How to Get Your Ex Back in 2 Weeks — In this video, we go over the two biggest secrets for how to get back with your ex. These two tricks really work and are the ba…


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  1. YouNow333 says:


  2. Summer Reich says:

    My question is the same as sunshine122

  3. Ashlyn Dixon says:

    @HaosBakugan347 my ex is the SAME exact way .. don’t text, call, message,
    email etc. him at allllll .. try your best to be happy and smile and do
    things you like to do to get him off your mind .. and when he talks to you
    and is beig mean don’t talk to him back ignore him completely .. and
    that’ll hurt him the mustttt ..

  4. AnimeRulz110 says:

    knowing my ex would respond badly to this im scared to try it. hes the kind
    of guy that if he thinks ive moved on, he wont chase after me, and he’ll
    think, “well, this is it. there’s nothing i can do” and he won’t do
    anything and he’ll accept it. i want him back more than anything but i dont
    know if this will work :’<

  5. Stellar Stargazer says:

    Thank you so much. I needed this so badly.

  6. iris jackson says:

    You got it right!!! its possible and thanks for sharing your secret!

  7. FliipZTv says:

    I don’t understand my ex I want her back so bad think of her all day 24/7
    she made me so happy . So I stoped texting her for a whole month and just
    this week she messaged me saying she doesn’t have hatred towards me anymore
    I moss her so much bt I don’t know if she feels the same she told me she
    wants to be my friend but it hurts to be only friends what should I do?
    Also I be txting her now n it feels like she doesn’t want to text back she
    told our friends that me n her talk again n everyone sa

  8. whitewolfrocks says:

    She’s already with someone else so fuck it!

  9. Aaron says:

    uh..what if kids are involved? You need to communicate daily when small
    children are involved.

  10. skatecrimson101 says:

    I choose not to like this until it works -.-

  11. mightycoolki says:

    I took ya advice and thought “I need to eat a toolbox , bricks and drink
    oil to regai my manliness 😀

  12. fallaw2cme says:

    I broke up with my ex……… And right than he asked out another girl

  13. shooter19pro says:

    just give it hope that your ex will come back to u thats what will only
    work thats if she really loves u tho lol. It sucks that my ex hates me and
    never wants to see me ever again cause of me making dumb mistakes but i
    wish i could do anything to get her back tho :(

  14. Aloha says:

    is it for free?

  15. Rose McLain says:

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    Benith helped them in bringing back their lovers i also decided to contact
    prof benith i was surprice after someday my husband that have left me about
    a years now with my kids started calling me pleading forgiveness i was also
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  16. just-wouter says:

    im afraid that she is going to forget me

  17. bigmusicfan17 says:

    Didn’t work

  18. Lindsey Nichols says:

    #1 – we work together. Do I just ignore him??

  19. LordTatters says:

    The part where it says pretend you don’t care… it should say “pretend you
    don’t care, especially if you do.”

  20. Peter Pan says:

    PS Love is all around us we just chose to attach it to that fucken slut so
    its not the slut that you miss its the feeling of love. Like a drug addict
    coming off crack. So what you do is be aware that love will come again
    because love is within you and not the person you attach it too.

  21. rebecca galeana says:

    it wored thank u.

  22. victoria harrynanan says:

    bt if he is a person who wud nt call bk if u dont tlk 2 him 1st wat 2

  23. Lynda Harris says:

    its’s EXTREMELY hard! the hardest thing i had to do in my life.

  24. Brooke Ramos says:

    you have a really kind voice :)

  25. Ryley Velichka says:

    I want my gf back i mean im only 13 but shes the love of my life and i
    really fuked up doubt itll work but thanx

  26. trinity brookes says:

    @BRENDA24ES ♥♥♥

  27. Salomon Gonzalez says:

    Also I having a hard time to consitrate because my girl friend was trying
    to fogive me because I was going to say that I was going to be single and I
    didn’t mean to say that and its all my fault I was trying to tell her that
    I love her and she said that it will take 5 month for loving and back
    together so I don’t know what to do

  28. daniel23134 says:

    @mightycoolki You my friend have no balls

  29. mightycoolki says:

    It Dosnt matter, it was for another lad

  30. Giglia Peña Tobalina says:

    What if its better to remain friends? And by having no contact you may lose
    that friendship too?

  31. jamie jie says:

    least two weeks??? i though is 30days looool

  32. ilokiwi says:

    And a REALLY good tip as said in the video. GAMING!

  33. SnakeEater76 says:

    i need serious help. Were both 16 and dated for a year n 2 months. first 6
    months was good then after that we had sleepovers and were two together 4
    months straight. we didn’t see our friends that much. then we kind of saw
    friends i told her i wanted space n to my see my friends. but didnt really
    happen then my feelings started to go away from her then i treated her bad
    and abusive like i was really mean n i know its wrong but i wanted space.
    we broke up several times but only lasted a day

  34. the limey casino says:

    I’m giving it ago 4 sure

  35. lauren fyfe says:

    well Here is the thing my ex boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend
    but i just want him back because i miss him and still love him, i hope this
    does work for me<3

  36. ilokiwi says:

    Ahm, For me that is a bit younger that most of you, My Ex and I are in the
    same class So how am I gonna have no contact?

  37. Imamcer says:

    OMG thank you man!

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