How To GET Your EX Back FAST Get Your Ex Back In 3 Weeks

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  1. Taricco Enderitta says:

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  5. fisbazcan says:

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  6. Michelle Lupango says:

    There is no chance of getting my ex back, he initiated the break up he told
    me that his parents find a girl for him to be his wife and he thank me for
    evrything of what i did to him and it hurts me a lot i feel dying and i
    dont know exactly what to do,all i know i want to give up my life for me
    life without him is nothing,i cant forget him everytime i remember how he
    love me,he cares for me how we laugh & how we jealouse each other,how we
    tease each other killing me slowly,then in a moment he just thanking me for
    everthing bcoz his parents wants to engage him this summer….. im thi king
    of taking pills to make me fall asleep without waking up so i cant feel tje
    pain anymore ;(

  7. Todd Rowen says:

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  9. Teri Barton says:

    ok i sent the text like u said to do and your right his curiosity is coming
    out he keeps asking what the exciting thing is happening in my life . but
    what do i respond to him or do not at all ??

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  11. Ann Nagelsdick says:

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  12. Hottie6208 says:

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  13. Aiko Childs says:

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  14. Yani Labiste says:

    EX BACK?

  15. Joy Silva says:

    Why your ex will NEVER come back…?

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  17. Neal Baterson says:

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  19. tasmia firdose says:

    my case is extremely different TJ and i need your more guidance PLZ help me
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  20. mc holmes says:

    help me i am only 12 and my gf dumped me todat thursday 23 may 13 i really
    want to go bck out with her i have been crying to death to go bck out with
    her plz help i really miss herr =(

  21. Barackobama199 says:

    Stop being awesome!

  22. IpodManiaHD says:

    I’m still head over heels in love with my ex boyfriend but he doesn’t want

  23. Hung Tran says:

    I love how you did that!!

  24. Meaghan Rachi says:


  25. Adam richardson says:

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  27. mc holmes says:

    help im 12 and im in tears to go bck out with my gf

  28. Iplayfordays says:

    this is darn awesome

  29. MagicOfMakingUpv says:

    This technique usually works the first time you do it as long as you have
    not made any critical mistakes immediately after the break up. Great video

  30. Israel Montoya says:

    We’re starting to talk about getting back together.

  31. tompingtilton says:


  32. smita roy says:

    heblocked me on fb also…. i had seen this nw.. tht he blocked me…
    plzzzz tell m ehw to get him bck…. he is vry much rude nw a days….. he
    behaves in frnt of his frnds tht he dnt even bother wht i do aur he dnt wnt
    to knw an thng abt me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp me…… plzzzzzzzzz

  33. Simply Ange says:

    Wrong! All wrong! Number one rule Is no contact(stop stalkin)! No body
    wants a needy girlthat stalks you retard!!!!

  34. joe winner says:

    Me and my ex are going through a really ridiculous time flirting with each

  35. Rachellane432 says:

    Check out my channel?

  36. Minesota Coorva says:

    I still have mixed feelings about my ex boyfriend.

  37. Adele Roncato says:

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    someone lovely told me that… I can’t remember ever previously seeing him so
    positive. Kind of makes me feel bad.

  38. WalterWolf9999 says:

    I think I’m too late he already has a girlfriend.

  39. Octavius260 says:

    kudos. cool vid.

  40. Γιώργος Κακουλιάδης Cwt says:

    I don’t think my ex boyfriend wants a relationship.

  41. Haemweh on the Rocks says:


  42. TheUniquePlaying says:

    Don’t mess it up because it might be the only chance you’ll have getting

  43. How To Get Your Ex Back says:

    Yeah, I agree with you. If you’re a girl you should not sleep with him
    immediately. He got what he wanted and he knows he can easily get it again
    even if he decides to break up with you again.

  44. Jerry Lee says:

    I am a huge fan after watching your videos.

  45. MrCeemGee says:

    Best video ever!

  46. habbodude12 says:

    cool music thumbs up!

  47. TheGroooar says:

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  48. Lindsuper says:

    Well… this is a very great video! I loved It till the last second!

  49. asktjmatthews says:

    If you’re a girl then do not sleep with him immediately but if you’re a guy
    who’s trying to get back with your ex then that’s a different situation.

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