How To Get Your Ex Back For Men Boxed Set: A Complete Solution for Winning The Heart of the Woman You Love

Why Buy This Set
Because you are at your wit’s end trying to get your girlfriend back from The Land of the Lost and you are desperate for practical, easy-to-follow advice from relationships to getting an amazing body to help you get your girl back. This set is the ultimate in getting your groove back!

What’s Inside?

Book 1: How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back in A Week
Day 1 – A Moment of Reflection
Day 2 – The Meltdown
Day 3 – Self-Love and Self-Praise
Day 4 – Testing the Waters
Day 5 – The Post Break Up Meet Up
Day 6 – The Reunion Date
Day 7 – Rekindling the Spark

Book 2: Amazing Abs Diet Cookbook
Chapter 1 – Kick-Starting Your Amazing Abs Lifestyle
Chapter 2 – Stop (Fat Gain), Drop (the Pounds), Roll (withAmazing Abs)
Chapter 3 – Nix the Fat
Chapter 4 – Breakfasts: Great Ways to Start Your Mornings
Chapter 5 – Amazing Abs Lunches
Chapter 6 – The Perfect Dinner to Top Your Day
Chapter 7 – Healthy Bites Here and There
Chapter 8 – Feel-Good Healthy Smoothies
Chapter 9 – Burning Fat Finishers

Book 3: Amazing Abs Workout Plan
Chapter 1 – First Things First
Chapter 2 – Eat Your Fat Away
Chapter 3 – Getting Off On the Right Foot
Chapter 4 – Paving Your Way to A Six-Pack
Chapter 5 – Cheating Your Fat Pie
Chapter 6 – No Pain, No Gain
Chapter 7 – Melting Your Middle
Chapter 8 – Get That Abdominal V
Chapter 9 – Breaking the Fat Barrier

Book 4: Amazing Abs Diet Plan
Chapter 1 – Doing Your Best with What You’ve Got
Chapter 2 – Getting Real ABS and Not A Big Stomach
Chapter 3 – Going Beyond Borders
Chapter 4 – You Are What You Eat, Literally!
Chapter 5 – Burning Fat Day In and Day Out
Chapter 6 – Getting Fired Up
Chapter 7 – The Dream Killers
Chapter 8 – Diet Solutions
Chapter 9 – Turbo-charging Your Abs Formation
Chapter 10 – From Flabs to Abs

Why Buy Now?
Face it; your girl will not wait around for you to get your act together. Unless you’re fine with parting ways forever, you’d better get crackin’ and get this set to steer your girlfriend back to you!


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