How To Get Your Ex Back: The Art Of No Contact! Learn how to get your ex back or how to get over your ex by mastering the art of no contact. Depending on what you want to achie…


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  1. Adelaida Schicke says:

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  2. Samantha bree says:

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  3. Walker Hugo says:

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  5. monterrozacesar5 says:

    my girlfriend came up to me and told me that her feelings for me were just

  6. Mergim Neziraj says:

    this is harder when u have been together 9 years and have a kid :(

  7. Teresa Myah says:

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  8. Yahel Ivan says:

    My girlfriend said she wanted to be friends for a day and she as going to
    think of our relationship and then a week later she said she was going out
    with someone else and i said in my mind ok well atleast you will not find
    someone who loved you more than me

  9. voodazz says:

    What if not contacting is what caused your ex to break up with you in the
    first place? lol!

  10. rawzone1 says:

    I know you will remove this but you are a scam artist. I don’t know how you
    can sleep at night, using psychological tactics and bogus comments to sell
    a product and take money from people… you greedy bastard

  11. TheFantocci says:

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  12. Catherine Flores says:

    no stalking hahaha 

  13. Miiw says:

    What if both sides are going by the no contact rule, yet missing each

  14. Somethingcatchier Ey says:

    lol, some parts actually made me laugh like you will lose your dignity if
    you keep begging or that you have to accept reality lol

  15. ammiccareable says:

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  16. ian dorward says:

    My x-girlfriend and me were together for 10 years, she is now with someone
    else, she has a new phone no so i cant phone or text her, but i am getting
    witheld phone numbers lately, i am sure it is her or the new boyfriend is
    trying to be funny, i answer the phone and it just goes off. These calls
    are late at night etc, it must be her but if she is with another guy why
    phone me and no conversation, what a bitch.

  17. Nu Deziner says:

    Crack up !

  18. jesshurun says:

    Yup, Yup! Most if this stuff is, I got a more effective method. Still this
    if effective as it is.

  19. SupaFlyBoyZz699 says:

    I will play call of duty all day, shootin ppls in the ass haha. HEY PPLS
    WHAT IF I ACTUALLY DONT WANT HER BACK? what should i say when she come up
    with some excuse n want me back?. thanks

  20. Emmanuel Holmes says:

    I think I got dumped I was told “I need a break, let’s just be friends for
    now,” Really now I am heartbroken today I’m usually talking to her at this
    time I really liked her this sucks so bad LOVE HURTS 

  21. pdfdownloadsite says:

    Best video!

  22. Issie Florence says:

    This is very difficult for me u don’t know how I’m gonna make it thru but I
    know someway somehow God will help me n to all the heart breakers out there
    I have a tip for u don’t let a girl fall for u if ur not going to catch

  23. Manie Zarlenga says:

    >Get your ex back now!

  24. Rory Brown says:

    idk what to do anymore i been with my girlfriend for 9 years stayed loyal
    by her side and now she left me for someone she works with and i am so lost
    i text her all the time and beg her to stop and its not working at all. its
    so hard for me to not contact her and idk what to do anymore. Im really
    starting to hate my life now. someone try and help me out here and tell me
    what i should do i don’t want to be with some1 else i miss her so much 

  25. BMJ2008 says:

    I just waited a month and a half for her to make up her mind and today
    (boxing day of all days!) told me “i don’t think it would go somewhere. I
    am sorry” :( fucking stupid me thought she might be the one WTF right! This
    video might be good but what to do if ya work with her all night? O.o
    There’s bound to be multiple contact… #Fucked

  26. Suzie c says:

    This is never going to work for me. All I want is to beg him to love me.

  27. Brandon S says:

    I miss my girlfriend .

  28. positiveme12345 says:


  29. marlon gonzalez says:


  30. Katrin Y says:

    Thank you. Great Video with Great Voice, Great Advice 

  31. salim ksiks says:

    i miss my wife

  32. Aldo Tripiciano says:

    for the information of any girl currently trying to apply this method…
    the “useful to take the ex back” part of this stuff works only for men.
    If a guy doesn’t like you anymore, time will not make it better.
    Sorry to say it. Go on with your life and find a better one. 

  33. Chloe Wisser says:


  34. Jaime Garcia says:

    These videos are extremely harmful! No Contact isn’t some sort of mind
    game; it is meant to recover yourself entirely and move on with your life.
    Abandon the past and keep growing, find healthier people. It isn’t
    something temporary, it is something that last forever.

    If you keep use No Contact for manipulation you’re basically eating your
    own vomit.

    Do you enjoy that? 

  35. Cherie Durbin says:

    great voice!

  36. Darth1288 says:

    i feel how all of you guys feel

  37. Maya R says:

    Its been 3 weeks already and whatever you have mentioned here is applying
    to me only, i am missing him like hell.. creating my curiosity and doubts
    also and still not a sign on his behalf.. i feel that he will never come ..
    and this single thought drives me very sad.

  38. Chris Bockover Chris Bockover says:

    I hate my fuckin ex she dumped me a couple months ago 8/1/13 and I loved
    her so much we started dating on 3/16/12 my b-day and everyday she would
    come by my house and then played with me and did stuff… I told her I
    loved her and she did too. Then school started 1week later . I saw her
    everyday I asked her if she had homework then one day….. I went to her
    house and ask her do you get homework on the weekends? Then she yelled and
    sayed Yesssss!!!! I went home she never sayed sorry. Then I yelled at her
    for breaking something. The next sumer came by….. Very rarely she came
    over then school started and…… Then the game came out halo 4. (We meant
    in 2011.) Then I got on a Friday fuckin wicked huh sweet….(: Then 1day
    at 12pm. I was playing halo 4 with my little brother. And her and her
    friends knock on my widow and I had to look and….. It was her she sayed
    can u come out I stayed no later. Then she beged me to stayed you can wait
    or not play at all I close the blinds. Then she….
    Knock on the door and ask if he can come out my dad stayed your girlfriend
    wants to play with you I stayed who gives a shit!!!!! <3.
    Then a couple hours later I went out and played with her and then the bully
    came and fucked me and her friends up. I called them fonts + niggas:) they
    diserved it hahahahhahahah. Then years past by like two and I woke up one
    night and cried myself to self and sayed how could I how um… could I
    leave my girlfriend I wanted to marry and who loved me. Then I found out
    she told me at school in the bathroom and sayed were done I stayed so
    fuckin what and I hope that find my gf I left before I meant this one were
    only two hours apart

  39. xxx xx says:

    She ALWAYS contacts me first, I never text or FB message her. No way in
    hell I’m going to delete her off Facebook or delete her number. That will
    only push her away and will probably make her stop messaging me altogether.

  40. ayush singh says:

    Its more than a Year and yet i don’t know why i start missing her very
    often :/
    I miss the time spend with her, that’s it.

  41. cathy dela cerna says:

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    sharing me that wonderful program…It worked when nothing else did! Never
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