How to Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On? 7 Tips You Must Do So, your ex boyfriend says he had moved on but you want to get him back. This might be a bad memory in your emotional life b…


13 Responses to “How to Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On? 7 Tips You Must Do”

  1. Sheri Jensen says:

    Get your ex back with TEXT messages?

  2. Lee lee says:

    most experts say “no friend zone:”

  3. anthony rae jackson says:

    get your ex—

  4. imbalancepipeline says:

    begging will never work… there is an element of luck, timing and
    effortless aloofness which need to be considered.

  5. GREATBUMEST says:


  6. Rhiannon Moore says:

    wow great ideas will this help if i never actually dated him we talked for
    a while and loved eachother and he started to egnor me =( i do still miss
    him a lot and i know the exact kind of girl he likes so will this be an
    adantige to me? and will it still work even though we never tecnicly
    dated??? please respond i have to know

  7. mikerosepro says:

    The &*&$^ffing sound track pushed my ex even further away

  8. xMissDolly says:

    Lol it’s been what, a week that we’ve broken up after several years and
    he’s already moven on to a blonde slut. ouch.

  9. scottredhanded says:

    i’m sorry. but if this works for anyone i will personally give you all a
    dollar. poopcakes.

  10. Mark Williams says:

    Learn how to get your ex back fast with this free video: EXBACKNOW.INFO Go
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    puppy back to your health all over again and be happy once more.

  11. thompson9752 says:

    Really? Glad it worked for you too. I also used that program and it helped
    our relationship even more happy and strong. I couldnt believe that a
    program from the net would helped us getting through all the way. Thanks to
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  12. WhyMenLeave says:

    Very interesting video indeed…

  13. ThePinciotti says:

    I hear yah girl! Its a good thing your having the right in your
    relationship! I used that technique also cause i know it will make me and
    my girlfriend last for a lifetime. Anyway, I think you have mistaken the
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