston

  25. Jul ofDenial says:

    A man with low self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence coupled with
    stubbornness or too much pride (usually a means of overcompensation) will
    also behave indifferently when he has an argument with a girlfriend,
    spouse, or ex. Indifference is often a defense mechanism also.

  26. Sapovne says:

    You are absolutely amazing!!! One of the best break-up advisors/coaches I
    have listened to.

  27. Butterz88 says:

    thats ok Thomas! We still cool =D

  28. Jul ofDenial says:

    @SugarRose25 Yeah, I think you SHOULD take it easy…you might be dealing
    with a bipolar, borderline or manic-depressive personality. When their
    emotions get out of control, they become unpredictable and potentially
    harmful to self and/or others, an often lethal combination.

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