How To Get Your Ex Back (Step-By-Step Guide To Reversing A Breakup) — Learn How To Get Your Ex Back (Brad Browning Shares 3 Secrets And Breaks Down The Process) I’ve learned a lot over the years a…


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  1. ReBeLCoW1 says:

    Hey brad, my ex recently broke up with me last week because we had too many
    arguments about little things. We were dating for almost two years. She
    broke up because we were arguing almost everyday about stupid things,
    stupid annoyances we had and my insecurities. We are both 16 and I know we
    are really young but I really love her. We dated before during late middle
    school but ended it because we werent mature enough. Then we dated again
    during the middle of freshman year and we recently just broke up. I see her
    at school and she looks so happy. I’ve shared so many experiences with her
    and I really miss her. I really dont know if I should move on or try to get
    her back. As I said we broke up and got back many times lately, and we
    always broke up because of the arguments and got back thinking things would
    be better. I really want it to work out, I really love her. I dont know
    what to do, I dont know if I should move on or not. And if I decide to try
    to get her back I dont know what I would tell her. 

  2. Ethan Castle says:

    Hey Brad, your advice seems amazing and I’d like to have some from you.
    I’m only 15 but I found this girl I really liked and we lasted a month, She
    broke up with me saying “It wasn’t working” Because I seemed to smother her
    too much with my love and talk about my negatives etc which is too much for
    her to handle. I spent a weekend with my best friend and she popped up a
    day later saying she misses me. We have discussed getting back together but
    with her mother being so protective over this situation and not wanting me
    to see her for a while and have a break. I don’t know what to do and it
    would be nice to have such level headed support :-)

  3. Ian Smith says:

    Without realising it this worked for me before when my ex wife wanted a
    divorce. She wanted me back right up to signing the divorce papers when she
    asked “are we really going to do this? Sadly, I was focused in a new
    direction and moved on emotionally. Many years later and I am going through
    hell again. My partner of 10 years (whom I love dearly) dropped the bomb
    (just before Xmas) that she does not want the relationship any more. We
    have had problems for the last 2 years and I have tried to hard to save the
    relationship without her giving much. This made me edging and difficult to
    be my relaxed fun self. She says I have to stop trying, I deserve better
    etc. (yes I know, loss of attraction). The problem is that the 30 day no
    contact is hard to achieve as we live in a house that we built together. I
    am guessing it is virtually impossible to achieve this whilst still living

  4. aaron pearson says:

    Hi, Brad. Thanks for all of your insight. I have a different situation. I
    have been married for 7 years and my wife has decided to end our marriage.
    She has been having an affair with another man for the past 7 months but
    says she doesn’t want to be married or in a relationship. This guy lives
    out of town and is only in town for a few days every month. We have 3
    children and the option of no contact is not a possibility. She says she
    still loves me and cares about me but is no longer in love with me. There
    are some circumstances that lead up to the affair that I am not comfortable
    posting here. I’m just not sure what to do or go about getting her back.
    Any help would be appreciated. 

  5. Juan David Tello says:

    Hey Brad Browning, i am a fan of your research, i like your videos a lot. I
    met my ex gf in colombia about 2 years ago and we started dating tho i had
    to go back to the US, i stayed in colombia for 5 months and went back but
    we still decided to keep dating, after 2 months of being apart she decided
    to go to the US to visit me and she stayed in my house for like 4 months,
    after she went back to colombia jelousy started to appear and we were
    fighting all the time, but it still never went through my head to break up
    or anything similar, i decided to come live in colombia just so i could be
    with her but after a month of being here she broke up with me beacuse of
    the fights. I did everything you said about a month ago and got her back
    but we still fought over jealousy and other minor things, about 5 days ago
    she decided to broke up what we “had” (because we never got back together
    oficially), and left me, now she quit her job because she was having
    problems and she is going to the US for vacation with her family, im trying
    to do the same again but idk if it would work, i am so desperate… i am 20
    and she is 21.

  6. 6iorgos_k says:

    Hey Bran, love your videos. Changed my way of thinking. I have a special
    situation here man it’s far too complicated. I have been with a girl for
    the past 2 months. I met her randomly on facebook and we after some days we
    decided to hang out. After some days we got together and i learned she had
    a 5 year relationship with a guy. I didn’t panicted and we met every day
    before i left to the place i study. (we dated 10 days till i left) It was
    all great since i was about to get my degree at the univercity. She also
    came to visit me about 15 days later and we had a great time together. At
    20th of November she went back home and one week before today (9/12/2014)
    she told me she wanted to be alone for a while cause she had that 5 year
    relationship. I stopped talking to her and she started texting me that a
    hot friend of mine likes me i and don’t see it. Also she posted a song on
    fb where she commented “good luck wherever you go…..”. As far as i’m
    concerned we decided to meet up today as we did and she was happy serious
    and she was absolutely sure she wanted to stay alone to rest but when she
    hugged me and sayed “thanks for everything you were really nice” i looked
    her in her eyes for some seconds and we kissed like nothing happened she
    didn’t try to stop our kiss she enjoyed it. I took the risk to kiss her by
    the way. Futhermore she told me she is not dating someone at the moment and
    that she want to feel free from everything. All that in 2 months and some
    days. Complicated right ? Should i forget her forever of follow your steps
    from the beginning so i can see if she misses me. I want her back now where
    we live not longer than 2 miles of distance by car. Lastly i got my degree
    and we can see each other almost every day from now on…Thanks!!!

  7. bookdiva101 says:

    Hey brad, so I’ve been dating this guy for four months and he started
    showing signs that he’s losing interest so I’m actually the one who broke
    up with him. That was two days ago and he hasn’t texted me since, he said
    he wanted to remain close friends because he still needs me somewhat in his
    life, but he hasn’t made any contact to me. I ended the relationship
    because he started becoming distant and when we did talk he would get
    snappy at me, he also told me he doesn’t look at me the same as he did when
    we first started dating and stuff. I want to get back together, I never
    wanted to end it in the first place but he started acting weird for weeks
    and kept on saying negative things about me and I didn’t think I had hope.
    He got really scared when I broke up with him and kept on telling me that
    if we feel like we should get back together after being friends for a while
    then we should take that step again. What should I do to get him back and
    to fall in love with me again? 

  8. Jacques LeBlanc says:

    Brad- I recently was “let go” by a girlfriend of almost 2 years- that being
    said the first year/year and a half was great we got along great, our
    families clicked very strongly and we made ourselves much better people.
    However starting in late summer/October I started ramping up studying for
    final graduate exams and studies and thus spent less time with her and I
    could feel us growing apart, she wanted to go out with her friends and do
    things (which was fine) while I had to study. During this time she began to
    talk to other guys, nothing malicious or cheating wise, but definietly a
    bit flirty. She also became much curter towards me. Upon coming back from
    my graduate exams (which I was gone for a week) I woke up the next morning
    and she gave me her decision. I did what everyone does and tried talking…
    no avail. A few days later I tried talking to her again, no avail. I then
    contacted her sister and one of her friends asking them to share a video
    with her (and of course also did the stupid thing and said maybe there was
    another guy and that it wasnt fair). I also sent her a collage of us
    several days later. I was able to reach her and talk where she told me she
    was a bit pushed away and when I asked if she saw us getting back together
    she said “she didnt want to feel like she was again because thats not who
    she is in a relationship”. I promptly sent her a book of a text that night
    to which she responded I was making everything worse… I have no contacted
    her since that point, it has been about a week and a half. She said that it
    had nothing to do with my school or studying but that there was something
    wrong or missing in our relationship and that she was unhappy. She is an
    affectionate person and felt that she wasnt being as affectionate as she
    wanted to be in our relationship. Do you have any advice or thoughts in
    this? Is it hopeless? As negative as some things were we were very very
    good together, our families loved both of us respectively and we did alot
    of things together and we were very happy prior to the last couple months.
    I can be very meticulous, schedule orientated and driven whereas she is not
    at many times and I think that scared her and that she wasnt ready for a
    serious commitment whereas I was… just not sure what to do. Bottom line
    is we made ourselves much better people in this relationship and Id hate to
    see it lost.

  9. Sam Zed says:

    Hi brad, firstly i would to say that your program really inspired me alot.
    Pardon if my english is not that good, im actually from Malaysia. Actually,
    my girl she is from Korea, and ive been with her for almost 3 years. but in
    a sudden, these past 3 month(from september 2014) till now she is
    drastically change where she began not to rely and miss me. She also barely
    message me, her appearance her life towards social life become change,
    maybe she found out the ‘new life of her’, realize that she may not need
    me. But she keep saying she will never leave me ‘is just she felt more busy
    with her friends and she also mentioned that she need space even being
    alone’…..she mentioned that im a boring person but she still want me be
    arround when she need me in critical situation. Thus, while she is with
    friends, she become totally ignoring me, and seems she act harsh on me,
    when i ask her and made some promise for spending time, most of the time
    she broke the promise. Before these she was never being like this. It was
    all so intimate. Bitter, happiness, even arguing, we always try to solve it
    and go through together. Now she asking to be separate, but still want me
    be around her we she need……its been 3 years, now she change so
    fast….do i still have a hope to win her back?

  10. jake hardman says:

    Brad, I could really do with your help! My brain has been baffled lately. I
    feel like asking for help of you Is desperate, If she read this comment I’d
    be devastated. But me and this girl Mea went out for about 6 weeks, and we
    started to like each other 4 weeks before. We had the best time ever and
    she would never leave me alone, popping up to me, and we out a lot and did
    lots of shows together as we go to a theatre company. Then she dumped me
    because the attraction faded. So the day after I got a new girlfriend,
    Alex, she asked me out but because at the time I was heartbroken I just
    said yes. Then a few weeks afterwards Mea starts really flirting with me
    giving me signals. Then I dumped Alex to get with Mea thinking she’d want
    me back, but when we got talking about It she said for me to let her go. So
    I took your advice and ignored her for a month. And wow, It actually really
    works, she kept texting me and I was doing really well I was cool, calm and
    collective but then her Grandad died and she text me saying that…And well
    I couldn’t ignore that so now I’m back to where I was after the breakup
    (Just her friend). I really need your help and dunno what to do. I know the
    ideal thing would be to move on but we were just too happy together and i
    see her at my drama all the time and have to be professional but with all
    my heart I love her. So I really don’t wanna give up on her

    Sorry this Is such a long paragraph :/

  11. Wilbert Villatoro says:

    Hi Brad, great advice. So my ex cheated on me for a month and continued to
    see the same guy for another month after the break up. She broke up with me
    saying that she needed time for herself and I understood that. I found out
    a month after our break that she was cheating on me. Im over it now because
    i love her and we all make mistakes. I still want her back, but I’m not
    sure if she feels the same way even after i told her the same day that i
    found out, that i don’t hold on to grudges. She stopped talking to the guy,
    so she says…. SOS HELP

  12. gregg cole says:

    Hey Brad. My girlfriend and I had been together for two years. A month ago
    she told me she wanted to go on a break and things didn’t feel the same.
    The next day she came back to me crying saying that all she wanted was me
    and to take her back. Two days ago she broke up with me and said that
    everything had changed and that she loved me but wasn’t in love with me
    anymore. We had been doing fine until a month or two ago and I really want
    her back she always told me about how she wanted to get married and that I
    was the one and then this happens. I could really use some advice right

  13. Cole Denisen says:

    Hey Brad. I just recently discovered your videos and they’ve been very
    enlightening. I had a question. I have been with my now-ex for five years
    and we broke up about a month ago. We broke up because she said she needed/
    wanted to see other people and she was confused about our relationship.
    During the first month we talked/ texted almost every day about how she was
    missing me and wanted to get back together and work things out. In that
    time she started dating a co-worker and started sleeping with him. I cut
    off contact about two weeks ago and just a few days ago she contacted me
    and asked to spend the day with me. During that day she constantly texted
    this guy she was seeing and kept talking about how great he was and how
    different from me he was. She started bragging about his sexual prowess as
    well as his ability to take care of her. She also told me he was married
    and she knew it wasn’t going anywhere, but she couldnt stop seeing him. I
    told her I needed time to think and that I was heading back home for a bit.
    I feel like I’m getting mixed signals here. She recently told me in a brief
    conversation that she will miss me, but she doesn’t want to work on us
    right now. She also suggested we have ‘one last night’ for old times sake
    before I left. Is it really over for us? Just not sure what to do at this
    point and I am not even sure cutting off contact will do much. Any help
    would be appreciated. Thanks.

  14. Daisy Aragon says:


  15. Joseph Gilman says:

    Hi Brad. My question is this. I started seeing this girl like 10 months
    ago. We’ve been in and out of contact and such cause she’s gone to job corp
    and had to move out of state after that. We’ve been doing a long distance
    most of the time we were together. About 2 months ago she came home and we
    were seeing each other everyday. She spend a few weeks up here and
    everything was good. I made the mistake of dumping her she asked me to
    reconsider and I did. We fought again shortly after and she blocked my
    phone and facebook and everything. Since then we talk once in awhile but
    not very often. She sounds like she hates me everytime we talk. This
    weekend she calls me and tells me that she is pregnant and it is my child.
    She asks what I want to do. I said “If you want nothing to do with me then
    wouldn’t the obvious choice be abortion?” she seemed ok with that thought,
    didn’t expect that one. Then the next day I call and ask her what she wants
    but shes too busy getting drunk during her pregnancy. She just also lost
    her job and apartment. Shes been having dates with other guys as well. I
    guess the question would be is there even any hope to getting her back or
    should I even want to get her back? She has nothing now and is scared by
    being pregnant. I’m just afraid that if she all of a sudden expresses
    interest in getting back together then it’ll just be because she needs me
    now and she’ll just leave me once something better comes along.

  16. Samantha Smith says:

    hey brad, this guy I was dating just broke up with me and it was very
    unexpected. He broke up with me because some guys are after him for
    something he never did and he doesn’t want me to get hurt. is he just
    protecting me or is he lying to me like you said? he said he still wants to
    stay in touch so I cant ignore him like you said because he might get
    upset. I had just gotten over a year and a half relationship and he was the
    first guy I’ve dated seriously in nearly 7 months. what should I do?

  17. David Kobasiuk says:

    Hey Brad, thanks for the great video. This is a great lot of information
    and I really appreciate you doing this. My question is, what do I do if we
    agreed to be best friends? She messages me and texts me everyday, but she
    never expresses that she likes me/loves me still. Should I still stop
    talking to her? I feel like this could push her away from me. What do you
    Also, she still wants to hang out with me and occasionally says she misses
    me. It’s so confusing. Usually, when we text, I let her initiate the
    conversation. We’ve talked every day since the break up, which was about 2
    weeks ago. Should I stop giving full replies and tell her I’m busy? I just
    got a new job and she knows, so should I just say i’ve been really busy
    with work and stuff? whenever we talk and I give a short or one word reply,
    like “Great!” she always finds a way to carry on the conversation. Should I
    just completely stop talking to her? I feel like I shouldn’t, but I’m not

    thank you Brad, I appreciate your videos and I look forward to your reply!

  18. TheBansheeBoys says:

    Hey Brad.. ive been dating this girl for three years(im 16) and we just
    recenty broke up. i have begged and pleaded and tried to get her to
    comeback to me already, after watching your videos i see that was a
    mistake.. i talked to her after school today telling her how much i need
    her in my life and she told me she cant come back right now and that she
    needs a break.. she has also told me she wants to try things with this new
    guy that she works with. and ive got this other girl thats been helping me
    and we started dating and i feel that was a mistake??

  19. Chase Cornell says:

    Hey Brad. Long story short, I was seeing this girl for almost five months.
    She left me 2 days shy of the 5 month mark. She started her freshman year
    of college for nursing. She’s under a lot of pressure do well. She told me
    that she just couldn’t maintain school and a relationship right now. What
    we had was really special and healthy. I’m still in love with her and miss
    her terribly. This happened a month ago and we’ve only spoken twice since
    then. I’ve talked to her mom about it and she said to just let her get
    through this next semester and then see what happens. Im willing to wait
    for her but I know theres no guarantees. That’s not to say I wont try and
    date other girls but she’s the only one I truly want. Like I said im deeply
    in love with her and I really don’t want to let her go. Do you think I
    should wait??? And no the breakup was not nasty. In a way I understand why
    she did it. Just need some advice. Thanks!

  20. Brewmaster Bane says:

    Hey Brad, my girlfriend broke up with me because she’s been dealing with
    some highly complex emotional build up due to her mothers death last year.
    She told me that everything was great with us and that she is evidently
    very attracted to me but that she cannot be in a relationship right now due
    to her emotional confusion regarding her mom. She hasn’t just distanced
    herself from me though, she’s not seeking out her friends, she’s not
    talking to many people at all aside her sisters and dad. When she broke it
    off she was crying heavily, telling me that she loves me, but that she
    feels she needs to sort out her emotions totally alone and she doesn’t know
    why she feels so strongly about it. I don’t know if this was bullshit or
    not, she’s always been extremely genuine so I let her go. I’ve removed all
    pictures from my phone and I’ve hidden her facebook and twitter feed. I’m
    not expecting much, but I want her back but It is highly uncertain how long
    she will be dealing with her emotions for…but she reached out to me last
    night and we talked for hours laughing and just being positive. I’ve asked
    her if she can see us together again (which was probably a bad call) but
    she said she honestly doesn’t know and she apologized that she couldn’t
    give me a straight answer. I’ve began to do all the things you mentioned in
    this video, I workout like a maniac, I hangout with my friends, Ive been
    improving in school and it’s only been a week since we broke up. I will be
    fine without her, but I still want her back, but i need to let her heal if
    there’s to even be a chance. How should I go about this? 

  21. Jessie Pattinson says:

    Hi Brad. I have a question about long distance relationships. My boyfriend
    of 10 months just broke up with me last night because he said he couldn’t
    handle the distance anymore. It annoyed him that he couldn’t see me all the
    time. I offered to move to New Zealand which is where he lives (I live in
    Australia) but he said the lifestyle over there (money, living conditions
    etc) aren’t good and he didn’t want me to give up so much just for him. I
    told him I was willing to do anything to make it work and yet no
    breakthrough. He also said he wants to remain friends with me so we can
    still talk on a regular basis.. but what’s the difference between that and
    being together? I see none. Of course we wouldn’t’ be calling each other
    pet names or saying ‘I love you’ all the time but we’d still be contacting
    each other. Also, a couple of months ago we had planned to go to an NRL
    tournament together in January next year which is held annually in New
    Zealand (this is actually where we met) so he got me a ticket and I’m
    seated with him and his friends. He said I’m of course still able to go
    with him but just as friends. Argh. I’m just really confused right now and
    would appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thank you!

  22. Kim Perks says:

    Hi Brad, me and my ex were together two years and broke up just over a week
    ago. Due to something traumatic that I went through, every now and then my
    behaviour is horrible. over a week ago something small caused me to blow up
    completely, I packed his bags and said it was over (not the first time I’ve
    done that) however usually he comes back after a few days, but this time he
    said its for good and us coming for the rest of his things on Friday. .

    I’ve tried the no contact rule, and I do really well with it, but every few
    days he’ll contact me to do with the flat or car etc, it’s things we have
    to sort out so I can’t ignore him, but as soon as he’s texting I start
    getting very emotional and pretty much beg him to come home.

    I have apologised for getting upset etc and said the flat and car can get
    sorted in time but right now I can’t have anything to do with him…

    sometimes he acts like there could be a chance for us and sometimes he
    seems cold as ice – what do I do? I’d really appreciate your help :(

  23. Luiza Manhaes says:

    Hey Brad, I loved the video but I don’t not know if I can use these methods
    in my situation. My best friend made it clear that he liked me by the way
    he looked at me and spoke to me . I also began to like him, and decided to
    wait a bit to make something happen. Apparently I waited too long as he is
    with another girl. I do not know what to do and what to think … If I make
    you one of the methods discussed in the video he has some way to go back to
    like me? He did not speak to me anymore and I feel like it is your ex,
    since only greeted each. Please help me, I need my best friend and my new
    love back…

  24. Stelios Paokara says:

    Hi brad,i broke up with my gf one week ago and now she doesnt call me or
    text me..
    It was my mistake why we broke up.Now she uploads on fb all the time sad
    songs and like all my new pics.So plz give me some advice,what i can do
    no??is the no conntact rule the best for me or not??(sorry for my bad

  25. NexxusHD says:

    I’ve been with my ex-girlfriend for 2 years, and im only 17 i know it
    sounds stupid but… i dont want a another woman… ;/ sorry for my bad
    english it’s not my native language.

  26. Lizzy Grace says:

    Hey Brad, awesome video. I’ve been through the recovery phase and started
    up the rekindling. However, my ex is really reluctant and doesn’t want to
    talk to me. We had kind of a nasty breakup, however. Any suggestions?

  27. Grey Mayo says:

    Hey Brad I need your help, almost a year ago I made a big mistake breaking
    up with my girlfriend. We broke up because she had gotten mew friends and
    we just stopped talking. I tried making conversation with her but she just
    smiled and turned away. I have never done anything bad to her and I dont
    know why she would act like she did not want to be around me. So after some
    time I got tired of her ignoring me so I decided to break up with her.
    Since then me and her have become friends again, but we are not at a point
    where we both talk to each other all the time. So she has changed greatly
    and I dont know if she is ready to be around me more. So what I want help
    with is that even though we broke up so long ago is it possible for her to
    become attracted to the real me again? I have realized that I am not over
    her and have managed to stay friends with her but I am not sure if that is
    a good thing when following your steps. I need your help Brad, how should I
    approach her about this?

  28. Drake De Suniga says:

    Hi brad, I think my situation is hopeless.. Bcuz of my stubborness and
    egocentric the love of my life has lost to me, and he is with another man
    now, i think she is happy with his new man as well as his brother agress to
    them both, i think she already sees me as his friend, i don’t know what to

  29. chrislexatas says:

    Hey brad i am chris and type you from grecce. First i want to thank you so
    much cause you have helped me already pschycologically. I subscribed of
    course to your channel and i watch many of your videos. I think i have a
    pretty unique situation. I broke up with my girlfriend just 4 days ago. We
    were 3 years and 2 months together and a pretty lovely couple for our age
    (17). She said to me that she is no longer in love with me and that she
    doesnt want me anymore. However, she told me that from the phone and cause
    of that she want to meet with me to talk about it face to face. My problem
    is that i am not able to face that break up at this particular time of my
    life because i have to study this year very much. Let me explain: In my
    country there is a peak year before going to the university in which you
    have to study all day long in order to pass the exams and go to the
    university you want. You dont have much time for yourself (going to the gym
    hanging out ect) because you study all day long. So this year a can not
    afford to spent much time on thinking about my break up. So a thought that
    a solution for both would be to say to her when we meet to be together but
    not so close. For instance we wont talk to the phone every day like we used
    to (every 3 days for example) and we will got out whenever we feel like (
    every 2 or 3 weeks in comparison to every week like we used to). I think
    that that way i wont be destructed from my studies and she will miss me
    somewhat (i will also make changes like changing my hair dropping some
    wheight hang out with some of my female friends sending her gifts ect). I
    dont know if she is going to accept that (she says that she still loves me)
    but i want your opinion on it. Do you thing that this will work for me the
    way i described (the break up not disturbing me from my studies) or do you
    think that is bad idea in the first place? (if i didnt have to study i
    would face the break up normally). THANKS AGAIN PLEASE REPLY SOON BECAUSE

  30. Nisachon Puangsat says:

    Hello Brad! Just call me “Nisa” So i just bought ” The Ex factor guide ”
    from your website the other day! Now i’m following the” No contact rule”
    Does it really work? My ex is blowing me off right now and it seems to me
    that he will never contacted me again after the break up. By the way, he’s
    32 and he’s in the air force! He’s gonna be deployed in S. Korea for 6
    months. I believe he’s leaving this month. ( I don’t know the exact date
    though ) Here is what he texted me on the day we broke up (11/18/14). “Well
    Nisa, it seems to me that this might have all happened just a little too
    fast. I started getting a little freaked out after you called and text me
    an absurd amount of times when I didn’t answer. And, because the fact that
    you think/thought I’m going to answer when you call from different numbers
    started concerning me more. Even before you knew I was leaving, I told you
    I’m very busy, and that I have a lot going on. Now that I know you better,
    this kinda seems like you may have just gotten out of a serious
    relationship in which you got hurt, and that you might not be ready for one
    with me yet. I don’t think that I should have to keep explaining myself to
    you because of confidence issues either. I also think that I’m too old for
    a woman like you, and that you should be with someone your own age. You
    have a very bright future ahead of you Nisa, just not with me. So, please
    just give me your actual address, and I’ll send this ring back to you. You
    can keep the one I gave you, or throw it away, it doesn’t matter.” Brad,
    what do you think of this ? My question is “Is there a possibility to get
    back with this guy according to what he has said through the text”? What
    should I do? Please help! He means the world to me. I can’t really
    concentrate right now. I really really need your advice. Thank you in

  31. James S says:

    Hi Brad, Great Video! Was wondering could I get some advice? Me and my ex
    and an on and off relationship for over 2 years. Everytime we broke up it
    took about 1-2 weeks before we were back together. I did no contact for two
    weeks and then she contacted me. We spoke and everything was ok. She was
    stuck big time with her college work(which I helped her out with in the
    past) and I stupidly offered her help. We met up a few times and I gave her
    some help and I always played in nice and cool when I was around her. Now
    it’s only dawned on me today(I’m a little bit slow off the mark with
    somethings) that she’s either trying to have me around as a back up option
    or that she’s litteraly using me as a doormat. She is currently rebounding
    while I spent the time apart following your videos and improving myself
    like you said. I do want to get back with this girl but I dont want to ruin
    my chances of doing so. I am very good friends with her older brother and
    we hang out alot so I still don’t want to disrespect his younger sister or
    him. So what i’m asking is:
    1. Should I re-initiate no contact? If so then how?
    2. I understand that she’s confused and maybe even a little immature, im
    21, shes 25, Can people really change if we did get back together?
    3. Is this a situation that I should just cut my losses and get over it and
    move on with my own life.
    4. Any extra tips and advice are greatly appreciated.

    P.s – I have already told numerous friends about your content and they too
    find you awesome! Thanks for any help bud :)

  32. sammyeverhart says:

    Hey brad so my gf broke up with me three weeks ago and she still hasn’t
    told me why but I can’t help myself from looking at her snapchat story’s
    instagrams etc but I notice she is looking at my snap chat story’s but her
    best friend since last year who is also one of my friends since six grade
    (still in high school junior) likes me but I just want me ex back and her
    main best friend since little kids is dating my best friend going on 2
    years and one of my exes once me back and I’ve texted her a couple times
    since the break up I couldn’t help myself she answered but at school she
    has said maybe two words to me since the break up we where together for 5
    months and yes she was my first everything if u get what I mean I still
    love her and I just want her back 

  33. Lamine Am says:

    Hey Mr Brad found your videos by accident while i was sad searching for
    some answers to what happened to me, and i’d be the happiest man if you can
    read my case and give me some advices :

    i met my woman online, and we were having a wonderful time, she started to
    have feeling for me, we use to skype and see each other on webcam, she
    lives in the UK and i travel often to the UK but i don’t live there yet ,
    she liked me so much, she loved my smile,my voice and liked talking with me
    , when i told her i’m going back to my home country for some business and
    that i will come back to the UK around january 2015 , 15 days later, she
    suddenly turn her back on me, pretending that distance is the problem
    without even giving a chance to our relationship that started nicely to
    grow , after she desactivated her facebook, but surprisingly she kept me on
    her skype list, we haven’t spoken for a while, but during this time, i made
    a mistake by messaging her almost everyday trying to understand why she
    changed her mind suddenly, but after like 2 months, she only responded to
    me once by telling : please stop messaging me, what i don’t understand is
    why she still keeping me on her skype list while she can easily either
    block me or remove me from her contact, she hasn’t done that , before we
    broke up i told her i’ll renew my visa and come to see her in the UK, not
    sure if she felt like she couldn’t stand it, but my question is why she
    still having me on her skype list but always silent is she up to something,
    is she expecting me to surprise her and tell her that i’m back to the uk so
    we can see each other, please what shall i do because i don’t want to loose

  34. milan gurung says:

    Hello Mr.brad.. I got satisfied with your video but still i need to get
    more advice.. :( ! I broke up with my gf just today and the reason was she
    was in a relationship with the other two guys.. I still don’t know what she
    was trying to do but i know that she loves me back.. I didn’t want to give
    her brk up but due to pressure from my friends i broke up with her.. I know
    that i’ll miss her too badly and i just love her to the moon and back.. 

  35. xPhBobX says:

    Hey brad,amazing video btw, so me and my boyfriend broke up because I had
    kissed another boy and refused to kiss him. Now I know that sounds really
    bad but I did have my reasons. So me and him still talk but he has been
    getting a load of other girlfriends lately and we only broke up 3 weeks
    ago. He sort of has the idea that I like him and he is occurring it as a
    ‘crush’. But the other day he got with a girl who is a year older than us
    and is pretty strong and is not afraid to get into fight. Now that really
    got to me. And it made me realise how much I loved him

  36. Trevor Smith says:

    My girlfriend/fiancé and I recently broke up because of some unfaithfulness
    on my part. We’ve been kind of on and off recently, and we were doing
    amazing this past month. Then all the sudden last week she broke up with
    me. We’ve had some spotty communication, and tonight she told me A) Meet
    other girls B) Forget about me and C) I don’t love you. I am deathly afraid
    of losing this girl forever. We have had so many fantastic memories
    together and I don’t want to lose her. I love her so much that this break
    up has put physical stress on my body. I just, need to know what to do.
    It’s only been about a week, so I know that not talking to her now for a
    while is probably the best thing. I’m just scared that her telling me she
    doesn’t love me and stuff are signs that we are truly done… Any advice?
    Greatly appreciate it

  37. Brad C. says:

    Hey Brad. I’ve been dating this girl for 9 years on and off and honestly I
    love her man, she’s the one I want to marry and have kids with. She broke
    up with me a little over a month ago and I know just holding out is the
    best thing for a bit but I’m just absolutely terrified she’s going to get
    introduced to someone else and completely move on from me. She moved when
    we broke up too now she lives with her new best friend who’s highly social
    and 2.5 hours away from me by boat. I’d do anything to be with her again. 

  38. Briana Whitten says:

    I really hope this works. I was in a relationship for a year and broke it
    off a few months ago and I regret it. We were talking as friends after the
    relationship and I became clingy and now he has a new gf. I really regret
    it. Its going to be so hard to not talk to him. 

  39. Bonnie Raymond says:

    Hey Brad, you’re advice is awesome. I wanted something a little more
    specific to my situation, my close friend who soon became my boyfriend
    broke up with me a few days ago. He used to take me for granted and
    couldn’t handle the pressure of doing his boyfriend duties. I was very
    upset and hurt, however I have not yet spoken a word to him. I still love
    him, and believe that he does too. Will the no contact rule be effective in
    this situation? And what if it backfires?

  40. guestmando says:

    what if the ex gave these excuses. first was when they were at families out
    of town they didnt feel like they missed you. then when they got back they
    said their other ex contacted them a week before they went out of town and
    resparked old memories and feelings. then a few days later says she is
    confused about her feelings between her and her other ex and her and me?

  41. Richard Tom says:

    Hi Brad

    My fiancée of 6.5 years broke up with me last week, I did say that we can
    be friends initially but 2 days ago I told her that I need space to think,
    and she has been trying to contact me the other day and said she got the
    message, so from 2 days ago I started the 30 day nc, did I do the right
    thing by saying I need space? worst thing is that we hang out with the same
    group of friends, what do I do? I believe it is still possible for us to
    get back together. I guess she lost the spark as I started giving her more
    attention after I started concerntrating more on my career other than pro

    Please help? I want to make it work.

  42. Tom Brown says:

    Hey Brad your advice is invaluable. Quick scenario for you: we were
    together five years, never an argument, tender love, as recently as three
    months ago she said she’d “never been so content”, and threw me an amazing
    birthday party where she sang a love song for me. Then suddenly six weeks
    ago, kabam!, it’s over. “Need space”, “It’s not you….” all the palaver.
    Turned out when I asked directly there’s also another guy in the offing.
    “He has his difficulties”, she commented. She stuck by my side during the
    following weeks of my mom’s final illness, after which we agreed to give
    each other space. Fine by me, because I’ve read your no contact rule and
    I’m aching to implement it from two days ago. Problem: each morning this
    week, she texts me an “X” just a minute after the time of her regular alarm
    clock awakening.

    Question: in a way the “X” thrills me – but should I respond? OK I took 12
    hours the first day and just texted an “X”, and this morning I succumbed
    and texted one straight back. If I’m the first thing she thinks of in the
    morning then maybe that’s good, I’m thinking, and I don’t want to appear
    indifferent by being silent. But something tells me you might dissent from
    that. What’s your reading of the situation?

  43. Kenneth Mai says:

    Brad, what if I messed up the no contact after the break up part? I
    approached her maybe 3 times directly after our break up, and left her a
    couple flowers here and there in between. But since then i’ve managed to
    avoid contact (before coming across your videos)

  44. obey_sadEyezz kydd says:

    hi Brad the girl i dated for over a year broke up with me or stopped
    talking to me about 6 months ago because i left out the state for a couple
    of months for a job. it was the hardest thing i ever went through. now we
    have reconnected a couple of days ago and it turns out she has a girlfriend
    and says she is in love with her. oh yeah i should mention im a lesbian.
    however when we met up i did everything your video said without ever even
    seeing your video until today so im glad to know that i did it naturally.
    But now my question is where do i go from here? i mean we already met up
    and talked, didn’t mention the past unless it was positive we shared a
    couple of long hugs and im sure there is still an attraction there but i
    don’t want to come off ass desperate or needy for her but at the same time
    i don;t want her to put me in the friend zone. as a matter of fact i refuse
    to be in the friend zone. so what would you suggest my next move be should
    i invite her out to hang out with me or should i just keep our connection
    over the phone for a while and txt or call her every blue moon. And how
    should i deal with the fact that she has a girlfriend now?

  45. Marawaki WhySoSerious says:

    Hey Brad, you give some amazing advice’s and so i like to have some from
    you. Its been around one and a half months since my girlfriend (whom i have
    been with for five months.) left me saying she doesn’t want to upset her
    parents. Couple of weeks later i find that she actually left me because she
    thought that i was insecure about our relationship and that i couldnt make
    her feel happy like before. The following week after our breakup my friend
    and i tried to convince her to come back to me but it all ended with her
    saying a lot of hurtful things and tells me to leave her alone. After that
    my ex now hates me and said that she wants to make me suffer. Three weeks
    after our breakup i found out that shes dating someone new. Even though its
    been over a month and she hates me and has a new boyfriend, i cant seem to
    get over her. i still want her back and it’l be another month till i see
    her again in school. I feel hopless and i dont know what to do. Also this
    was our third breakup and she said it is our final. My friends are telling
    me to move on as there is no hope but i cant seem to forget her as i still
    feel that i want her back. Can you help me out?

  46. thegreatwhite64 says:

    i met my GF on facebook and i really love her but she left me about 4 weeks
    ago and since that time i disappeared from facebook and i never talked to
    her again and just to let you know we’ve never met in real life because we
    are in 2 different countries and i can’t meet her any time soon i need at
    least 7 months so i can meet her in real life and i really don’t know why
    she left me maybe because i let her know that i can’t live without her or
    because i told her to remove all the boys from facebook or because we are
    from different countries and she’s afraid that we can’t be together or her
    parents won’t agree to let me marry her.
    please help me any advice or anything i can do because i’m really sad and i
    feel i’m going to be crazy it’s been a month she didn’t ever talk to me and
    i’ve been watching her facebook accout and she is talking to another boy
    and he love her along time ago even before me but she don’t love him and
    i’m afraid with time he will take her from me.

  47. Stephanie B says:

    Hi Brad!
    I need your advice on how to get your ex back if he decided to end things
    because he couldn’t commit…
    (We were really hitting it off during the summer, he even introduced me to
    his parents but a week later I might’ve put too much pressure on him by
    asking him if we were together or not. He didn’t know if he wanted a
    serious relationship so he decided it would be best if we ended things so
    he wouldn’t give me false hope.
    He insisted on staying close friends and that it wouldn’t mean we’d stop
    seeing each other. He kept ‘snapchatting’ me for about a week until I
    decided to completely end all sorts of communication with him. Then school
    started and we both had to focus so he doesn’t really have time for a
    ‘serious’ relationship now)..
    I realize I’ve already applied phase 1 and 2 (during the past 2 months) but
    I recently hit a nostalgic wall where I found myself missing him. I’d like
    to reconnect with him but I just don’t know how to initiate phase 3, how to
    get back in touch with him. How do I reconnect with him?

  48. Róbert Dorogházi says:

    Hi. Im 24 and my ex is 20 and we was in a long distance relationship with a
    girl for 2.5 years. We broke up sometimes but a few days or a week later
    she would take me back. Of course I would say I’m sorry I’ll change. Kinda
    like to respect her more and don’t just think about sex when I’m with her.
    I have to see her to give back her stuff, and because we broke up like 3
    days ago I called her last night to talk to tell her my closure so I was
    wondering if I have chance in like 3-4 weeks from now if I see her ” to
    give back her stuff” ? And how should I act than, also how now? Also that
    test if she will take me back haves me 66% chance for it. What do you think
    I should do ?

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