How to get your ex back fast! How to get your ex back fast.


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  1. havier solomon says:

    >>>>>>>>Even if your Ex won’t answer your calls, emails or texts now,
    you’II be amazed at how quickly his/her attitude towards you changes once
    you Iearn these best techniques…..<<<<<<<

  2. Lillie Brett says:

    I had a very hot boyfriend that i never imagined ill get him back, until a
    friend sent me a link that changed my whole life!

  3. ShereeCasa says:

    *>This will make any man feel so in love with you, that he will get
    obsessive thoughts about you all the time.*

  4. AgeOfBile says:

    Let me save you all 13 minutes of your life. This guy is simply trying to
    sell you some snake oil. You will find no answers here. Let me put it to
    you the way a good friend would: If you’re not with your ex, then you’re
    not supposed to be with them. You’re supposed to be with someone better.
    Someone more suited to you. But you can’t be with that person until you
    stop fixating on your ex. Period. Do anything you can to forget about them
    and go out and meet and date new people. Move on with your life. And, most
    importantly, learn to be okay with being single. Fall in love with
    yourself. Breakups are a great opportunity to do this. When you come out
    the other side and you become ok with being single, kick back and watch how
    one incredible person after another comes rolling into your life with
    really no effort on your part. Love should be EASY, not difficult. If it’s
    ever difficult then it’s not meant to be. Don’t let anyone tell you
    otherwise. We’ve been taught that everything worth having should be
    difficult to obtain. This is a bunch of nonsense that has been perpetuated
    in this useless, two-bit culture of ours for far too long. Action based on
    desperation is nothing but resistance. Resistance hampers progress. Learn
    to let go. Good luck. And remember: You’re awesome! There’s nobody out
    there quite like you and nobody who can offer quite what you can. Love
    yourself and others will be encouraged to love you too. You deserve to be
    happy. And you deserve to have joyful, loving relationships. It’s your
    birthright! Go and claim it!

  5. Haguo Daean says:

    Watch a free presentation and Iearn how to use tiny little text messages
    sent from the cell phone you have in your pocket right now to crawl deep
    into your ex’s mind and reawaken his passion, love and desire for you
    literally at the push of a button. .. .

  6. Gameanimedragon says:

    How could I take her back if I have breakup with her and I regret that and
    have try to wine her back in one month.. and my feelings take controll over
    me and I was saying mean things and text many means things to.. is to late
    to get her back?? :(

  7. AdinC33 says:

    Why cant you just tell us how and get to the fucking point!!!? Stop
    bullshitting and making out you can get any girl to want you! If it was
    true that you could just do a certain thing and get your ex back everyone
    on earth would be in a relationship

  8. Cecilia Copeland says:

    I don’t have any money to pay for anything

  9. John Cook says:

    Dont fall for this give em space go out on some dates keep it friendly as
    to not hurt that other persons feelings. If your ex really cares when they
    find out you moved on and are okay they will if they still love you want
    you back . you do not need to spend months listening to this jackass
    mumble just go out with someone and have fun dont let this bother you
    take care of you dont be a slave to there love love yourself . and go have
    some fun ask someone out on a date . just remember keep it simple for at
    least two months . when they here you are going out and doing good they may
    just have a change of heart or you may just see how they used you and
    decide im not falling for there manipulative ways any more no more
    narcissists for me . 

  10. Kenny Jon says:

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  11. Brianna Kelly says:

    :’) I want you back…

  12. atnipjoe says:

    Yeah but once you start paying her that child support or that fat alimony
    check you might as well kiss her ass goodbye the system has made it to
    profitable for women don’t fool yourself men if you are a first husband you
    are most likely just a short term investment for a narcissistic liberal
    feminist……… I got bit by a wolf in sheep’s clothing I was stupid I
    knew her entire family was nothing but wolves how could I ever expected her
    to be anything else her grandmother did the same thing her mother did the
    same thing both of her aunts have done the same thing and her sister is
    getting ready to do the same thing

  13. Chanel nella says:

    I tried all of that and it doesnt work you dont know how it feels to be
    missing that feeling of his hugs,kiss and vois i cry about him day and
    night even in my sleep when i wake up after dreaming about him i cry and i
    am crying right now i just need him in my live and and he doent want me but
    i dont know what to do

  14. kchiang4 says:

    Why can’t people just be nice and give these advice for free over Youtube
    rather than make an ad to take advantage of people in these situations just
    to make money…

  15. Mohammed Abid says:

    Fuck You! At the end you asked for money

  16. Jordan Holloway says:

    this just happend to me to day

  17. Cem Zaim says:

    Hate these kind of people. They gave people false by the start of the video
    then want them to pay to know the solution.

  18. Enola Spencer says:

    i want my ex chris back!

  19. hayleyboots says:

    I was crying a lot after my breakup. 2 teachers talked to me about it. One
    said you may have to kiss a hundred frogs to find your prince, something
    like that. And the other one said I’m too young. (I’m 11 btw)

  20. Laleh Bagheri says:

    please lower the sound of the music, it’s annoying.

  21. T Souvenir says:

    There are spiritual ways to get your EX back using Vodou. Let the magic
    happen for you. I am a living testimonial. Email if you want help.
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  22. Maegan Remlinger says:

    +Emmie Andersson >>>This will make any man feel so in love with
    you, that he will get obsessive thoughts about you all the time.>>

  23. Tiffany Knox says:

    I don’t understand what he means by those three options. There are no three

  24. jaron gil says:

    Nice sharing video

  25. Kayla Harrington says:

    I feel the same way right now I’m in love with a boy I was with for 6
    months and he break up with me and I miss him so much 

  26. elliott j-s-r says:

    But what happens if your ex leaves you for your cousin and you wasn’t the
    for her 

  27. thanking spiral says:

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  28. elliott j-s-r says:

    I was with my girl friend for 4 years and she left me for my cousin because
    I was being stupid I didn’t see her when I should of I’ve tried for a week
    cause she left me a week ago and i sent her loads of messages saying how
    much I love her snd I tried to get her to think how much she loves me 

  29. Kayleigh Williams says:

    my ex likes someone else and clearly told me he’s not interested… :(

  30. Luc Smith says:

    No .. I would tell him to kiss my ass 

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