How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – 25 Quick Tips to Win Back Love

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  1. Lilly Wayne says:

    There are also so many things that you can do to push them away further.

  2. Samantha bree says:

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  3. Doreen Garrett says:

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  4. Elizabeth Charlotte says:

    Try to think back to when the two of you first got together. *What about
    you did he love? Was it your quirky jokes, or maybe your amazing sense of
    style.* Once you settled into your relationship, did you switch from
    beautiful sundresses to that fresh-out-of-bed sweatpants look? Whatever it
    may be, try to rekindle the fire the same way the flame was started before.

  5. Faria Dassy says:

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  6. Jacob Augustine says:

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  7. angel time says:

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  8. Jack D. Ramirez says:

    *>>>>>>Why do you have to break up with him? Be a woman. Just stop calling.*

  9. jaron gil says:

    Nice it will be helpful to everybody.

  10. Misanthropic_Asshole says:

    Intructions were not clear enough
    I ended up molesting somebody’s dog

  11. Karina Lynock says:

    My boyfriend …..well… My ex he said he loved he has for a year now I
    love him too but when we were going out he talked to me rarely then out of
    the blue he dumped me I was crying that hole day he looked like he cared
    but he was with his friends so that might be it but I don’t know I miss him
    so much n I want to go prom with him and stay with him I have been looking
    and looking and looking! But there r no good tips!! Someone please comment
    to help me 

  12. Melissa Smith says:

    Dumping me*

  13. Cynthia Ballard says:

    Nice video ^_^
    If you want your ex back.. love yourself first.. give them some space…

  14. alma usher says:

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  15. TheBurtonHunt says:

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  16. How to Get Back Your Exboyfriend says:

    While I’d say that there are no shortcuts to getting your exboyfriend back,
    and no straightforward plans, these tips make a lot of sense; they’re more
    like ways to improve your life in general, and they will end up benefiting
    you in your efforts to get your ex back. Giving him some space to process
    his own thoughts and feelings about you is probably the best specific tip,
    because if you crowd him it’s bound to come across as desperate.

  17. Melissa Smith says:

    Im confused when it comes to my ex bf… he dumped me out of the blue back
    in january 2013,since then he rang me crying on the phone saying that
    dumoing me was the biggest mistake then he found me at places amd even rang
    me a second time throwing uo on the phone and when we see each other in
    public (when im with my friends), he asked once how my job hunting and
    medical injury is going atm and also staring at me longer then usual like
    their sympathetic looks and regretful kinda looks… what do you all think?

  18. TheVoices says:

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  19. Courtney Conway says:

    talk like a robot much????????

  20. Get Your X Back says:

    Some of the advice in this video is great. The biggest mistake people
    usually make is behaving too desperately towards their ex which ends up
    pushing them away more.

  21. Brooke fcuk you says:

    But sitting at home feeling sorry for myself feels good :(

  22. Balal hossan says:

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  23. brian ong says:

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  28. mpreyesmr says:

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  29. Emanuel Davis says:

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  34. Mollie Swain says:

    sooo funyy!!!!!!!!!

  35. Brooke Rodriguez says:

    Yay I’m doing it right!!

  36. TheBottomLine1986 says:

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