How To Get Your Ex Back for Women Boxed Set:A Complete Solution for Winning the Heart of the Man You Love

Why Buy This Set?
Admit it, girls. Men have a roving eye, and it doesn’t take much for you to lose your grip especially if not in a committed relationship. When you find yourself bereft of your man, this set of books will help you reel him back in, pronto!

What’s Inside?

Book 1: How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back
Day 1 – Clear Your Thoughts
Day 2 – Don’t Panic, Stay Still
Day 3 – Picking Up the Pieces
Day 4 – Build A Better You
Day 5 – Stand Out
Day 6 – Dropping the Bomb
Day 7 – Win Him Over, Again!

Book 2: The Fat Burner Recipe Plan
Chapter 1 – Fast Facts
Chapter 2 – Someone Like You
Chapter 3 – All About Food
Chapter 4 – Melt in YourMouth Breakfasts
Chapter 5 – Simply Satisfying Lunches and Dinners
Chapter 6 – Flavor Packed Snacks
Chapter 7 – Fresh and Tangy Salads
Chapter 8 – Sensational Soups and Zesty Sauces
Chapter 9 – Irresistibly Incredible Desserts

Book 3: The Fat Burner Diet Plan
Chapter 1 – Educate Yourself
Chapter 2 – Preparing for the Kick-Off
Chapter 3 – The Kick Off
Chapter 4 – Burn the Fat Away
Chapter 5 – BoostingYour Fat-Burning Efforts
Chapter 6 – Get A Total Body Make Over
Chapter 7 – Picking Up Where You Left Off
Chapter 8 – Getting into Shape
Chapter 9 – Burn, Baby, Burn !
Chapter 10 – Achieving Success

Book 4: The Fat Burner Exercise Plan
Chapter 1 – Starting Out on the Right Foot
Chapter 2 – Coming Up With A Plan
Chapter 3 – Slowly But Surely
Chapter 4 – Feel the Burn
Chapter 5 – Seeing the Changes in Your Body
Chapter 6 – Turning Up the Heat
Chapter 7 – Take Out the Excess
Chapter 8 – Let the Fat Burning Begin
Chapter 9 – Keep It Up
Chapter 10 – Getting the After Burn

Why Buy Now?

No reason whatsoever…if you don’t mind giving up on your boyfriend. If you think he’s THE ONE, then you won’t waste any time getting this set!


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