How to Get Your Ex Back With These 3 Attraction Steps

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  1. fisbazcan says:

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  2. Doreen Garrett says:

    Your Ex Is In Bed With Another Woman!

  3. liu kang kang says:

    My ex gf broke up with me for another guy after 3 years . The other guy and
    I were equals in every way except his family was super rich and I was from
    a middle class family. The other guy even looked like me and we were both
    in med school. My ex gf gave me the classic “need space” reason , which I
    did not buy for 1 sec. I snooped around and found out she was dating the
    other guy which was studying in another college. I treated her well and we
    really got along. After 8 months of no contact , I healed up and was
    finally starting to date again. My ex gf started texting me which I
    ignored. I snooped around and found out she and the other guy broke up. Who
    dumped who , I did not know and did not care. I met my future wife about 2
    years after my ex left me.


  4. Ava Isabella says:

    Be aware of yourself. Know your weaknesses and strengths. *Be proud of
    yourself. Accept yourself for who you are. That’s what confidence is all
    about.* Neediness (which is very unattractive) comes from doubts within
    yourself. Whereas confidence comes from awareness and accepting yourself.

  5. SteelP4F says:

    What can I say when she has ignored me for basically 3 weeks? I messed up
    by over-caring and being over-protective, but I said some really jerky
    things…She tried to be my friend but that same day I started begging
    her. Any tips on how to get her to at least talk to me again? .-. 

  6. Monica Erter says:

    Even if your ex won’t answer your caIIs, emaiIs or texts now, you’ll be
    amazed at
    how quickIy his/her attitude towards you changes once you learn these
    simpIe secrets,.,,

  7. Zdek Weldmo says:

    I broke up with my ex 6 mounth ago, and i really really regreted it till I
    found that amazing guide that allowed me to get her back.
    I’m not superhuman nor anything, you too can do it.
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  8. SteelP4F says:

    This video exactly described how I was…I had no idea. Thank you for the
    advice. Hope this helps :c

  9. Martin Simon says:

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  10. Rohith Rao says:

    Is it a ok to text “I love you” with a flower pic after some conversation
    in whatsapp to your EX during Limited contact period ?

  11. George Harris says:

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  12. JE ENN says:

    What thing ??? Is there a part 2 video ? :s

  13. Alexandra Cristea says:

    This methods that helps me to get my ex back..
    This program is both for male and females..
    I would recommend it to anyone. Good luck guys.

  14. Nick B says:

    I’ve got too unique a situation for this stuff. 5yr marriege ended over
    night for false reasons given. We have a 4yr old child that changes
    everything. Plus it gets so much deeper than that I need a much different
    type of help than a cookie cutter system. First of all I’ve gotta find out
    if the relationship is worth saving. At one point I didnt want to be with
    her but ended up falling for her despite many many flaws from lies theft to
    cheating and everything. I always forgave and took her back. I’m also poor
    and can’t afford the latest games or any luxeries let alone things like a
    lawyer for custody and hearing court etc. and even the $50’s these and too
    many other systems want. I need to explain all the unique details can’t
    just go do some of this. 

  15. Killian o keeffe says:

    i have been with my fiancé for nearly 6 years, we practically grew up
    together.. we were both in university and she went to new york for two
    weeks with her course, she came back and was really off with me, she told
    me she was kissing this guy all night in a club but that was it, i forgave
    her because there is nothing on this earth i love more, but she said we
    can’t be together anymore, i was confused, she said she still loves me but
    not in love with me….we tried being friends as i couldn’t let her go but
    5 weeks of trying to be friends ended as she said we are just kidding our
    selves…she then deleted me from all social networking sites and deleted
    my number ect. it has now been 4 weeks with NO contact, i miss her but
    can’t handle being rejected again, this year before her trip to new york we
    were trying for a baby, we had marriage arraignments and then suddenly
    this? how someones world can turn so dark and upside down, she is still
    finishing her course and i have just graduated but can’t concentrate on
    anything but her, I’m taking advise going out having a laugh ect, but its
    all a front….i need advise i need help, there is nothing i want more than

  16. Melissa Norden says:

    Thanks for video..My girlfriend just broke up with me today but I really
    want her back, I waited three years to be with him and we barely dated 5
    months I really hope this video will help me get her back because she is my

  17. PectusPectoris says:

    My boyfriend just broke up with me today but I really want him back, I
    waited three years to be with him and we barely dated 5 months I really
    hope this video will help me get him back because he is my everything.

  18. Chana Lynn says:

    but ask yourself the question …are they worth being with for life.

  19. thanking spiral says:

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  20. MultiCapitalcity says:

    +Eric Kotchi
    yeah.. Me too. I was skeptical on purchasing that
    program cause there are lots of scammed program
    in the net. I took a bit on it. And thank God it did what
    it promised!It helped me heal the massive rift between
    me and my partner & finally convince him to give our
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    graet rught?

  21. Jean Raven says:

    it seems she was about to say something and the video came to an end
    prematurely, where is the continuaiton

  22. mgs617 says:

    This video cuts off!? WTH?!

  23. violetmervisu says:

    >>Watch this video until the very end to learn the easy method that
    thousands of people have already used to get their ex back…and KEEP
    them…and to enjoy a happier, more loving relationship that they ever
    thought was possible.

  24. Emmie Andersson says:

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  25. Gena Sutton says:

    I’m so glad that your strong to let him and move -on. LOA didn’t work for
    me but I wish blessing on everyone that has tired it. I’ve just had to give
    it up and moved on after wasting 2 years. Wishing you all blessing from
    the universe and all your heart desires. Good Luck.
    Signed Happy all by myself and loving me.

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