How to Get Your Ex Back in a Week: A Quick and Easy Plan That Works

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Why Choose This Book? 

Part of a series with over a million sales, this book offers a simple, easy-to-follow action plan that will genuinely help you get your ex back and rekindle that loving relationship you have lost.

What You Get…

Someone special missing from your life? No problem. Because we help people like you rescue their relationships every day. Don’t worry…you CAN turn things around. By implementing our proven strategy, you get your ex-back and build a relationship that is stronger and more loving than ever before.

You are probably struggling with:
A gaping, aching chasm in your life The pain of struggling through each day alone and unloved, The sense of isolation and exclusion of being single in a world designed for couples
So why is this book so different? Because it offers you a complete seven-day action plan that gets down to brass tacks and shows you how to take action that gets results, showing you:
How to find a chink in your ex’s armor exploit it to give yourself an unfair advantage in winning back the love you have lostThe four things you must NEVER do if you want to get your Ex backFour things you can do right now to cope with the break up and put yourself in the right frame of mind to win your Ex backThe shock tactic you must implement immediately if you want to be sure of winning your lover back How to make yourself instantly and immediately more attractive to your former partner Three ways to find out what your Ex thinks about the idea of you getting back togetherFive critical mistakes people make when meeting their ex again for the first time, and how you can avoid them (info on Day 6)How to know how far and when to push the new relationship (most people get this wrong, and the reunion fails because of it)
Forget The Heartache, The Sadness And The Pain

Wouldn’t it be great to know that the days of loneliness are behind you? Imagine how happy you will feel when you are reunited, and you no longer have to:
Wake up in the morning with an ache in your heart, and a deep, cold feeling of emptiness insideBuy meals for one at the supermarket, watch TV alone every nightChange your status on Facebook to “single”Turn down invitations addressed to you and your partnerPut away all the photos and videos that remind you of the good timesPretend you never cared about Valentine’s Day anyway…
Get Your Ex Back…And Get Your Life Back

But a week from today, those problems could all be behind you, you will also be able to look forward to a much stronger, happier relationship that promises you:
A spring in your step and joy in your heart as you and your lover share one rich and fulfilling day after anotherThe hope and expectation of a long and happy life together, creating a treasure trove of memories to cherish and enjoyAll the financial benefits of being together, pooling your assets and cutting out wasteful expenses
Reader’s Reviews: testimonials

“I am so happy! I followed the plan as you suggested, and now we are back together. This has really worked out well for me. I am so glad I bought your book.”
J. Emshore, Florida

“Thanks again…this book really helped! I had given up on us getting back together, but now we are about to go away on vacation together. This has changed our lives.”

K. Henderson, North Carolina

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