How to Get Your Ex Back From Another Guy

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  4. Rj Darko says:

    I can’t help but to cry right now and the fact she’s with another guy right
    the story is with me, iv been framed for cheating and iv never cheated on
    her with another girl. I still love her and it stings badly in my heart.
    please help me :'(

  5. Russel Racho says:

    Nice :D

  6. palash saha says:

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  7. Graham Gardner says:

    My ex fucking hates me. She won’t to me. Shes got a new guy and hes an
    absalute fagot and I just dont know what the fuck to do ! Please help me
    because one of these nights im not gonna stop cutting and end up insane !
    Please help !?

  8. ZombieAppocolypse65 says:

    I always watch this video when I have anxiety and feel heartbroken to give
    me hope.. But what do u do when she won’t talk to me and the only time I
    see her is at school with no classes?

  9. Mark Williams says:

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