How To Get Your Ex Back- Even when they are dating someone. How to Get Your Ex Back- Even when they have started a relationship with someone else. Yes it’s True…You may think it’s game over at this point. No it really…


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  1. Lilly Wayne says:

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  2. Sherly Whitson says:

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  7. Deeje Quail says:

    Thank you! My ex broke up with me 2 days before valentines day, and we been
    together for 10months and he used to say “i love you and etc” and a few
    days after we broke up, now he is talking to a new girl and she is a long
    distant relationship too, yet he wants to say he still cares for me… I
    just wanna move on and not feel bound by his words, im so glad i found your

  8. Rebecca Elkins says:

    A promise ring doesn’t mean much if they broke that promise after that gave
    it to you lady’s remember that OK =) I’ve been there. Its not fun but its
    vary true be true to your self don’t let a man or women play you.

  9. Hardknoc says:

    Thank you so much. This made me feel better about myself and my outlook on
    things. I recently lost my ex to someone else because we had some minor
    problems. We had been together for 2.5 years. It really really seems like
    she’s doing as you said. I hope I can be strong enough to be cool and
    happy, as you said about it, because that will give me the best chance at
    getting her back. It’s good to hear about other people, it really helps.

  10. Damodaran Eranpurakkal says:

    Good video, interesting I like it

  11. Kidney Thief says:

    Oh maybe I was the rebound

  12. fedelin germeus says:

    so its gud it also helped me also so thanks

  13. teetoo labalaba says:

    My ex gf tried to reconcile with me but I rejected her even though I was
    not dating anyone. Why ? Becos she left me for some one else who was so
    similar to me except his family was super rich while I was middle class.
    And she kept it from me saying she needed space. I treated her well and
    suddenly she wants space?? Did not buy it and snooped around and found out
    about the other guy. Same height , med students the both of us and hell I
    was the better looker .

    No technique would have made me give my ex gf a 2nd chance.

  14. Rebecca Elkins says:

    You want your ex back tell them if they don’t want you back they’ll tell
    you =) ether way the same love you ones had will be gone and replaced with
    the memory s of the feeling that you both at one point had for each other

  15. thejerk1126 says:

    That didnt really say anything about getting your ex back at all

  16. eQuariuz says:

    If your ex (expecially if it is a female) is already “dating” (fucking)
    some other guy, you don’t want it back. She certainly has let you go, so
    don’t call or talk to her and most certainly don’t let her back in your bed
    after some other guy has been screwing her.

  17. Kuro Fakku says:

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  18. Destiny Cross says:

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    have a phone

  19. Patrick Lowrance says:

    thank you now I fill a lot betert

  20. Jack Tackther says:

    False hope is pretty lethal

  21. rawzone1 says:

    Dear Stacey Brady ( not your real name) it truly saddens me how greedy
    individuals like you quickly jump on the bandwagon of no conscience and do
    these types of videos. To prey on the weak and desperate is an act of
    sickness… I know you’ll either delete this or respond with a bogus
    comment from a false youtube account under a different fake name

  22. frank day says:

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  23. Afia Ayman says:

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  24. Francisco Cedillo says:

    What if my ex is 12

  25. bsmith973 says:

    what if you already screwed up. Like i was in a relationship with the love
    of my life for 8 years. She met some guy in Florida, we are in Maryland.
    Of course i was devastated. I always initiate the contact and how long is
    the no contact? What more can i do? 

  26. Dinu Perera says:

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  27. 20bdl00 says:

    if shes with someone else,thats total disrespect towards you and not worth
    your time as she is sleeping with someone else.Sorry once u do that all is
    lost,not trustworthy or wife material in my book.i sure wouldnt be sleeping
    with someone else in a relationship that i want to make it work,

  28. PrincessKumiYumie says:

    Girl!! The way you explained this gave me a slap on the face, Cuz my ex
    when he told me that he thinks he likes another girl, he asked me to be his
    bestie the bad thing is that… I got so mad I said I don’t want any text
    or call from him which is a lie… What can I do in this case? I really
    want him back I have 12 days without communication with him

  29. Cory Perez says:

    Yeah it sucks my ex left me 3 days ago when we were together for 5 months
    and how she told me i was the perfect guy for her and she would never leave
    me and the night after she was already talking to another guy and giving
    him kiss faces and all that but i guess its just time to wait it out. She
    was so special to me and i never felt love for anyone besides her

  30. hazel sandwr says:

    this is what i need… help me!

  31. Martin Simon says:

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  32. Sabin Manandhar says:

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  33. Charlie Voltz says:

    If she’s fucking someone else?……………bye bye i dont take used
    things back. Fuck her get another one. 

  34. Morbidfilthz says:

    She will never get back to me because she fed up with me treating her
    bad… not all the time though…. i have been dating her a year and a
    half. and now she is seeing someone else. i mean what are the chances she
    will give me a chance?! even though she said i was the love of her
    life….!!! she really did love me a lot and witnessed it.but i was an
    idiot to realize that. and now i regret it.

  35. N3v3r3nd1ngSt0ry says:

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  36. Venus Luv says:

    Haha I love that statement “the pretend relationship’. SO TRUE.

  37. Monica Erter says:

    A video presentation can soIve this problem. The techniques in this video
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  38. FichDichInDemArsch says:

    What the fuck is this shit?

  39. Andy Gomez says:

    Such a good video

  40. Phong Le says:

    so why would we want our ex’s back? if something fell apart its not meant
    to be rebuilt. just causes more pain in the long run

  41. ValeryVans says:

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    and we are*
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  42. Brandon Tackett says:

    omg it is like you are reading my mind holy shit I can’t believe you are
    just like speaking to me like this. The whole rebound thing…I was
    analyzing it so much, and you said EXACTLY what I realized recently…which
    I had watched this sooner!!!

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