How To Get Your Ex Back In A Long Distance Relationship — Getting Your Ex Back In A Long Distance Relationship If you’re trying to repair a long distance relationship, then this video …


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  1. Kreyzia Aquino says:

    Hey brad! My ex and I broke up yesterday. We were dating for half a year
    and I met and got along with his parents last weekend (Dec 11-15) when I
    went to visit him in his hometown London. I’m from Spain. Everything was
    going well when I got home then suddenly saying he dont think we are
    compatible. That “something” is missing. That we’re just wasting our time.
    He says I’m perfect and he’s the one who’s messed up but I think that’s
    just his easy way out. And that we should be just friends for a moment coz
    he think I can have my place in his life which I declined of course. Ever
    since yesterday I had established the no contact rule but I’m afraid it
    wouldn’t work as he always follow what his mind says and would stick in to
    his thoughts that we are just wasting our time. Help me please !

  2. Matt Tanaka says:

    Hey brad, I love your advises. My ex of over a year broke up with me a
    couple days ago. But its weird because she says she wants to be friends and
    when were together its like were a happy couple. Anyway she said she doesnt
    feel the same way about me as she did before, she says theres two sides
    where one side wants to be with me and work it out and the other only wants
    to be friends. I feel like shes leading me on because shes holding my hand
    and doing all the things wed do as a couple after the fact she told me she
    doesnt know how she feels. We got in a little fight the other day and this
    convo came up again and she decided that maybe we should just be friends,
    but im so confused because the day before we were a super happy couple and
    we barely fight. I live in oahu, hawaii and she lives on the big island. We
    broke up right before her flight to go home. However we had plans for me to
    go to the big island for about a week and spend time with each other there.
    She still wants me to go, but just to hand out as “friends”. Im not sure
    what I should do, the flights are already booked and I cant get a refund.
    At the same time I still really want to be with her and I have this feeling
    that she still wants to be with me

  3. Prakash Lukhoo says:

    Hi Brad..Your advices are really good…Actually my story goes like this: I
    broke up with my ex because of some stupid “doubts”.Its been 4 months since
    the break up..and now she has moved to another state..I added her on fb
    recently n she started chatting wid me and I told her that I want us to be
    together again (which maybe a big mistake)..nw we are in touch on
    Viber..but she doesn’t seem to be really interested again.her answers are
    just one liners and she reply after long time sometimes she doesnt
    reply..Idk what to do..thank you for your advise..

  4. Umairahmad1989 says:

    Hey Brad, been with this girl 2 years broke up a month ago. She says fell
    out of love bc of LD and her family never approving our relationship. She
    started talking to a new guy she says it started a few weeks ago but I
    believe its been going on for almost 2 months. I did beg/plead but I have
    stopped. she does ask things about how I am or telling me she saw my pics
    on social media and I looked nice. I am starting the convo every time. She
    told me (after 3 days NC broken by me) she can’t focus at work she thinks
    about me considered the possibility of it working out but then backs off
    and says it won’t work. She is so iffy about her feelings I just saw her 3
    weeks ago right after breakup and we did have intimate moments but she
    would push me off saying we shouldn’t do this (3-4 times this happened).
    when we do talk we laugh but then at times she becomes quiet. I recently
    sent her a letter telling her how i feel that yes my feelings have died
    down but i would like to give it a chance and it takes 2 people. I
    mentioned good memories of our relationship i left the letter by saying i
    don’t want a friendship bc i want to love you. i mentioned if she is even
    dating that guy i hope nothing but the best. I ended saying if not ill be
    moving on. She did follow up simply saying how things will never work
    between us bc of family etc. but it really seems its the distance and the
    new guy and family is secondary. I told her thats fine and i hope nothing
    but the best and told her i can’t be her friend and you have my number if
    you wan to talk things out. Suggestions?

  5. PRO Clan says:

    Hi Brad, my problem is similar to this but my girlfriend got her phone
    taken away for about 2 weeks and when she texted me back she didn’t really
    seem that happy. We are a couple hundred miles away but we didn’t break up.
    We used to say good morning each day and txt each other for hours a day but
    now she doesn’t seem as happy because she doesn’t flirt anymore.. I always
    call her hunny or baby but she never replies saying the same thing.. Idk if
    it’s just my imagination or not but she doesn’t seem the same after she got
    her phone back.. Please reply Brad thanks, and please give me some advise I
    haven’t texted her in like 2 days idk if I should keep this up or txt her
    bit if I do what should I say? 

  6. Nichole Marie says:

    Hello Brad. I Just came across your videos. I’m not currently in a
    relationship but I have been in a long distance relationship before. It’s
    kinda complicated but I will try to explain it best I can. I am 18 now and
    the guy I was in a long distance relationship with is 21 now. We’ve been
    broken up for over 2 years now. I know I’m young and was young at the time
    of this relationship but I was 15 at the time and since I was 15 I’ve been
    IN LOVE with this guy.We have truly taken the time to get to know each
    other. We’ve been through hell and back with eachother. I live in Toronto
    and he lives in New York. Anyways, throughout the years of us not being
    together he got a new girlfriend but we ALWAYS kept in contact with
    eachother but not a lot. He ended up having a child with this girl but
    they’re not together anymore and haven’t been for over a year. Recently,
    since April we’ve been texting, skyping, and talking on the phone with each
    other A LOT, almost every single day. (Not recently because he went off to
    Navy bootcamp but he did call me once while he’s been there) and we do talk
    about marriage to each other and before he left he told me that when he
    comes back he wanted to have a serious conversation with me. Me and him are
    like best friends but lovers but we’re not official. Before he left for
    Bootcamp (October) we’ve both have told eachother ”i love you” to one
    another atleast 3-4 different times.I know that I am young still but this
    is the guy I want to marry and he has told me that he wants to marry me. I
    have been looking into the K-1 visa and I do wish to move to the states to
    be with him. I need some advice. (Sorry if this is long)

  7. Gamerz Halpin says:

    Hey Brad, there’s a girl I like but I’ve never dated her I used to go to
    her school but since my dad is in the Amry in UK we move around after a
    year or two. I like her but I don’t know how to tell her I like her she
    dosnt like me but do you think I’ll be able to get her to like me? And how
    do I tell her I like her?

  8. Akanksha Singh says:

    hey…brad…ur advices r rly gd…my story goes like i ws having a long
    distance relationship since last 8 months,n i av been in ds relationship fr
    d last one year…i went into ds relationship aftr a long time…my ex
    loved(or i dnt knw wdr he stil does) me alot…he is coming to my town next
    year n his exams r approaching…so he jst wntd a break…n i ovrreactd n
    said alot of bad things…i had rly hurt him alot…plz tl me hw shal i
    clear d mess i creatd n hw shud i react wn i c him…….n yea ,one more
    thing,i did all d mistakes u had mentioned in ur last few videos….

  9. Maffe Mikeyi says:

    Hi Brad,

    First : your videos are awesome, i subscribed !
    But i had an relation with an beautiful english girl for like an year and
    we broke up because of the distance.
    Now she has got an new boyfriend, he looks similar to me and her best
    friend thinks its just an ”rebound” relation.
    What should i do now?
    Anyway thank you,


  10. RayRainz says:

    Hello Brad, thanks for the videos their great help. We lives 5 hours from
    each other. Right now I’m in a relationship for 4 months with a girl that’s
    lives in Montreal and I live in New York City.We both love each other but
    she is having second thoughts due because the distance scares her. What can
    I do to make the relationship stronger. Thanks 

  11. Ryan Acoustic says:

    hey brad …I am suffering in a cross culture marriage..I am indian and
    shes French…3 years of marriage and 1 child…because I couldn’t succeed
    in France being Indian..i came back to India..for 6 months…now shes actng
    completely mad at me….I begged her but she was tough..saying she don’t
    trust me anymre…now since 2 weeks I am cut off .and she replied me last
    sunday ….but I send only a 4 line mail….since then shes nt contacting
    me …neither I….am I doing this proper

  12. janet s says:

    HI Brad. It has been about 2 months since I last saw my ex. We live in
    different states. He broke up with me and I recently unfriended him on
    Facebook because I needed to be free from the past. I contacted him a
    month ago when a family member died. No response, so I am afraid to reach
    out. Should I reach out to him now or wait a few months more before I
    attempt first contact? 

  13. asoss12 says:

    Hey brad my ex fiancé broke up with me 3 months ago. He has become very
    cold and has told me has built a very high wall. He says he doesn’t know
    what he wants and that he doesn’t trust me anymore. He says we can talk
    occasionally but for me to have no expectations and hope, as right now he
    truly does not know what is right for him and what he wants. How do I gain
    his trust? And how often should I call him? 

  14. Slim Johnson says:

    Hello Brad,, My Name is Tiana & Me & MY Ex Boyfriend Was In A Long Distance
    Relationship Everything Was Good,, We Worked At The Same Job But When We
    Found New Ones We Barley Saw Each Other,, Then One Day I Was Suppose To See
    Him & I Never Did & Then He Said He Wanted To Take A Break,, It Was Out Of
    The Blue & I Didn’t Think He Was Serious But We Really Didn’t See Each
    Other Like That & I Told Him I Don’t Take Breaks So We Broke Up,, The Same
    Day He Said He Still Wanted Us To Talk But I Just Thought It Would Have
    Been Awkward If We Did So I Just Left It Alone,, It’s Been Like 3 Weeks
    Now,, & I Do Miss Him & Care About Him & Ima trying My Hardest To Stay Busy
    Working & Meeting New Ppl,, But All I Want Is Him,, But If He Doesn’t Text
    or call after one month do I just move on or Should I respond ? or wait
    till he text me first ?

  15. Casey Kurinec says:

    so my girlfriend, high school sweatheart, first kiss, first everything went
    away for college while I stayed home. After a year of love and laughter we
    were prepared to do the long distance thing. Until out of nowhere she says
    we need to take a break, so we took our break and just yesterday she came
    home and we had a talk where she said she “dose not feel the same way” she
    wants to remain friends and yes I screwed up by crying in her arms but I
    love this girl more than anything and there was a time where she could stop
    talking about me. she would never let me go home, never let me go to bed
    without saying I love you so what we had was real and I cant let her throw
    it away because I smothered her for a week at college. I love this girl
    more than anything and I need her back

  16. jose steel says:

    how do i get my ex gf back although she hates me ? i dated her for almost 3
    years but she moved elsewhere (thousandths of miles away). i still have
    lots of hope and keeping my faith strong that am going to get her back
    sometimes in the future. i was her first everything; first lover, first
    kiss etc. and now she said that she wants to live the single life and just
    have fun. please i really need your help 

  17. jasminowa herbatka says:

    Hello Brad. Thank you for advances, I hope it will work. I have problem, I
    have been in long distance relationship (me Poland, he lives in Paris)
    since 4 months. It was really amazing, it seems to be really serious
    because both of us were hoping that we will spend our future together. We
    were writing with each other everyday, since he back from work till sleep
    time, I was really happy and he seems be happy too, he promised me many
    things and I really believed that, even last week it was normal, he said
    he will miss me cause he will go to his friend (a guy) for 4 days.
    He come back this Tuesday and just said me that it was great and “gnight’.
    yesterday he wasnt online at all, I was worried and texted him. At 1:30 a.m
    (he was maybe waiting for me to sleep) he send me a message that he was
    with a girl this weekend (she was only a friend of him for 5 past months)
    and he is in couple with her since 4 days . He said that the world is
    cruel and he know I can hate him or cry but he didnt know how to tell me
    this and he was scared to hurt me. And after this break-up he deleted me
    from all social media sites, even from facebook or skype. Im so broken, I
    wanted to talk with him and I asked him a couple of questions but thats
    all, he unblocked me on facebook but still didnt add me to friends. I still
    cant believe that it…. happened to me, Im really…. heartbroken, because
    he seems to care for me and be jealous over little things week ago! And now
    its all gone? In stupid 3 days…

    There is any chance that I can get him back to me?
    thank you in advice

  18. IfinduIgetu says:

    Hey Brad,
    I don’t know if you read these but I’m in a really big predicament. My
    girlfriend “broke up” with me yesterday. The reason I put it in quotations
    is because how she worded it. I left her house the night before and
    everything was fine she hugged me a bunch and kissed me and told me she
    loves me. I was suppose to hang out with her a bit the next day but she
    “had” to get her dad at the airport and couldn’t hang out then apologized
    and said she loves me and wants me to text her when I get home to make sure
    I’m safe. She texted me yesterday saying the following (a couple to note
    she would barely cuddle with me when she made me watch the fault in our
    stars, and I got she was very quiet the day before):

    Me (the night before when I got home from being with her)- “If falling’s
    how you feel and perfect’s what you seem then I’d be what you mean to me <3
    I love you baby<3 (This was a quote from our song)
    Her (the next day)- Can I be straight up with you?
    Me- What?
    Her- There’s no easy way to put this but I need a break. My grades suck,
    show season is starting, along with weightlifting and I never see my
    friends anymore. I need to focus on myself for a while to get back on
    track. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for me and your an
    amazing guy but I can’t be in a relationship right now. I’m so sorry.
    Me- So are we taking a break? I didn’t mean to be a distraction I always
    said you didn’t have to talk to me and you could do your homework etc.
    Her- I know I just can’t juggle a relationship with everything else going
    on right now.
    Me- You couldn’t call me
    Her- I’m on my way home from the airport with all my family, so not really
    Me- So youre just gonna drop me
    Her- I just need to focus on myself right now
    Her- The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you. I’m sorry
    Me- I still need to know, is this a break or are we just done
    Her- I don’t know
    Me- So was the “I love you” last night still real, cause i meant it
    Her- Have I ever lied to you
    Me- Ok because i love you I understand

    Another couple of things to note is we lived 2.5 hours away from each
    other, facetimed nearly every night and she or I would text each other
    goodmorning and throughout the rest of the day. I would always tell her I
    miss her and love her and try to buy her gifts and flowers to show her I
    care and try to come see her on weekends (although sometimes it would go up
    to 3 weeks without seeing eachother). She meant the world to me brad and I
    don’t know what I did but I should have noticed the wierd acts. I would
    also always mess up for play so it was very rare we ever did anything.
    Please help me Brad, I need her back. She’s the first girl I’ve ever said I
    love you to and she actually meant something to me and made me feel like a
    real man. Is this just a break, was the “I love you” real, does she still
    like me? I need closer and I really love her and I want her back. How can I
    get her back? I know I’m leaving a lot out but any help would be
    great.Thank you so much your videos are great!

  19. Kana Imo says:

    Hi brad! Been reading and watching your videos since last night. My
    situation is same like everyone here. I’m in a long distance relationship
    with a guy for almost 27 mos now. We are doing great, we knew each other so
    well, we talked about anything and everything day and night 24/7, we talked
    about our future together, we have plans of getting married once he came to
    see me this month. We build our relationship with the foundation of love,
    trust, loyalty, honesty and friendship. Just 2 weeks ago he told me that
    his daughter is diagnosed with lung cancer and he might stay a little
    longer. I panicked and asked question like “How about me? How about us?” He
    was irritated of my action and said that he can’t believed I’m saying those
    stuffs when he’s in the situation that he might loss his daughter in less
    than a year. I admit I didn’t thought about his feelings being a father
    that time, about what he’s going through, my thoughts is all about me ,me,
    me. After that he never spoke to me again. And I ended doing constant
    texting, calling, emails just for him to reply. Then he sent me an email
    saying he want his life the way it is now, SINGLE, simple and uncomplicated
    and won’t take the risk in coming here for me. And that he has so much on
    his plate right now and don’t have the time or energy to deal with any
    relationship at this time. He’s cold now, not the man I knew. I really love
    him and I know he loves me also and I don’t want to lose him. This breakup
    crashed me to pieces that I don’t know how to pick myself up. If I can just
    turn back the time I would never said such things to him. Pls help 

  20. Barry Alexander says:

    Hello Brad,
    I’ve watched a few of your videos and the no-contact vid has helped a bit
    with my current situation. I’ll keep it brief…I dated this girl for a
    year. She then went to college out of state (6 hour flight) and it became a
    long distance relationship. She ended up cheating on me with someone else
    and leaving me for him. It was a messy break-up. I told her that I didn’t
    want to be friends afterward. I did the no-contact thing for about a month
    and a half. Completely shut her out. For the past few months since the
    breakup (August, I think) the ex has basically been keeping in contact
    “Just to check up on me” She has called, texted, and messaged me on social
    media. I didn’t feel like ignoring her anymore but I didn’t want to start a
    friendship, so I kept my responses very short. I’m not sure what her deal
    is. If she’s happy with him while up there, why does she still keep
    checking in on me. I’m not even sure if I should tell her to get lost, tell
    her I’m dating other girls or just ignore her completely, or leave it for
    whenever she comes back. Any advice or feedback would be appreciated…

  21. Mary Lou says:

    Hi Brad, thanks alot for your advice, but I desperately need your help
    right now. I am in a long distance relationship for almost a year now, we
    did incredible things together, he even brought me to his country to meet
    his parents. However, after that, alot of factors have been in the way and
    we have been very shaky to the point he broke up with me. He says that his
    love for me grew cold and that he said he only did all those efforts
    because i was such a good girlfriend to him. He keeps discouraging me and
    pushing me away saying that what we had wasnt really that true and I got
    needy and I refused to believe him. I know and felt deeply in my heart that
    he loved me dearly and I that he is one of a kind that is why I would do
    anything to get him back. The situation now is he is so cold to me in
    text. Plus he is coming to meet me and stay in my house with my parents for
    the next 2 months as we originally planned back when we were still okay..He
    wanted to just not continue the plan and just go back to his country but I
    told him I still want to meet him. Maybe he is not that willing anymore to
    see me and spend such a long time with me when he doesnt love me anymore
    but I am afraid It will be very difficult for me to see him again if I let
    this chance slip. We will be thousands of miles away and I cannot easily go
    to his country even if i wanted to. He will be arriving in 8 days from now
    and it can still change if i screw something up through text. I wanted to
    see him in the hopes that maybe I can still do something to change his mind
    but i dont have any idea how… since we both know that his love for me is
    cold and that he wanted we just be friends.. i really need help :( i wish
    you could help me Brad. Thanks.

  22. Kristine2094 says:

    So, it’s been over 4 months since our breakup and I still want him back. He
    goes to school far from me and we broke up because he lost his feelings for
    me and I was being a bit clingy. He also fell for someone else, but his
    Facebook page says he is not in a relationship anymore. Is did send a text
    to him asking for a DVD and he responded positively with both :) and ;).
    But I chickened out to continue the conversation. Should I try again? And
    is it a good idea to apologize my “bad” behavior? I know I will meet him in
    January, but should I start texting? I’m so scared to seen clingy/needy
    again… Please give me some advice, thanks :) 

  23. Marie L. says:

    Hello Brad, I need help, My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance
    relationship for 3 years now (I am away in college). He works a lot and we
    only have a couple of hours a day to speak on the phone (usually I have to
    wait until he gets off work, at 1am,). On weekends he usually spends all
    his time with friends and family, and ignores me. No text message or calls.
    I’ve talked to him about this how it bothers when he ignores me. He
    promises that he loves me and has a lot to do on weekends and really
    forgets to just text me. This bothers me because I have to wait till 1 am
    every day to talk to him and when he has a day off he doesn’t take time to
    be with me. I want to break up but I really love him and always start
    thinking, he spends time with his family he is not cheating or anything. I
    don’t know what to do anymore :( Please help i don’t know what do.

  24. kyleglazier1994 says:

    Hey. So I don’t know if this actually changes things or not, but I was the
    one who broke up with my girlfriend 3 months ago. Anyway, I haven’t
    contacted her in a month and a half now, she blocked me on social media
    after I said something in the heat of the moment. Last we spoke, she was
    dating a guy who actually happened to be part of the reason I broke up with
    her. She didn’t cheat, least not physically, but I’m hesitant to try to
    talk to her about getting back together.

  25. Tony Starks says:

    Hello, we broke up Nov 20th, we still talk. Reason for breakup was
    religion. Her mom had no problem with me but they are afraid of father and
    felt it would break his heart. They never brought it to his attention. She
    also mentions how distance may have caused her to lose feelings but does
    not know if thats the only reason. I have made all the mistakes by
    messaging, begging, pleading. She offers to be my friend. I saw her 2 weeks
    ago we did kiss no further then that. She has not cut me off yet but says
    she may have to but also at times she has apologized for “avoiding me” she
    says i know I’m treating you unfairly because you did not do anything wrong
    but sometimes its easier to be rude to a person when your trying to get
    over them. It has been almost 2 years (Dec 19th). We talked about marriage
    and understood religion was going to come up sooner or later. She tells me
    she has talked to the mother and continuously gets yelled at saying she
    cannot be with me and her family will not accept it. If someone were to
    love you enough they would let you try to convince the family. I am willing
    to convert. As a muslim she is forced to arrange marriage so her mother has
    began to look for partners. I am considering talking to the mother myself
    but I cannot make that move if my ex doesn’t support me. I know my ex feels
    more pushed away bc of how much i have begged and pleaded. In the beginning
    she asked me for space which i never gave huge mistake. We have fought
    about this in the past and broken up but she comes back to me in a few
    days. This time its much more serious because of arrange marriage and her
    mother is truly on her case to end things. Huge challenge please help. 

  26. Ashley P says:

    Hi Brad, please help! My boyfriend a week ago just told me he didn’t want
    to be with me anymore and that he was talking to someone else. I ended up
    coming out the next day to my family after a nervous breakdown. I had
    nobody to talk to and decided to talk to him for advice. I want him back.
    But I’m not sure how to handle this. He lives 80 miles away. Please help. 

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